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Wyoming Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Wyoming: May Look Like Colorado, But Only the Wilderness

Despite being right next to Colorado (and easily confused with the state), Wyoming is not the place to get your cannabis. A lowest-level possession offense can still get you misdemeanor that could bring a 12-month incarceration sentence, along with a maximum fine of $1,000. Just being under the influence can equal six months of incarceration and a $750 fine! When the state was polled about changing Wyoming marijuana laws for recreational legalization, it showed that only 35% of residents were in favor, with an overwhelming 60% not in favor. They can’t even get decriminalization passed, as it failed in 2016, for the third year in a row.

Medical marijuana in Wyoming seems more likely at this time, as that same poll mentioned above had 72% support for adults using prescribed cannabis for their ailments. The use of CBD oil for ailments in Wyoming did pass in 2015, but that did not come with any in-state means of obtaining the oils. Is marijuana legal in Wyoming? No, but it doesn’t seem like the support is there for it anyway, besides medical uses.

Current Legal Status in Wyoming

  • Medical Marijuana in Wyoming: CBD Oil Legal as of 2015
  • Recreational Wyoming Marijuana Laws: Still illegal

  • Politician(s) leading legislative reform: James Byrd
  • Top brand(s) based in state: None
  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of any marijuana: $0

While medical marijuana in Wyoming may be seeing some support, there doesn’t seem to be much promise for making it happen soon. Just recently, James Byrd did submit a bill to change the Wyoming marijuana laws for decriminalization, so that having up to half an ounce would be a $50 civil infraction, and between a half ounce and an ounce would be a $100 civil infraction.

Wyoming may not be seeing green like it’s neighbor, Colorado, but there are other states that are legalizing and mixing up the cannabis game. Be sure to catch all US marijuana laws here!