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Synergy Dew Drops – the CBD THC Tincture that Delivers

For this review, I returned to Dixie Elixirs, the brand behind the THC Elixir I recently reviewed. The brand also has a THC tincture for sale, called Synergy Dew Drops. I had never tried a tincture before, and I was definitely excited to explore the possibilities with this one. It has an even ratio of both THC and CBD in the product (also a first for me). It has just over 40 mg of each chemical, depending on the batch, with my tincture weighing in at around 47 mg of each.

I decided that this would be a fun little edible to try out on a hike. I usually experience some joint pain that holds me back while exploring the great outdoors, but thanks to the benefits of CBD oil contained in the tincture, I was actually able to get up the mountain much more easily than I normally can.

The Taste

I have to make a point to talk about the taste of this product. It’s the first sensation you get, and even though it’s a very short experience with this tincture, it’s definitely worth noting. You have to take it by using the dropper, which has the milliliters marked on it, to know how big of a drop you’re getting. Since the whole bottle has a relatively low amount of THC in it, I think it’s safe to just go for the biggest drop you can.


The dropper allows you to use as little – or as much – as you would like.

Once the tincture hit my tongue, I noticed just how strong that herby flavor could be, in such a small drop of CBD THC Tincture. I got a hint of the vanilla flavor – which added some very nice sweetness – but the main flavor was the bitter cannabis herb flavor. Some people don’t like this, but as a tincture, it’s what is to be expected, as all tinctures taste concentrated. They never taste like food, which you may know if you’ve taken any other kind of herbal tincture. This was actually pleasant, compared to other tinctures I had used in the past.

The Experience

As I started to feel it kick in, the high of it was very light. It was very much in the head at first, but being in the sun and moving around helped that high along, as it relaxed me. It stayed mostly in the background, creating a deeply appreciative feeling in me. I stared at the sights and things around me far too intently, but it was nice to do. I definitely saw this trail in a different light, due to the specific kind of cerebral high I was getting.

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As I ascended the trail, I could feel my legs start to get a bit achy, but as the high started to set in more, I think the CBD effects did, too. Almost as soon as I noticed the ache, it slowly started to go away. My legs were not necessarily numb; the pain just started to fade on its own. This unexpected motivation got me to the end very easily. I usually never make it to the end without some real exhaustion, followed by the decision to push my legs to the limit, but this worked out nicely, as I felt no discomfort.

The timing for all of this was the most interesting part. It says right on the bottle that it will take only 20 minutes to kick in, which I thought was amazing. This was actually accurate, but it took longer than 20 minutes to get to the peak, where the full CBD effects kicked in, and so I was a little spaced-out during my hike. Once I was at the first-hour mark, I felt the CBD THC Tincture pretty much the rest of the day. Although I arrived at the familiar mountain around noon, the effects didn’t completely wear off until the sun went down. It was really nice to feel the tincture working in the background for that long, however, especially with the CBD there to help my joints, as well as prevent me from getting any sort of anxiety from the THC part.

Synergy Dew Drops combine THC and CBD in an elegant tincture.

Is It Worth It?

Of all the edibles I have tried, I really liked this one and would recommend it to anyone. Not many edibles are good for every person out there, but the CBD levels in this one make it so that this won’t be an overwhelming experience at all. You can look up Dixie Elixirs to find out where they have this CBD THC tincture for sale, or just scope out the best places to buy edibles online.