Marijuana Laws

Colorado Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Colorado: The Cannabis Catalyst

I think we all remember back in 2012 when the Colorado marijuana laws rocked the nation by allowing the first state in the union to legalize recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana in Colorado has been legal since 2000, but the move to also incorporate recreational led the way for many other states – such as their southern neighbor, Nevada – to pass similar legislation. Is marijuana legal in Colorado? Yes. Full stop.

Current Legal Status in Colorado

  • Medical Marijuana in Colorado: Legal as of 2000
  • Recreational Colorado Marijuana Laws: Legal as of 2014

  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of recreational marijuana since 2014: Over $500 million

The Colorado marijuana laws have sparked a ton of cannabis tourism, but they have also greatly benefitted the state, in terms of job growth and tax revenue. Some of the most popular brands for cannabis products coming out of the state includes famous Cheeba Chews.

It’s pretty sweet for marijuana lovers, in the state that started it all! You can see how other states are catching up (or falling behind), by hitting up all US marijuana laws here!