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Oregon Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Oregon: Filling the West Coast with Weed

Fans of Portlandia can rest assured that Oregon is, indeed, keeping it weird. In 2014, following Colorado’s landmark legalization decision, Oregon marijuana laws changed, to warm up to recreational use. Now, you can just walk into a dispensary and buy some of the coolest edibles on the market, at any time you wish.

Medical marijuana in Oregon has been around since 1998, and that industry is still going strong. Recently, laws made it possible for recreational and medical use marijuana products to be sold at the same locations. Is marijuana legal in Oregon? Heck yeah, it is!

Current Legal Status in Oregon

  • Medical Marijuana in Oregon: Legal since 1998
  • Recreational Oregon Marijuana Laws: Legal since 2014

  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of recreational marijuana: $60 million in 2016 and $78 million in 2017

There’s still a fight for reform in the Oregon marijuana laws, due to the fact that employers can still fire people for off-duty marijuana use, which a news anchor from Eugene claims happened to her in 2015. The people need to keep their ears to the ground, when it comes to recent bills – despite the fact that the state is overwhelmingly free, in terms of recreational and medical marijuana in Oregon – because things can always get better.

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