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Evergreen Organix – Coming to a State Near You

For those in Nevada, Evergreen Organix is a company you’re probably all too familiar with, as one of the bigger producers of cannabis products for the state’s dispensaries. They’re famous for everything from baked goods to infused oils, and now, consumers outside of the state will be able to get a taste of their sweet products.

Evergreen Organix recently announced that they are expanding to provide products to recreational dispensaries in California and Colorado, but also to the medicinal dispensaries in Arizona. Jerry Velarde, the president of the company, was nice enough to allow me to tour their facility in Las Vegas, where I met Melissa, who showed me all the ropes.

As soon as I pulled up, the parking lot greeted me with a hint of that quality cannabis scent, but as soon as I walked through the doors, I was met with a powerful fragrance that could not be missed. I was fitted with a hair net, as well as a beard (for extra safety), and then Melissa took me straight back to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, there were racks of product and flower, ready to be ground up for use. It resembled a huge restaurant kitchen, but there was only one cook present, Jamie. Melissa showed me where they make all of their cannabutter, even showcasing a fridge full of huge chunks of the green goodness.

Jamie working in the Evergreen Organix kitchen

Evergreen Organix has over 20 products that they make in this facility, including all kinds of cookies, fruit snacks, chocolates, and their very popular cereal bars. Melissa explained that the kitchen focuses on one to three products each day, which they then make in huge quantities. Some of these get some experimental treatments, like cookies that total 50mg of THC. However, due to new Nevada laws, every whole product will have to equal single doses, rather than products that must be split to equal a single, 10mg dose.

After checking out the kitchen, I got a glimpse of the lab, where Evergreen Organix makes their infused oils. This is the first stop, before anything in the kitchen can happen because the lab makes the oil for the cartridges, as well as the oil that eventually becomes cooking butter.

At the end of the tour, I got to try a few samples of some non-infused products. These are the same recipes for their primary products, minus any THC, and they were absolutely worth trying, even without any psychoactive effects. Everything Evergreen Organix offers is packed with flavor, guaranteeing that even bite-sized dosing limits will still taste delicious. The brownie was so thick I would practically have to overeat if I wanted to push the dosing on it.

A rack of non-infused Evergreen Organix samples

After all, was said and done, I left the Evergreen Organix facility wholeheartedly excited for everyone in California, Colorado, and Arizona, stoked that they’ll be getting products from a company like this. Curious, I still needed to try a bit for myself. I decided to try their Peanut Butter Cereal Bar, and I was not expecting it to have such a heavy effect.

Packaging for the Peanut Butter Cereal Bar

Taking the cereal bar out of the package, I noticed that there was a slightly greenish hue, due to the glue that held this cereal bar together. That’s where the most of the THC lies in this bar (derived from those big rocks of cannabutter). I broke one of the two bars in the package in half – which was easy with this gooey little treat – and popped that in my mouth.

I figured the high might come a bit sooner because I did consume more than 10mg, this time around. This specific package had a little over 80mg of THC in the whole package, so taking a half of one bar was probably about 20mg. I was right about it setting in sooner, but didn’t know exactly where it would go.

The Evergreen Organix Peanut Butter Cereal Bar

I first felt effects around an hour after eating my portion. I could still taste the peanut butter at that point, because that sticky treat was so sweet, and I still had the flavor on my teeth. It’s more like a Rice Krispie treat in texture, but that peanut butter flavor adds so much, and the canna flavor isn’t overpowering. Once the effects set in, I was focusing more and more on what I could remember from that flavor, which was funny, because I completely forgot that I was watching tv.

I was able to snap back in and focus on the tv show for a bit, but my mind kept wandering. Usually, when my mind wanders due to THC, it goes to pretty worried places, but this time around, everything was just mundane and hilarious. The more I tried to figure out what was going on in the show, the more I tried to place my finger on themes and implications of the show, which then lead me to think much bigger thoughts, which ended up with me laughing.

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Overall, it was a fun time, but I definitely felt the laziness, which I also laughed at. However, I ended up finally folding my laundry and making dinner, which I initially thought I was just going to put off. The high from this cereal bar didn’t make me totally lethargic in my body – just in my mind – but it was easy to overcome, and I was pretty happy with myself, as I got all my tasks completed.

That wasn’t without hindrance though. Everything I did prompted me to start going on another thought train that I had to snap myself out of, but every time, it was equally entertaining. These effects lasted pretty much until I went to bed, and then I was out like a light.

The Peanut Butter Cereal Bar was a fun treat, and I would recommend it to anyone. There was nothing anxiety-provoking in it for me, and I was totally relaxed, while still being able to function as I needed to. You also get the fun of indulging in a delicious cereal bar, so you get to enjoy starting the night off in a great way.

If you’re curious now, check out the Evergreen Organix website, to get a feel for their great selection of products. They might be coming to your local dispensaries soon, so get ahead of the curve, by figuring out which product you want to try first.