Marijuana Laws

Connecticut Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Connecticut: The Constitution State and Cannabis

If you’re riding into New England from the southernmost point, you’ll be glad to know that Connecticut marijuana laws aren’t as strict as some other northeastern states (looking at you, New Hampshire). They actually decriminalized possession, so you’re only paying a $150 fine for a first offense, a measure similar to what Massachusetts did before legalizing. What’s weird is that it took them until a year later to start up medical marijuana in Connecticut. Is marijuana legal in Connecticut? Almost!

Current Legal Status in Connecticut

  • Medical Marijuana in Connecticut: Legal as of 2012
  • Recreational Connecticut Marijuana Laws: Decriminalized as of 2011, but still illegal

  • Estimated tax revenue generated by legalization of recreational marijuana in its first year: Over $30 million

Earlier in April of 2018, a bill was introduced which could change the Connecticut marijuana laws, so that adults can use it recreationally. Joe Ganim, who is running for governor, has publicly said that he’s all for it, so we could be seeing more than just medical marijuana in Connecticut in the near future.

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