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Massachusetts Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Massachusetts: The Puritan State Got Green

Massachusetts followed the lead of Colorado in 2016 and legalized recreational marijuana, which was a long time coming, in a state that’s usually known for its radically progressive moves. While the Massachusetts marijuana laws mean that there should be dispensaries open and selling, there is yet to be any recreational market. There are lots of people trying their hardest to overturn this decision in the state, despite how much the people in the state want it, as well as the benefits it would bring the state overall. Medical marijuana in Massachusetts has been up and running since 2012, with a few active dispensaries serving patients across the state. Is marijuana legal in Massachusetts? Thankfully yes, but the fight isn’t over.

Current Legal Status in Massachusetts

  • Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts: Legal since 2012
  • Recreational Massachusetts Marijuana Laws: Legal since 2016

  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of medical marijuana in 2016: $7.2 million

Without recreational dispensaries, the Massachusetts marijuana laws aren’t being fully used, and the revenue potential isn’t fully realized. People like Elizabeth Warren are fighting to get the recreational market up and running, but in the meantime, citizens can still cultivate their own plants, keep up to 10 ounces of flower in their home (which can be used to make some sweet edibles), or purchase from a medical dispensary, if a registered patient.

Massachusetts offers free use to all – and has the tax revenue to prove it – but the recreational market needs to step up. Need an easier way to go green? Check out all US marijuana laws here!