Marijuana Laws

Delaware Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Delaware: The Small Wonder with Small Green Victories

Similar to their alphabetical neighbor, Connecticut, Delaware marijuana laws moved towards decriminalization in 2011. In this state, the first offense of possession would be a $100 fine, as a civil infraction. They also passed medical marijuana in Delaware in 2012, but due to a threatening letter from the justice department, the governor suspended the program, until its re-expansion in 2016, so that it could be used for serious illness. Is marijuana legal in Delaware? Not quite yet, but definitely better than their northern neighbor, Pennsylvania!

Current Legal Status in Delaware

  • Medical Marijuana in Delaware: Legal as of 2012
  • Recreational Delaware Marijuana Laws: Decriminalized as of 2011, but still illegal

  • Estimated tax revenue generated by legalization of recreational marijuana in its first year: Over $22 million (as found by Margaret Rose Henry’s task force)

There is currently a bill in the works, which coincides with research done by Helene Keely and Margaret Rose Henry’s task force, that could alter the Delaware marijuana laws. Their aim to make marijuana recreationally legal seems to have support from a majority of voters in the state, as well. As of now, residents can make use of medical marijuana in Delaware, but they will have to travel to the one compassion center in the state, operating in Wilmington.

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