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North Dakota Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

North Dakota: Slightly More Green-Friendly than Her Southern Brother

Of the two Dakotas, North Dakota marijuana laws are a little bit more lenient, but not by much. Possession in its lowest form counts as a misdemeanor that could come with a $1,000 fine. In 2015, medical marijuana in North Dakota failed to pass, but 2016 finally got it granted, giving the state that edge above its southern neighbor. Is marijuana legal in North Dakota? No, but at least they have medical weed.

Current Legal Status in North Dakota

  • Medical Marijuana in North Dakota: Legal since 2016
  • Recreational North Dakota Marijuana Laws: Still a hefty misdemeanor

  • Top brand(s) based in state: None yet, but opening soon
  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of medical marijuana: $0

As of now, North Dakota marijuana laws aren’t enough to help those interested in recreational use, but Eric Olson and David Owen are trying to change that. Medical marijuana in North Dakota is legalized now, but there’s still a wait on opening any dispensaries, so CBD might be your best bet unless you’re growing the plant yourself.

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