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Kansas Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Kansas: The Wheat State, but not the Weed State

Kansas hates marijuana. They hate it so much that some law enforcement officials tried to sue Colorado for putting a burden on them by legalizing cannabis in the Rocky Mountain State. One good thing about Kansas marijuana laws is that the possession punishment is the same across the board – a misdemeanor equal to six months incarceration. The city of Wichita attempted to decriminalize possession down to a $50 fine, but following the Kansas method of solving their problems, the attorney general threatened to sue the city, if they passed the ordinance. There hasn’t been even a sprinkle of allowance for medical marijuana in Kansas. Not even CBD oil is approved, which similarly weed-hateful Iowa and the conservative state of Indiana both allow. Is marijuana legal in Kansas? No, and it seems like lawmakers don’t ever want it to be.

Current Legal Status in Kansas

  • Medical Marijuana in Kansas: Still illegal
  • Recreational Kansas Marijuana Laws: Lowest offense is still a misdemeanor

  • Top brand(s) based in state: None
  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of any marijuana: $0, because it’s still Schedule I

I wish there was good news here, but lawmakers are really dragging their feet on getting even medical marijuana in Kansas. The best thing for residents to do is to start phoning their local lawmakers and supporting candidates like James Thompson, who wants to reform Kansas marijuana laws for the better.

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