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All I Want for Christmas is a Green Holiday Treat!

12 Days of Christmas Cannabis Recipes You Can’t Pass Up

The holidays are filled with fun, food, and sometimes stress. Rather than worrying about how you’re going to show everyone up with your white elephant gift at the holiday party, try wow-ing them with these stress-relieving treats. If you want your friends and family to sit back and truly enjoy the holidays (and probably get stuck in their seat for a while), you can gift them one of these 12 holiday edibles recipes!

12 Days of Christmas Cannabis Edibles!

Get into the holiday spirit with these creative, munchie-satisfying and inducing edible treats. Whether you’re just an edible connoisseur or you need a last-minute gift for your friends and family, you’ll love this complied list of Christmas cannabis edibles recipes.

Day 1: Peppermint Canna-Candy Cane Cookies

    Do your friends and colleagues love the crispness of a classic cookie combined with the minty feel of peppermint? Nothing says Christmas like the traditional peppermint cookie, but you can create a fun twist on this holiday’s traditions with these adorable, colorful cannabutter cookies from Jeff The 420 Chef.  



Day 2: Pot-Infused Puppy Chow

    Some quirky suburban moms call it “snowman poop” and some people know this tasty treat as puppy chow. It’s a delectable mix of crunch from classic Chex cereal and sweetness from the peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar. In this case, your chef recommends adding a bit of cannabutter to make this wacky snack even more trippy. Learn more here!  


Day 3: The Great Ganjabread House

    Even your local ganjabread man needs a place to call home! Tap into your creative side this season. You’ll have the easiest experience getting roasted by the fire with little to no effort when you snack on your cannabis-infused gingerbread house.  



Day 4: Cream Cheese Molasses Filled Ganjabread Cupcakes

  Now that’s a mouthful—literally. Gingerbread recipes are plentiful this time of year, so we had to double-down on our ganjabread treats in this list. Learn how to craft this delicious desert here!

Day 5: Pot-Infused Pumpkin Pie

    Just like pumpkin pie isn’t limited to just Thanksgiving, pot infusion has no limits. Combine the two key holiday ingredients and you have a real Christmas Miracle. Share a slice with your favorite canna-buddy before 2018 starts!  



Day 6: Weed-Nog

    Must we say more? Eggnog is for those that know that there’s just not enough alcohol to cope with the holidays, so they decided to sneak it in this sweet beverage. Rather than risking a hangover, try this delightful drink recipe.

Day 7: Bud Banana Bread

  Do your friends and family a favor and stay away from the fruitcake this year. Even though they’re nice about it, they don’t want it. Try out this mouthwatering banana bread recipe that’ll knock them off their feet!  



Day 8: Raw Citrus Canna-Cake (Paleo-Friendly)

  We all have that one friend that still wants to be healthy during the holidays (most of us roll our eyes), but you can be supportive this year by gifting them this paleo friendly, cannabis-infused citrus cake with hints of cranberry! This treat breaks all holiday stereotypes, offering a fresh take on rich holiday desserts.


Day 9: Hash Hard Candies

  Do you know someone who just doesn’t enjoy chocolate too much? This hash hard candy recipe is perfect to help them feel just as rich this year. Check out’s top five edible cannabis candy picks of 2017!  


Day 10: Lemon Bud Bars

  Want to bring something different to the potluck? Try these zingers! Lemon bud bars will have everyone’s taste buds dancing at your friendly holiday party.


Day 11: Snap, Crackle, Pot! Holiday Rice Crispy Treats

  Everyone loves a crispy cannabis cereal treat glued together with sweet marshmallows. Add a fun holiday touch by turning your rice crispy treats green both inside and out.  



Day 12: The Infamous Pot Brownie

  We couldn’t conclude this list without mentioning the most notorious edible of them all: the pot brownie! Here’s a recipe for how to make the absolute best pot brownie—we’re talking brownies that Snoop Dogg would be proud to snack on. Throw holiday sprinkles on them and you’re good to go!       If you end up trying any of these recipes, let us know how it goes! Also, feel free to share all of your ganjified goodness in the comments below—especially your favorite recipes or reactions to our list of curated cannabis treats.

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