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THC Honey and More: The Growing World of Edibles Condiments

In the world of eating your THC, the focus seems to be so much on snacks, or fully infused meals, that we forget about all the other possibilities for culinary applications. One of those great possibilities: edible condiments. No need to make your snack or meal into a day-long kitchen process, just to get it infused with some cannabis. If you’ve got these condiments around the house, you can make almost anything you eat into a cannabis snack.

THC Honey

This is a great condiment for every meal of the day. You can use THC honey for many baking uses, drizzled over breakfast, or you just can put it in your tea. For dinner, honey is great for making meals like honey garlic chicken, spreading on fresh bread with canna butter, or just giving some sweetness to any of your meats. Having a bottle of this around the house will make consuming your cannabis in a fresh meal much quicker and easier than making fresh edibles.


Honey provides a sweet option of drizzling some canna into your day.

There are a ton of brands making infused honey, but getting a THC Honey Pot Bear will get you that classic bottle that makes it feel like you’re a kid again (it’s a little different now, because there’s THC in the honey, but that’s the adult side of play, right?). You can also get a Honey Pot Bear with CBD if THC isn’t really your thing. For those of us that use CBD as medicine, this is one of the more enjoyable ways you can feel healthier.

Medicated Barbecue Sauce

If you’re into grilling, then you don’t want to miss out on this one. Medicated Barbecue Sauce is for medical use only, as of now, but if you’ve got your medical card, then this will be one of the coolest ways to start taking your daily medicine while preparing meals. This is a sauce invented by Tyrone Jones, and it’s their only product, as they’ve focused on delivering a solid sauce.

The sauce is made with 200mg of infused oil and is supposed to relieve “body aches, insomnia, nausea, inflammation, anxiety, muscle spasms, and poor appetite,” according to their website. This is great for chicken, ribs, burgers, or anything else you could want to throw some sauce on. This brand will also soon be unveiling their infused olive oil and steak sauce, so stay tuned for those exciting additions.


Fries will never be the same, thanks to THC Ketchup!

THC Ketchup

Ketchup is the classic condiment. Pretty much everyone puts ketchup on their fries, and a lot of people go as far as adding it to their burgers or hot dogs. Having THC Ketchup in the house will go a long way for your dinners, cookouts, or when you bring home fast food and want to kick it up a notch. The people over at Yummi Karma make a ton of different snacks, but their little THC ketchup packets are one of their specialties, and they are soon to become readily available. You can find the best places to get your own THC ketchup online, in the meantime.

Cannabis Sriracha

This sauce has become extremely popular recently. It’s quite spicy, but it has a flavor that can make any meal great (and can be used sparingly). Most people put sriracha into wraps, or as a part of Asian-inspired dishes, which means you can get fancy with your cannabis cooking, once you get your hands on this sauce. There aren’t many brands currently selling cannabis sriracha, but Lorax Labs recently entered a very high-powered cannabis sriracha into a competition, and eager fans are hopeful that it will be on the market soon.

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Marinara Sauce

If you like to make pizza or go nuts for mozzarella sticks, then you’re definitely going to want to indulge in cannabis pizza sauce. You can hop on over and check out the different options at Clean Healing’s website. You can get this sauce is varied strengths so that you have a bit of control over how high you get. This also comes in a strictly CBD form, if THC isn’t your style. If you’re not sure exactly how to cook with this stuff, their website has recipes you can follow as well, making it easy to make a little cannabis pizza that fits your diet and lifestyle.

Medicated Hot Sauce

If you do love spicy food, you probably have hot sauce in your bag right now, and you put it on everything. If you want to turn that into a cannabis hot sauce you can enjoy with each meal, then Freddie Hott Sauce has you covered. Their medicated hot sauce has 420mg of THC in every 8oz of sauce, meaning you’re not going to miss out on feeling this one in your mouth and your mind.

As you can see (and soon taste), when it comes to edibles products, condiments open up a whole new range of delicious ways to enjoy cannabis-infused flavors with your meals. Whether you’re a sweet or savory person, chances are, there’s already something on the market that’s perfect for your particular taste buds.