Edible Reviews
Edible Reviews

5 Medical Cannabis Edibles that are Worth the Money

June 22, 2018

Medical cannabis edibles are abundant on the market today, thanks to the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes in almost half of the United St...

Edible Reviews

Evergreen Organix – Coming to a State Near You

June 1, 2018

For those in Nevada, Evergreen Organix is a company you’re probably all too familiar with, as one of the bigger producers of cannabis products f...

Edible Reviews

Synergy Dew Drops – the CBD THC Tincture that Delivers

May 14, 2018

For this review, I returned to Dixie Elixirs, the brand behind the THC Elixir I recently reviewed. The brand also has a THC tincture for sale, called ...

Edible Reviews

THC Chocolate Review: Glacé Dark Chocolate Mini BonBons

May 7, 2018

For this review, I actually ended up choosing a product that caught my eye at the dispensary a while back. I had seen the displays all over the city, ...

Edible Reviews

It’s 420 Somewhere, but What Does 420 Mean?

May 2, 2018

“It’s 420” is a phrase that has surfaced everywhere, becoming global. Entire online marketplaces for 420 deals now exist, giving rise to new product a...

Edible Reviews

Product Review – Cherry Limeade Elixir by Dixie Edibles

April 22, 2018

Cherry Limeade Elixir was a first for me: a cannabis drink. I’ve been trying all sorts of foods containing THC, but a liquid is different. Dosage, as ...

Edible Reviews

The 5 Best Cannabis Edibles (to Get You from Monday to Friday)

April 9, 2018

Now that you’ve probably read a ton of reviews on Medical Edibles, it’s time we give our two cents on the broader range, in regards to the best cannab...

Edible Reviews

How Willie’s Reserve is Changing the Edibles Game

April 6, 2018

For a guy that wrote his first song at seven years old and joined his first band when he was just ten, there was no doubt he would go on to do great t...

Edible Reviews

Product Review – Cannabella’s Sweet & Sour Gummies, an Edible THC Candy

April 2, 2018

Cannabella is a company that makes a wide variety of specialty cannabis products, from their CBD breath spray and dog treats to their famous lozenges....

Edible Reviews

Product Review – The Strongest Edible on the Market – Cheeba Chews

March 30, 2018

When I asked for Cheeba Chews at the dispensary, the girl at the counter gave me a little smile, before asking me which kind I wanted. They had the sa...

Edible Reviews

Five of the Best Marijuana Edibles You Need to Try in 2018

March 6, 2018

There are many cannabis users that prefer to take their THC with edibles, rather than smoking. Luckily, there are many options to choose from, includi...

Edible Reviews

Edibles Review: Kiva Confections Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar

February 19, 2018

Of all the edibles review products I’ve trialled, the Kiva Confections Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar was the hardest to resist going beyond the sugges...

Edible Reviews

Here are the Top 5 Cannabis Candy Products on the Market Today

December 9, 2017

With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in certain states, folks are discovering there are options to consume. Back in the day, this wo...

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