Marijuana Laws

Maryland Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Maryland: Almost there in Little America

The Maryland marijuana laws are not as good as they are in the nation’s capital, but it’s getting there. Legislation shows no signs of slowing down in the state, as they decriminalized possession in 2014, and then decriminalized paraphernalia and public use in 2016. There have been several attempts to legalize it recreationally since 2010. None have passed so far, but there is growing support among the voting bodies in the state. Medical marijuana in Maryland was actually legalized in 2013, but getting the first dispensary open took until 2017. Is marijuana legal in Maryland? Not yet, but the people are definitely fighting for it.

Current Legal Status in Maryland

  • Medical Marijuana in Maryland: Legal since 2013
  • Recreational Maryland Marijuana Laws: Decriminalized since 2014

  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of medical marijuana: Too soon to call

With the way Maryland marijuana laws stand now, the only THC edibles available to citizens will have to be from a medical dispensary. On the upside, the program for medical marijuana in Maryland is fully up and running, so folks don’t need to skip town to New Jersey to get it if certified patients.

Maryland is still moving on up when it comes to Mary Jane. Check out all US marijuana laws here!