Marijuana Laws

Kentucky Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Kentucky: No Grass in the Bluegrass State

So if your 4/20 plan was to go down and get some Kentucky Fried Chicken from the homestate, keep in mind that there won’t be any edible gourmet cooking offered there. Kentucky marijuana laws still have the first offense of possession as a misdemeanor that’s equal to 45 days in jail. What’s weird is that first offense on sale is also a misdemeanor, not a felony. Of course, that could get you a year of incarceration, but still, it’s not a felony. As for medical marijuana in Kentucky, CBD oil is legal, but there’s still no clearance for selling or producing it in the state. Getting actual medical marijuana in Kentucky was also struck down in 2015, so CBD oil is about all you can have. Is marijuana legal in Kentucky? No, but apparently selling it isn’t a felony on the first offense.

Current Legal Status in Kentucky

  • Medical Marijuana in Kentucky: Still illegal
  • Recreational Kentucky Marijuana Laws: Lowest offense is still a misdemeanor for sale and possession

  • Top brand(s) based in state: None
  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of any marijuana: $0, because it’s still Schedule I

Politicians like Jason Nemes are currently working to support a bill that will get a regulated program for medical marijuana in Kentucky. As for changing the Kentucky marijuana laws to allow recreational use, that might not come for awhile.

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