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Nevada Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Nevada: Viva Las Vegas and Legalization

If you’re thinking about taking a vacation to Sin City, then you’re going to love the Nevada marijuana laws. Legalization was on the ballot in 2002 and 2006, but it failed both times. Then, in 2016, the state voted to legalize recreational marijuana – thanks to 54% of the vote – and quite quickly got their market up and running.

Medical marijuana in Nevada was fully approved back in 2000, so the state has always been a bit more marijuana-friendly than most others. Now, they join states like Colorado and the newly green California that make getting cannabis as easy as walking into a dispensary and making a purchase. Is marijuana legal in Nevada? Yes, so plan your vacations wisely!

Current Legal Status in Nevada

  • Medical Marijuana in Nevada: Legal since 2000
  • Recreational Nevada Marijuana Laws: Legal since 2016

  • Policy group(s) active in state: NORML
  • Tax revenue generated by recreational marijuana legalization in the first six months: $30 million

It may seem like things couldn’t get any better in Nevada, but due to federal policies, there are some bumps and worries along the way. Politicians like Dina Titus and Mark Amodei are doing their best to tell congress that, for Nevada, marijuana laws need to change. After all, they want to protect the people’s right to be able to use more than just medical marijuana in Nevada; everyone should be able to purchase recreational weed and edibles, like Cannabella gummies and Kiva Confection Chocolate Bars.

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