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Product Review – Cherry Limeade Elixir by Dixie Edibles

Cherry Limeade Elixir was a first for me: a cannabis drink. I’ve been trying all sorts of foods containing THC, but a liquid is different. Dosage, as always, is important, but it’s much easier to drink too much, straight out of a bottle, than it is to eat too much. I was a bit worried, starting off with this cool product, but it turns out that Dixie Edibles has everything covered, thanks to their clever bottle design. But first, let’s talk taste.

A “Humid” Taste

I couldn’t help but include this take after I heard it. I let my partner try some of the Elixir, and he described it as having a somewhat “humid” flavor. It made perfect sense to me: this refreshing drink tastes and smells almost as if you’re walking into an artificial cave at a zoo or aquarium, but without any of the gross smells or flavors – as a bonus, Dixie doesn’t include any artificial flavors or coloring, either.

Just refreshing, cannabis-infused cherry limeade in here!

It’s a very “cool” flavor as if all of your senses are being hydrated. I couldn’t say I’ve ever tasted anything quite like it. You could definitely taste the cannabis flavor, and the cherry limeade paired well with it. The sparkling aspect of it was very light, but it added to the refreshment. It was almost as if I was drinking a melted Icee that actually tasted great.

Overall, the taste was an A+, especially because that unique sensation caught me off guard. It’s definitely important not to chug this one for the flavor, however.

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A Beautiful, Safety-Minded Bottle

To keep you from chugging, Dixie Edibles has a great design that makes dosing easy. The packaging itself is beautiful, taking on a unique shape, but the design is also intentional. Once you remove the cap, the Elixir has a half-full mark that is used to get the perfect dose. With this product, you will get you a 6mg THC dosage in 15ml of the drink. That is, of course, if you’re using the 100mg bottle; there’s also a 200mg bottle available, so be aware of what you’re buying.

The best part about the cap is that it’s extremely childproof. They designed this exclusive bottle to keep children from consuming THC as best as possible. I didn’t get too confused taking it off, as an adult, but I could see a child being unsure of the right way to tackle this bottle, due to its thoughtful design. You need to pull through the resistance to get it open, which is counterintuitive, but it makes it possible to keep this at home safely if you have a family. The bottle also provides a great seal, so your drink is fresh and sparkling every time.

Pretty to look at – yet inaccessible to children’s hands

The Experience

The bottle offers a mighty claim: it says you should start to feel the effects in 30 minutes. For all of the readers that have eaten edibles before, you might agree with me that this claim sounds a bit ambitious, right?

After I took my preferred dosage, I started making dinner, but I decided to take a bit longer with the process because I knew I was waiting for something to kick in before eating. It did kick in, after 45 minutes, but it wasn’t too intense. Over the next hour and a half, I felt a slow rise in the euphoria and disorienting effects.

At its height, I was feeling very lazy and very hungry, but totally comfortable on my couch. Weirdly enough, it felt as though I had been smoking flower instead of getting an ingested high. Luckily, I had snacks to help with the hunger and shows to binge on, so this was a perfect experience for me.

Despite how lethargic I was, I still felt awake. When it was bedtime, I just got in bed and lay there awake, thinking about plans and how to make them work. I didn’t get to bed for over an hour, but every way I laid was relaxing. It came as no surprise that this THC elixir was sativa-based, given how overactive my brain was, but I wasn’t upset about it. It was good “me” time, unlike the uncomfortable headspace bad edibles effects can leave users in.

This is definitely a great option for anyone looking for serious cerebral highs. It is an edible, so you wouldn’t expect it, but this really got my brain going more than anything else.

Dixie Edibles makes a number of different flavors, including Root Beer and Half & Half (think Arnold Palmer). If you’re curious, check out the stock of edibles at your local dispensary, or buy edibles online to see what your best buying options are.