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Crafting Amazing Cannabis Ice Cream – Recipes to Get You Started

When it comes to making edibles recipes, we always think about baked goods, because heat is what activates those good cannabinoids in your foods. That’s not the only way to eat your THC, however. Making a cannabis ice cream recipe will allow you and your friends to try something a little different, as well as enjoy as a sweet, cold treat in the summer heat. The cannabis ice cream recipe still involves some heat during the initial process, but the final product is a frozen delight, which might also pair well with some warm, fresh edible baked goods if you’re feeling a like a little extra with your cannabis snack.

The best part of making cannabis ice cream is that you don’t even need an ice cream machine. You could certainly use one if you really wanted to get complicated, which might pay off for your tastes in the end, but it’s not a deal-breaker. We’ve found two great recipes that can provide you an easy way or a complicated way to make your own amazing THC ice cream so that you don’t have to search for a local cannabis ice cream shop.

This green ice cream isn’t actually cannabis-infused, but the matcha flavor that this ice cream includes might be a good idea, for your own cannabis creation!

The Simple Life

This first recipe makes cannabis ice cream using cannabutter, which, if you’ve been following us, you know is a staple in most weed baking. While cannabutter is not actually the norm for cannabis ice cream, it makes cannabis ice cream incredibly easy, because, if you do a lot of weed baking, you probably already have this lying around.

I call this a simple recipe because it’s honestly the least number of steps you’ll have to follow, to get some cannabis ice cream in your freezer. You just need to whip some heavy cream until it’s stiff, then add in your cannabutter and can of condensed milk, and you’re ready to freeze it all into ice cream. The recipe suggests using some vanilla and chopped mint, to create a mint chocolate chip flavor, but this bare bones of this recipe also allow you to replace those ingredients if you’d like to try something new.

The Big Leagues

Over at the Fader, there is actually a great recipe that can help you create some fancy cannabis ice cream, but you’re going to need an ice cream maker, and a willingness to do some home infusing that doesn’t result in cannabutter. The process is going to start out with getting your “weed cream” ready, which was actually a new term for me.

Creating “weed cream” is pretty simple, actually. You take two cups of heavy cream, and then five to ten ground-up grams of the flower of your choice, and heat those items in a saucepan, right below a simmer, for an hour. After that hour, your weed cream should be infused, and you can run it through a cheesecloth, to get all the chunky herb out. Some cream is going to evaporate, but if you have less than one and a half cups at the end, adding in some normal, non-infused cream won’t hurt anyone. Then, mix it all up with a hand blender for thirty seconds and chill in the refrigerator, until you’re ready for the next step.

Once all of your other ingredients are gathered and you’re ready for the next plunge, you’ll want to get a medium saucepan, then add all the cream you’ve just made, plus four cups of milk, to simmer for a bit. Then, you just need to turn off the heat and add all the other ingredients, besides eggs and salt (so sugar, honey, dry milk powder, and xanthan gum), and then whisk that mixture together, until it’s all dissolved (the gum doesn’t have to totally dissolve).

From there, you’ll just whisk your eggs and temper the frothy egg liquid with some of the other mixture, pour everything back into the original saucepan, and turn the heat to 173 °F, while making sure nothing sticks to the bottom. Temperature is important here because THC can burn if heated too much. Then, you’ll remove from heat, add your salt, put it in a blender for a minute, and strain into a container, for an ice bath. The final step is just throwing that mix into your ice cream maker.

A stainless-steel ice cream maker, which you’ll need for the more complicated recipe

Using this cannabis ice cream recipe will yield three quarts of delicious ice cream. You can also add flavors early on in the mix if you want. This is obviously a simplified version of the recipe so you can get acquainted with the level of intensity before you dive right in, so make sure you use the actual steps listed.

As you’ll soon find out, enjoying cannabis this summer can be a cool affair this summer, thanks to these delectable ice cream options. Get to experimenting with your own fun canna flavors, so you can perfect the startup of your personal cannabis ice cream shop!