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Three Easy Cannabutter Recipes That You Can Make at Home

Making cannabutter is relatively easy, but it’s what you do with it afterward that really matters. Many people use cannabutter for medical reasons, similar to how CBD oil is used, but others enjoy it recreationally. For example, you can put it on top of pasta or add it to any meal that calls for butter. If you really want to get crafty in the kitchen, you can make your own edibles and use cannabutter as a substitute for the butter you would normally use. Follow the three easy cannabutter recipes below to ensure sure you get the best edibles possible without having to get too fancy or complicated in the process.

Classic Marijuana Brownies

Infused Eats supplied this cannabutter recipe for the classic marijuana brownies that come to mind when anyone mentions edibles. If you haven’t already made your cannabutter, this recipe will also cover that process, so fear not if you’re new to using cannabis in the kitchen. It’s a two-hour process to make cannabutter from their recipe, but you can get right to the brownie part if you already have the butter waiting.

This easy cannabutter recipe starts with heating the cannabutter and then mixing in all the ingredients while it’s still hot. Next, vigorously beat in the eggs, one at a time, and continue beating the mixture until it’s smooth. (It won’t be totally smooth with the nuts in there, but you get the gist.) After baking them for 30 minutes, take them out, and you’ll have 12 servings to share at a safe gathering of consenting adults who want to try your homemade edibles (in a state where it’s recreationally legal to do so).

Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

The guys at Original Weed Recipes are responsible for this classic chocolate chip cookie that takes cannabutter cookies to a whole ‘nother level. This easy cannabutter recipe is also relatively simple to whip up.

For this gooey confection, begin by combining the soft white ingredients first, and then mix in the good stuff: the cannabutter, the sugar, and the brown sugar. For this recipe, it’s recommended to use a mixer, but if you’ve got a strong arm, which you might after beating that last recipe, you may be fine using a spoon. This recipe also comes with a helpful video, so you aren’t left in the dust if, for some reason, the words on the page don’t make sense to you or you’re just more of a visual person.

Smokin’ Mac ‘n Cheese

With this mac ‘n cheese recipe from the people at the Cannabist, we’re switching from sweet to savory. This recipe is a perfect entrée and provides some great leftovers, too. The process gets a bit more complicated than it was with the baked goods, but it’s easy to follow. And, it will give you an opportunity to make an impressive meal for you and your friends while cooking up a cannabutter recipe, which makes the home-dining experience a bit more entertaining.

Aside from the five tablespoons of cannabutter in the cheese sauce, the recipe is similar to your usual mac ‘n cheese recipe. Bake the cheesy mixture in the oven for about 30 minutes. While it’s in there, you’ve got another easy yet fancy task: make some small onion rings, to go on top. (This, in my opinion, pairs well with the cannabis flavor from the cannabutter in the sauce). Every ingredient here screams delicious, so this dish will be just as much about savoring flavors as it is about enjoying the effects.

Remember, if you have leftovers from these easy cannabutter recipes, you’ll want to keep them safe from unsuspecting fridge thieves. Brands that offer edibles label them to prevent an accidental overdose, so you might want to create a similar notation or marking on the container you keep your leftovers in. It might seem like fun and games when someone accidentally eats an edible, but it can be serious for those who have anxiety or panic disorders triggered by high amounts of THC.

Here’s to putting that cannabutter to good use with good food and good friends while still staying safe in the process.

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