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Utah Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Utah: Surrounded by Legal Weed, but Still a Ways to Go

Utah is flanked by two states that have legalized recreational marijuana, both of which have up-and-running markets: Colorado to the east, and Nevada to the west. However, the way the Utah marijuana laws are currently set still places low-level possession offenses at a misdemeanor that could come with a $1,000 fine, as well as a possible six-month incarceration penalty. While this is a pretty hefty penalty, there does seem to be a focus at the moment on medical marijuana in Utah.

CBD oil was legalized in 2014 for medical uses, but the race to get a full medicinal system in the state has been ongoing since 2015. In February of this year, a bill was passed that lets terminally ill patients grow and use medicinal marijuana. The Utah Medical Cannabis Act Initiative will be appearing on the November ballot, which, if passed, would allow for medical use of cannabis, in all ways besides smoking the flower. Is marijuana legal in Utah? The big hope is for it to become medically legal right now.

Current Legal Status in Utah

  • Medical Marijuana in Utah: CBD Oil since 2014, and legal for terminally ill patients to grow and use since 2018
  • Recreational Utah Marijuana Laws: Illegal

  • Top brand(s) based in state: None
  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of any marijuana: $0

It seems the push for medical marijuana in Utah is slowly-but-surely gaining speed, now that this new initiative for reform is on the November ballot. In 2016, we also saw a big call for reform of Utah marijuana laws, from the Democratic candidate for governor, Mike Weinholtz, after marijuana was seized from his home, which his wife, Donna, used for medical purposes. Refreshingly, this shows that Utah politicians are aware of the changes needed.

Utah has recreational weed to their left and to their right, but now, they need to make that push to at least get medical approved in-state. You might want to stop into those other states instead of Utah, in the meantime. Check out all US marijuana laws here!