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Nebraska Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Nebraska: Growing Corn, but Not Weed

Despite sharing a border with the leaders in marijuana legality, Colorado, Nebraska isn’t too keen on having the plant in their state. The punishment for a first-time possession offense is only a small civil infraction – as it’s been since 1979 – but it’s also one of the bigger fines in a decriminalized state, at $300, and could land you in some classes to learn about drug use.

The decriminalization makes Nebraska marijuana laws look like they’re a bit more lenient than others, but the state took measures similar to Kansas when Colorado legalized, and Kansas tried to sue them, for putting a “burden” on their borders. Medical marijuana in Nebraska was also blocked when a 2015 bill came around that was ruined by a filibuster and some serious opposition from the governor and attorney general. Is marijuana legal in Nebraska? Nope, and some politicians really want to keep it that way

Current Legal Status in Nebraska

  • Medical Marijuana in Nebraska: Failed to pass in 2015
  • Recreational Nebraska Marijuana Laws: Decriminalized since 1979

  • Top brand(s) based in state: None yet
  • Tax revenue generated by any marijuana legalization: $0

Nebraska marijuana laws could change, thanks to politicians like Anna Wishart, who is pushing the option for the people to speak on their want for medical cannabis. Sadly, there are no advocacy groups in the state, besides the Marijuana Policy Project, according to Greenway Nebraska, who is working to give alternatives to medical marijuana in Nebraska, until legalization happens.

Nebraska definitely isn’t down to get high. Need a friendlier spot to go green? Check out all US marijuana laws here!