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New Jersey Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

New Jersey: Need Some More Weeds in the Garden State

The New Jersey marijuana laws are a bit stricter on recreational possession than neighboring New York State. A first-time offense is still a misdemeanor that could get you up to six months in prison, but people don’t often serve that sort of sentence. In 2013, the state did see an unusual spike in arrests, which sets the tone for a state that hates weed. However, it seems politicians are warming up to the idea.

Medical marijuana in New Jersey has been legal since 2010, and the state permits up to six active dispensaries at a time. Is marijuana legal in New Jersey? Not yet, but it’s definitely on track to get there soon.

Current Legal Status in New Jersey

  • Medical Marijuana in New Jersey: Legal since 2010
  • Recreational New Jersey Marijuana Laws: Still Illegal

  • Projected tax revenue from first year of recreation legalization: $300 million

Chris Christie was previously opposed to most marijuana reform, but he has signed into law some measures which expanded the list of uses for medical marijuana in New Jersey. Now, there are a ton of bills out to change the New Jersey marijuana laws, as well as allow for a recreational market. The new governor, Phil Murphy, made it his goal to legalize within 100 days of being in office.

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