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Illinois Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Illinois: Checking in on Cannabis in Chicago

Illinois marijuana laws are actually pretty middle-of-the-pack, which is more to say than their eastern neighbor, Indiana. The state has acknowledged medical benefits of marijuana products all the way back to 1978, but medical marijuana in Illinois dragged its feet a bit, as substantial political action was delayed. Finally, 2013 saw medical marijuana in Illinois approved, along with dispensaries. The state also decriminalized possession offenses of under 10 grams, so now it’s just a $100-$200 fine. Is marijuana legal in Illinois? It’s almost there.

Current Legal Status in Illinois

  • Medical Marijuana in Illinois: Legal as of 2013
  • Recreational Illinois Marijuana Laws: Decriminalized as of 2016

  • Estimated tax revenue generated by legalization of recreational marijuana per year: over $699 million

As of now, it’s becoming a struggle just to see an advisory question on the ballot about changing the Illinois marijuana laws to allow recreational use. Heather Steans and Jason Barickman are two politicians that are trying to change that, because they see the potential in having a recreational market in Illinois, by taking the money out of the illegal trade and putting it into the local economy.

Things are pretty lax in Illinois, compared to some other states. Check out all US marijuana laws here!