Marijuana Laws

Pennsylvania Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Pennsylvania: Virtue, Liberty, and Independence from Harsh Marijuana Policies

It’s not exactly the most weed-friendly state in the union, but there is a growing progressive movement when it comes to Pennsylvania marijuana laws. It’s still a misdemeanor offense statewide, but cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and State College have all decriminalized, which is setting the tone for more lenient cannabis policies.

Medical marijuana in Pennsylvania was legalized in 2016, and it already has an up-and-running market, so patients can easily get edibles to help with health needs. Is marijuana legal in Pennsylvania? Medically, yes – and hopefully recreationally, in the not-too-distant future.

Current Legal Status in Pennsylvania

  • Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania: Legal since 2016
  • Recreational Pennsylvania Marijuana Laws: Decriminalized in certain cities

  • Politician(s) leading legislative reform: Tom Wolf,
  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of medical marijuana: Too soon to say

Medical marijuana in Pennsylvania only just opened its market this year, but there has already been trouble, thanks to Jeff Sessions and his federal stink about marijuana. Thankfully, certified good guy Tom Wolf made it clear that he’s not going to let Jeff Sessions bully around his Pennsylvania marijuana laws.

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