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Create a Custom Stoner Cookbook

Impress Your Stoner Friends with a Full-Couse Meal of Cannabis-Infused Dishes

Do you host dinner parties for your friends that typically consist of a lot of time, planning, and stress? So much so that you end up taking a smoke break just about every hour, while preparing for the big event? And when your stoner friends finally show up, do they even have an appetite? Or do they also have to take a smoke break themselves, to even want to eat anything?

If any or all of these scenarios sound familiar, we have great news for you: we can help you reduce your stress and actually make your dinner parties enjoyable, from start to finish. By taking the time to create your own custom stoner cookbook – full of recipes that will not only get you high but will also satisfy your hunger – you’ll be on your way to host or hostess of the year. If you and your friends prefer edibles to smoking, this post is for you.

Cooking with THC Just Got Easier

You might be a bit apprehensive when it comes to creating visually appealing and tasty cannabis recipes, but cooking with THC doesn’t have to be difficult – especially when you curate your cookbook of go-to recipes in advance.

Here are several delicious recipes to start your cookbook, for a knockout Mexican-themed dinner party! Each recipe has a link to the source, so feel free to print out your favorite pieces and paste them into your personalized stoner scrapbook. Over time, you can build up your own personalized stash of favorite recipes to pull from, making your canna-cooking experience super simple.

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Start the Dinner with an Appetizer: Easy, Cheesy, Canna-Queso Dip!

Think of your group of friends: is there a single person who doesn’t love queso and chips? This is the perfect way to start your dinner party off on the right note.

You can present a big bowl of this cheesy goodness with a side of crunchy, salty chips, to satisfy everyone’s fly-by munchies, while moving around the room and mingling. This way, your guests don’t feel tied to the table, and they’ll start to feel that glorious body high before the main courses even come out!

Serve Up a Side Salad

Side salads are a great way to fit some nutritious foods into your meal, without having to do a lot of work. Although the lettuce obviously isn’t infused with marijuana ingredients, you can still cook with THC by creating an avocado-cannabis-infused vinaigrette to pour on top of your tasty side salad.

The recipe is super simple, too! This is a delicious dressing to add to your meal, especially for a Mexican food palette.

Two Main Dishes to Choose From

For a Mexican-themed dinner night, there are two main dishes that you simply can’t go wrong with: tacos and enchiladas.

A Dinner Party Hit: Pot Tacos!

Again, who doesn’t love tacos? Street tacos are a go-to when you have the munchies, so what could be better than tacos that give you the munchies? Simply add all the fixin’s on the side, and these pot tacos will have your dinner guests coming back for more.

Cannabis Chicken Enchiladas

Another favorite Mexican food dish is enchiladas. You can create a delectable chicken dish, complete with sauce, cheese, cilantro—and don’t forget the cannabis! This enchilada recipe will literally knock everyone off their feet.

Delectable Dessert: 5x “Baked” Flan

To keep the festive dinner theme going, you can stick to a classic Mexican dessert as well. Flan is already tasty, but it’s even better when infused with marijuana and baked five times. By the time you finish one serving, you’ll feel just as baked as your dessert, if not more.

If you don’t have any other cannabis-infused foods in your dinner line up, this can also be a stand-alone treat, as it contains regular cannabis, activated cannabis, kief, rosin chips, and infused coconut oil, to create an extra-potent dessert dish. Not in the mood for flan? For a more traditional end to the night, you can always serve up a batch of gooey brownies, which are the perfect way to wind down a fun night with friends.

With these linked recipes, you can start printing, cutting, and pasting your way to your very own custom stoner cookbook. The next dinner party you host will be stress-free and tasty, and you might even find yourself with some yummy leftovers, for a second round of relaxing.

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