There are two types of green legislation out there. One is the stuff we’ve already been covering: medical and recreational marijuana laws across the country. The other legislation is something that is often cared about by the same people who are pushing for legal use of cannabis: environmental protections.


Both of these efforts are supported more often by leaders from the Democratic party, and you can usually go to any cannabis legalization festival and find tons of literature about the environment.


With that said, there’s still an odd conflict that arises: much of the packaging for medical and recreational use conflicts with the idea of environmental protection. Generally, customers and patients alike receive cannabis products in bulky packaging that uses a lot of plastics (and sometimes, these plastics aren’t even recyclable).


The Impact of Marijuana Packaging


On top of these materials just sitting around forever and causing harm to the environment, there’s also an overuse of them. When you walk out of many dispensaries, not only do you have the recreational or medical marijuana plastic containers around your herb as you buy it but then that must go into a plastic sealable bag around it. A lot of these seals are made of materials that are even harder for the environment to break down than a regular plastic bag would be.

Landfill that plastic packaging could end up in


Why Are These Materials Used?


Using these types of materials is never eco-friendly, which is why many cannabis companies aim not to use them. But, that’s not always possible. Due to existing state marijuana laws, regarding recreational and medical use, a lot of that extra plastic and energy is going into making these products inaccessible to children, like extra seals.


In California, as this article from Emerald Report points out, every product must be sealed before it hits a shelf, and then, all of those sealed products must go into the resealable bag. In other states, as long as there is one sealed portion, that’s enough. You can walk out of dispensaries in states like Nevada with the brand’s sealed (and still not totally eco-friendly) packaging. California, however, requires was a lot of people are calling an unnecessary double sealing, amidst a range of cannabis complications.

How a dispensary would look without individual packaging


A big issue with California’s packaging, as the Emerald Report article pointed out, is this type of double seal – which is made of plastic that cannot be recycled – will take forever to break down, thus filling up landfills. This same seal can be found in states like Nevada, on exit bags, and in tons of other sealed products.


Beyond packaging, the labels – legally mandatory on all marijuana packaging – take additional energy to create, as well as adding additional plastic to the product.


What Can Be Done


In terms of the laws, requiring less of these seals would be a big help, when it comes to making marijuana more green. Child protection is key, but requiring two seals to make sure a child doesn’t get to the product may not be the most sensible solution; if a child can get through one seal, they can get through two. If you’re in California, that’s something to call your local representative about.


Another important effort would be the use of biodegradable packing. This would mean that recreational or medical marijuana plastic containers would simply dissolve in the environment, instead of sticking around in landfills and taking up space. This isn’t always easy, however. As the laws change, new alternatives have to be tested by companies, which costs money and energy.


Thankfully, companies like Zoots and Humboldt Cut have already made changes to fight this. They’ve pioneered packagings that can be childproof, but which actually contain no plastic. As these regulations continue to grow, however, the efforts companies like these have already made may start to fall behind growing consumer demands, making that eco-friendly factor a bit harder for the cannabis industry to achieve.


At this point, it’s pretty much common knowledge, when it comes to how beneficial CBD can be. However, we’ve been largely focusing on the oil. There are a ton of high CBD strains of flower out there that can be just as beneficial as using CBD oil to treat a wide variety of symptoms. This article will break down our selections for the five best CBD strains out there.

1. CBD Critical Cure 


This strain offers a low amount of both CBD and THC, but with an overwhelming dominance of CBD. When we say low, we mean around 5% THC and 11% CBD, which is pretty low, compared to some of the stuff you’ll read about just later in this article. It is slightly psychoactive, but it’s not going to rock your world in that sense, by any means.


As the name suggests, CBD Critical Cure is a strain that was created specifically for medicinal purposes. It was purposefully grown to be a high CBD strain that would provide pain relief and relax your body at the same time.

A medical dispensary, where you can find many of these strains

2. ACDC 

This strain is also specifically very good for migraines because all of the CBD is a very effective reliever of pain and inflammation. In fact, many people would consider it to be one of the best CBD strains for migraines, and studies have shown medical marijuana to have very promising results in treating severe headaches.

Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush is a one-to-one strain that’s specifically meant to relax you since it’s also an indica. The CBD completely eliminates the anxiety that could manifest from the THC, meaning this is a complete chill-out strain and good for those that can have severe anxiety disorders.


Since it is equal in its THC and CBD components, there will be some psychoactive effects, but the indica style is meant to ease any of the uppity anxious feelings you might get from THC (and that CBD will obviously help). This is one for people who do want to get a little stoney but are also looking for a big relief. Of course, THC can have its health benefits, too, so not everyone takes this strain simply for a good time.

4. Remedy 

This is one of the very high CBD strains that is used specifically for pain relief situations and for anti-inflammation. It’s definitely one of the best CBD strains for migraines because it was made just for those types of ailments. It comes with almost no psychoactive effects, which means you can use this on the day-to-day.

5. Harlequin 

This is considered to be one of the best CBD strains, specifically because it has such a nice ratio of CBD to THC. Pretty much every grow yields flower that has a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, meaning that you’ve got an overwhelming amount of CBD soothing your ailments, whether they be anxiety or pain. There is still enough THC in this option for that recreational psychoactive effect, but it’s possible to use little enough that you can feel none of that, while still getting relief.


Harlequin is ideal for someone who may need it strictly for relief as they go about their day, but who can use a little bit more in their free time to experience that THC if they want.

The Harlequin Strain


Depending on your state’s legal status, it may harder or easier to find some of these. For example, if your state is more medicinally focused, you might find more Remedy or CBD Critical Cure, but if you’re in a recreational state, Harlequin will definitely be available.


Just like with any medicine, it’s definitely good to shop around and see which one works best for the ailments that you have. Giving all or most of these a try may show you the different benefits that each one can have.


Featured on Home, The Couch

In the past, we’ve covered a lot of the benefits of CBD, which have been life changing for ailments that chronic sufferers experience daily. Now, not only can human patients experience these benefits in states where it is legal, but dogs can too!

There are a wide range of common ailments in dogs that can be treated by CBD, and some people believe this treatment works better than the standard medications on the market. Here are just a few reasons why it’s time to start filling up the cart with CBD for your pet.

Pain Relief

One big reason that humans use CBD oil is for chronic pain relief, and dogs see this same benefit from this amazing substance. As our dogs get older, their joints can start to ache, and simple tasks can become harder for them to complete. CBD oil can provide the pain relief necessary to get them active due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

If you start throwing your dog some
hemp extract CBD dog treats, then you’ll be helping to ease the pain that’s affecting your furry friend’s livelihood. You could see this change instantly, or it could take a few days or an increase in their CBD dosage before your dog sees relief.

Active dogs that aren’t experiencing joint pain lead happier, healthier lives!


Another of the common ailments we’ve seen CBD used for is seizures, both in humans and man’s best friend. In fact, that’s been the primary reason for CBD legalization in many states; the dramatic seizure relief that has been witnessed in children who experience serious epilepsy.

Now, you have the chance to provide your fur baby with a
pet-safe CBD hemp oil extract that can lessen the occurrence and severity of their seizures, and even has the potential to eliminate them altogether. Because of this, CBD oil has been used as a life-changing solution for many families, not only for their kids, but their pets as well.

Anxiety Treatment

After the recent firework-heavy holiday that is the Fourth of July, we’ve all seen posts on social media about unusual pet behavior during these explosive events. A lot of animals tend to experience symptoms of anxiety during fireworks, and thunderstorms too.

No one wants their pets to go through that, but anxiety can also cause some rambunctious behavior that isn’t the best for a clean house. The people over at Innovet, a natural pet remedies company, said that they receive a ton of questions during the fireworks season about what can be done to treat a dog’s anxiety. Innovet always points compassionate clients to
their CBD hemp products as a way to relieve anxiety in dogs, so that they’re both happy and less destructive to your house.

Replace pharmaceutical anxiety medication with CBD!

Treatment of Cancer Symptoms

Sadly, dogs can also get cancer just like humans. Fortunate, CBD can ease a lot of the symptoms that dogs may experience during this time.

Innovet first started studying the effects of CBD oil when one of the company dogs, Gordo, had a bad reaction to chemotherapy. Unfortunately, due to how hard it was at the time to get their hands on hemp oil, they weren’t able to get it in time.

One of the worker’s dogs, Maximus, also happened to be going through nasal cancer at the same time they were trying to get hemp oil for Gordo. Maximus had stopped walking and eating because of the severity of his symptoms. Luckily, the Innovet team was able to obtain enough hemp oil in time to help Maximus, and saw him happily walking around, exploring the warehouse, and eating again, only 30 minutes after the first dose!

Beyond symptom relief, there is research being done to suggest that CBD helps with cancer prevention, weakening cancer cells, and with fighting tumors. For this same reason, there is significant research on CBD and other cannabinoids for cancer prevention in humans – many pet owners have seen this as a life changing medicine for their dogs as well.

An Easy Choice

There are many types of symptoms that hemp oil can alleviate in dogs, beyond what we’ve discussed here. It can also help with your dog’s appetite, their digestive system, and even keep their heart healthy. After the experience Innovet had with their dogs and CBD, they dove right in and are now offering these products to pet owners everywhere.

Treating your dogs with CBD oil means that not only will you be alleviating some known ailments, but you will also be preventing other illnesses from occurring, making for a happier pet all around. Give Innovet’s CBD products a try!


The Couch

When your dog is in pain, it’s a terrible feeling, isn’t it? You want to do whatever it takes, to help him or her feel better.

That’s exactly how I felt, when my American Eskimo, Baggins, suffered from arthritis. I took him for acupuncture and fed him anti-inflammatory herbs to ease the pain. But if he were still alive today, I’d give him CBD products.

That’s because a growing body of research shows that, in addition to the fact that CBD oil is beneficial for humans, there are dozens of benefits of CBD for dogs. It’s completely natural and a safe alternative to traditional medications.

In this article, you’ll discover the science behind why CBD is so powerful and how it can help your dog. But first, allow me to explain what it is.

What is CBD?

Let’s make one thing clear: CBD, or cannabinoid, will not get anyone “high.” It can’t. It’s a different part of the hemp plant than marijuana, and it doesn’t have the same characteristics (high levels of THC).

Instead, the hemp plant was used for thousands of years to make rope, clothing, paper, and even fuel. Hemp was perfectly mainstream and it’s even said the original Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

Unfortunately, hemp underwent a smear campaign in the 1930’s (which is a story for another post). The short version is, hemp was reclassified as marijuana, an anti-drug campaign was launched by the Federal Government, and hemp was declared illegal.

As you know, those laws are being repealed, and a growing body of research shows that CBD has dozens of benefits for dogs and humans.

One of those benefits is effective and natural pain relief.

CBD: Nature’s Pain Relief

It turns out that your dog has a built-in system created to work with the active ingredients in CBD for natural pain relief.

This system, called the endocabbinoid system, has an essential role to play when it comes to stress and pain relief. You’re probably familiar with the central nervous system. That’s the internal network of nerves and receptors that process messages from the brain all day long. Imagine special receptors that, if activated, can reduce pain in your dog, but there’s a catch – they require a special ingredient.

That’s the essence of the endocabbionoid system, and CBD is the special ingredient. For too long, these receptors have been ignored. However, thanks to continuing advances in science, we now know they exist, and we also know that CBD acts as a key to unlock the healing powers of these receptors.

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Imagine that your dog is stressed and in pain, then you give him a CBD-infused dog treat, or a few drops of a tincture, and he’s able to relax. That’s the power of CBD. It reminds those receptors to release serotonin – nature’s stress reliever.

It also increases the naturally occurring pain compound, anandamide, in the body, so it can flow through the bloodstream.

But all CBD products aren’t created equal.

What Do You Need to Know, Before You Buy CBD?

CBD pet products come in a wide range of tinctures, topicals, treats, and more. However, they aren’t all created equal, and some can even be toxic. In this wild west world of CBD, there are few regulations, which means it’s up to the manufacturer to create and abide by their guidelines.

Look for a company that uses a high-quality processing method, like using pharmaceutical grade ethanol, to safely remove toxins. Look for independent testing and low THC. Quality CBD pet products have less than .03% THC. Any more could be dangerous to animals.

You’ll also want to know how much to dose your pet. A large breed like a Newfoundland will take more than a teacup-sized dog. It’s a good idea to start with the lowest dosage, of a drop or less a day – especially if you have a small dog – and to then work your way up. Your veterinarian may be able to give you more customized guidelines, and most recommend .05 mg/pound.

How Long Will It Take to Reduce Your Dog’s Pain?

Some dogs will show immediate relief, whereas some may need a few days before it takes effect. If your dog shows no relief after a few days at the lowest dosage, you may want to add a little more (which is why it’s good to make notes, so you can keep track of any changes in behavior or dosage).

The research is just beginning on the endocabbinoid system and how it affects pain relief, but I think you’ll agree that, if your dog is suffering in pain, it’s a worth trying. Now that you know natural pain relief is a primary benefit of CBD for dogs, you can find quality CBD pet products to help your pet feel his or her best.


The Couch

The legalization of weed in California is not all bongs, bowls, and piles of cash for everyone. While the state isn’t new to the green scene – medical marijuana has been legal there since 1996, when Proposition 215 was passed – a growing list of issues is facing the industry, because of the legalization of cannabis in California.

In the last two decades, since California legalized medical marijuana, alcohol didn’t go out of business, tobacco didn’t go bankrupt, pharma didn’t slow down, and the population didn’t turn into a bunch of lazy couch stoners.

That doesn’t mean that the legalization of weed in California has been an ocean-grown, or OG, breeze. Kids were a major factor to consider when it came to the topic of legalizing weed in the state. A lot of people had the same question, as it specifically pertained to California’s youth.

A California Cannabis Legalization Conundrum

Kids and the Legalization of Weed in California  

Now, Californians face a new hurdle, thanks to the passing of Proposition 64. Establishing the legal California weed age was a challenge, and the state finally settled on a number; the legal age to buy weed in California for recreational weed is 21 and up, with a valid ID.

As of 2017, California had an estimated population of 39+ million residents. That’s a lot of people and a lot of kids. Factors like restrictions on dispensary placement and cannabis growers, in regards to their proximity to schools and daycares, had to be considered. Hours of operation, school bus stops and routes, and even the dos and do-nots of advertising all had to be carefully evaluated, keeping in mind the potential impact on kids.

Statistically, smoking trends are higher within economically challenged communities, like so many in California. They were and still are some of the hardest hit by trends like cigarettes and underage drinking. So it’s understandable that people would have the same concerns about cannabis legalization. However, with over two decades of legal medical marijuana, it’s not really surprising to note that the children in California have yet to turn into weed smoking zombies since the California weed age was set.

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

Cannabis and Violent Crime

Surely, it takes more than 12 weeks to conduct a study or survey on a state with 39+ million citizens. But maybe not. A January 2018 Forbes article headline read: “Violent Crime Has Dropped In Border States With Legal Cannabis: Study.” However, two months later, California had a different Forbes headline that read like this: “California Officials Say Marijuana Legalization Causing More Violent Crime.” So, which is it?

It seems that a lot of opinions about weed are being passed around in the media, in regards to California’s weed legalization.

Cannabis Growing to Perfection

Shady, Non-Compliant Businesses

As of February 2018, over 6,000 weed delivery services and marijuana dispensaries in California could be found on Weedmaps. But, the state had only licensed 580 marijuana dispensaries and weed delivery companies at that time. While some businesses were paying their fees and doing the right thing, others were just flying by the seat of their pants.

This creates all kinds of problems. Tax evasion, quality control, testing, unlicensed businesses – all of this spells trouble for legal weed. The state tried to take aim at Weedmaps, telling them they weren’t allowed to advertise unlicensed businesses, but Weedmaps fired back with a blunt, by essentially saying, “that’s not our problem”.

What so many people fail to see about cannabis is that it is medicine. It does help people with an array of problems. When there is no standard for quality and safety set, people will do some unthinkable things to boost profits, like adding chemicals to cannabis, such as Eagle 20, or selling medicine infected with spider mites.

If businesses will do this, who’s to say they won’t sell weed to kids? Shady, non-compliant cannabis businesses complicate the presence of legal cannabis in the state, as well as dilute the potential of cannabis to be used in positive ways. California needs and deserves weed businesses that abide by California state law.

These are just a few of the conundrums created by the legalization of weed in California. Do you live in California? Do you see other issues that aren’t mentioned above? If so let us know here at Medical Edibles!


The Couch

Now that we’ve got a ton of states joining the effort to legalize marijuana, you may be starting to wonder just how far certain liberties extend. In many cases, you can just go to a dispensary and pick up some cannabis, and it’s easier than ever to find those spots, thanks to the internet. But what if you don’t want to go pick it up, or what if a brand you want to try isn’t anywhere close to you? Can your favorite brand, or a brand that you just want to take for a test ride, ship their product to you? The answer is no, for the most part.

Sadly, it’s not quite as simple as a product being legal in a state, then having that legality extended, so the product is able to travel through the mail system. There are plenty of completely legal products, like perfume, that can’t even go through the mail, so you should probably assume that something that is still as hated as cannabis isn’t going to have a gentle ride on the Pony Express.

The Post Office: not the best place to bring your favorite cannabis products

Federal Laws Limit Mailing Cannabis Across States

If you’re in a state that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and you have the great idea of shipping edibles through the mail, the current federal laws will give you a rude awakening. Since the cannabis would be going across state lines, even if both sides of those lines having legalized it, the best way to describe the situation is that the line itself has not legalized cannabis. Bringing anything from one state to another violates federal law, which sees this action as interstate trafficking.

Thanks to cannabis not being legal at the federal level, moving the product across state lines gives up those state rights, as the cannabis becomes a schedule one substance, as it moves from state to state. So, in terms of the United States Postal Service, or any mailing service, shipping any form of ganja is not allowed.

If you decide to take your chances, watch out: shipping marijuana could count as shipping “poisonous and hazardous materials,” which can mean federal prison time on its own, besides the schedule one substance part of it. Side note: while you won’t get that hazardous and poisonous materials charge for taking marijuana across state lines in a personal vehicle, if you get pulled over with marijuana products that were purchased in a different state, you will receive a drug trafficking charge.

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

In-State Mailing Also Illegal

If you wanted to mail cannabis products or have them mailed to you within your own state, that’s also not going to happen. The USPS, being a federal entity, goes by federal policies at all times. FedEx also prohibits the mailing of anything that is federally illegal, so there’s not really any way to get your brand to ship mail order edibles.

You could take your chances – and many people do – but no brands are going to, and the repercussions are definitely not worth it. FedEx and UPS can’t arrest you if they decide that they’re not going to mail your weed, but there’s nothing to stop them from calling the cops, to alert them of your attempt to mail a federally illegal substance.

Your Best Bet: Direct Delivery

So, shipping edibles through the mail is an absolute no-go. You don’t want any cannabis products floating around any mailing systems with your name on them. But is there any way to get products besides in person? Thankfully, if you live in the right place, yes.

In Nevada, quickly after legalizing cannabis and getting dispensaries open, the state actually made cannabis delivery services legal. So, as long as the state licensed them, businesses in Nevada can do door-to-door delivery of their cannabis products. This doesn’t mean that your favorite brand can send a delivery boys hundreds of miles and over state lines to bring their product to you (although if it didn’t cross state lines, I guess they technically could). But, it does mean that, if you don’t have a car and really want that product from a dispensary across town, there just might be someone who can drop that off at your house.

With a license, a delivery boy can bike to your house with your cannabis purchase

As there are so many new products on the market this year, in-person delivery provides a great alternative to mail order edibles, to those with or without cars. Depending on the state you’re in, you might have legal delivery services as well, which means you can order your weed and your pizza, and, hopefully, they’ll show up at around the same time.



The Couch

Now that you’ve gotten yourself acquainted with some of the more common terpenes in part one of this series, we’re going to close it off with some other important compounds, in part two. Again, these are important to take note of, when buying any cannabis or cannabis oil THC products. Not only can being aware of what you’re buying greatly affect your high, but the medicinal effects will also differ, based on the compounds involved.


The name makes it quite obvious here, but eucalyptol oil is present in eucalyptus and is the source of that wonderful minty odor. It’s typically used topically, but it’s general presence within the body has been studied as a defense against Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also great for fighting bacteria – specifically staph bacteria – in addition to being used for antifungal and antioxidant purposes.

It’s not present in many strains of cannabis, but keep your eyes out for Super Silver Haze if you want this terpene in your flower. If you’re just looking out for it in general, plenty of mouthwashes, cough suppressants, and hand creams contain this essential oil, as does cannabis essential oil.

Eucalyptus, which is a main source of eucalyptol in oils


Pinene is another compound with a name that gives it all away. Pinene is found in many other plants and is the source of that magical pine scent. It has a lot of similar health benefits to other terpenes, but you may want to look out for this one specifically, if you’re one of those people that feels cannabis is slowing you down.

Pinene is directly associated with promoting alertness. If you feel you have a very short-term memory from your cannabis use, then you may want to ask about strains that contain this little guy. Of course, you also want to make sure that the other terpenes you find aren’t debilitating this in your flower or cannabis essential oil. For example, if the strain you’re looking at also has a high amount of myrcene, the alertness you’re looking for (from the Pinene) will be dampened by the myrcene.

You can find Pinene in strains like Jack Herer, Trainwreck, and Blue Dream, so keep your eye out for these and for edibles made from them.


This little terpene, which is often hidden under a ton of pinene, replicates the scent of lilac and other soft floral aromas. Terpineol can actually help with a range of specific issues, including acne and even malaria. Several studies have also come out which suggest that this terpene is essential in the research for natural remedies, including cancer, due to its role as a tumor killer. Along with CBN, terpineol is a relaxing compound, so it may turn you into a couch potato when activated in your cannabis use. However, if you’re using it to fight a major disease, that’s a minor side effect, in comparison.



For those who love the great outdoors or miss their wet New England forests, Camphene resembles the scent of those damp woodland areas. This is similar to Myrcene, but Camphene comes with some properties that make it important to pay attention to.

Camphene actually fights cardiovascular disease, by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the bloodstream. After a 2011 study, it was concluded that camphene is a serious compound, when it comes to our heart health. As is the case with other terpenes and cannabinoids, camphene has no negative side effects and shows serious results.

If you’re interested, you can find a good amount of camphene in strains like Ghost OG.

Carene (Delta 3 Carene)

This is another woodsy-scented terpene, but it’s also a very common one. This is definitely one to keep track of, if you’re on the “dry” side, when it comes to your cannabis intake. It’s common for people to experience dry mouth or red eyes with cannabis use, and this terpene is specifically known for drying up bodily fluids. If that’s a pet peeve of yours, I would recommend being on the lookout for strains that are specifically low in this compound instead.

Carene is known to help with bone growth, so that may be another reason to consider this terpene. Both Super Silver Haze and Super Lemon Haze are good options, if you’re looking for carene.

Essential oil bottles, where you can (perhaps surprisingly) find many of these compounds

Time to Buy

Now that you’ve read though this two-part series, you should be ready to go and buy cannabis products, like cannabis oil THC or non-THC, like a pro. Of course, you can never do enough research with terpenes, as these ten only scratch the surface of what you can find in cannabis and in other plants around the world. As a safe edibles or flower consumer, you should always know what’s in your products.  



The Couch

Healthy, Stealthy Vaping

Cannabis technology has catapulted the old school twist-and-smoke into a clean, stealthy, easy delivery system that has more people smiling than ever before. We’re referring to the exciting world of vaping cannabis, a game changer in recreational and medical marijuana application.

There is no longer a need to worry about emerging from a haze of smoke that sticks to your skin and clothes, increasing unwanted attention or detection. There is no more lurking in dark corners, while revelers legally imbibe drink after drink, in the comfort of a public bar. Vaping cannabis brings the capability of controlling your intake to the point where you are able to function on a fun, creative, healthy, stress-less ride, all below the radar of judgmental eyes.

Body Embracing

When it comes to vaping vs smoking cannabis, first off, ingesting any kind of smoke immediately raises alarms in your brain. As your lungs begin to experience smoke, they send signals of distress, creating a chain reaction in the body, to quickly do damage control.

Part of this reaction is the release of endorphins, analgesic (pain-killing) chemicals that quell discomfort, while other functions attempt to bring your body back to homeostasis (stable equilibrium). Endorphin release creates a dual high when combined with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the mind-altering chemical found in marijuana.

Such a blended high is believed to be responsible for several downsides of smoking marijuana, which include bloodshot eyes, facial muscle droopiness, confusion, and after effects like moodiness, fatigue, and lack of gumption.

Vaping cannabis removes many of these negative factors, as it is as natural as breathing the oxygen around you. No endorphins are released; instead, you experience a pure THC elevation that keeps you focused while hovering at the same time.

Grasscity.Com affiliate program bongs waterpipes glass pipes

Vaping cannabis allows your body to fully embrace the connection of THC to natural cannabinoid receptors in the brain. It is so much of a clean, functioning high that even endurance athletes are supporting the vaping and edible effects of cannabis.

Colorado-based ultra-runner, Avery Collins – who runs about 150 training miles per week and competes in four to five races a year – reports that he, “eats edibles or vaporizes weed every day, to help his body deal with the grueling running regime.”

Collins commented to News AU, “[Cannabis] helps me live right in the moment. [..] I use it as a way to intensify and enhance the run. It makes the longevity of the runner’s high last longer because technically you’re already high.”

There is also the benefit of enjoying the multi-tastes of the many strains of cannabis through vaping, so much so that they are cannabis vaping is almost like wine tasting these days. Some flavorful oil cartridges include gelato, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit, and banana.

Cannabis Vaporizers

Like any technology, the world of vaping cannabis has gone through a variety of design iterations, and new designs continue to emerge daily.

In the beginning, it was a boxy, plug-in-the-wall machine – similar to a pencil sharpener – attached to a long tube with a glass mouthpiece. Dry herb would be ground and placed in a chamber near the heat source. Then, hot air would flow through and allegedly vaporize, rather than combust (many believe that the herb eventually combusts, with most of these early designs).

Next, hand-held, battery-powered portable devices were created, to vape ground weed on-the-go. Eventually, even smaller designs emerged that work with cannabis oil, wax, or shatter (crystallized, amber, glass-like cannabis pieces). Although many of these delivery systems are still used, the most popular form of vaping cannabis is cannabis oil pens.

According to Cannabis Vape Reviews, here are a few of the top choices:

  • Rokin Mini Tank Oil Vape Kit – Works with 510 threaded cartridges
  • PAX Era Vaporizer – Uses proprietary “Era pod” cartridges
  • Swan Vape Battery by S6XTH Sense – Compatible with almost all vape cartridges
  • Basic Vape Pen – Inexpensive brands like Greenly, Bhang Stick, and HoneyVape

You can also check out Leafly for a wide variety of additional vaping products, including dry herb vaporizers by Davinci, Launch Box, Firefly, and PAX.

Beyond the High, Vaping Communities


As a result of vaping cannabis, a new community has risen, beyond the stigma of couch-locked, lazy potheads, looking for that next unhealthy snack to scarf down. As mentioned, the vaping community includes extreme athletes. This community is discovering that vaping cannabis offers a cleaner high, to enhance an athletic experience and increase the overall effects to a more positive, beneficial level.

It is also reported that vaping cannabis helps with physical challenges such as pain and inflammation. Cannabis Net reports that “in an online survey by the National Pain Foundation, 30% of 1,300 patients reported that they have used cannabis. Out of the participants, 62% said that cannabis is “very effective” in treating [fibromyalgia inflammatory] symptoms.”

Additionally, according to a study cited by CBD Testers, “a team of Israeli scientists conducted a clinical trial of their own. It was published in the Journal of Pain and Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy, and the results are definitive; within a few minutes of taking the vaporized cannabis, patients reported feeling significant relief from their chronic nerve pain.”

Add in the many new, legal users and vaping cannabis becomes their first experience with marijuana. This is significant, given the controlled, clean delivery that offers all of the high without any of the unwanted side effects. Vaping technology is taking marijuana to a whole new level that leaves the days of cumbersome, conspicuous combustion up in smoke.

Vaping cannabis can be used in so many easy, enjoyable ways. It not only enhances your overall lens of the world around, you but it also offers an easy, clean application to keep you running on all cylinders, all day long.



The Couch

If you’ve been reading about the different chemicals in cannabis, then by this point, you definitely know what cannabinoids are. Cannabinoids are the center of research when it comes to cannabis and its medicinal effects, but there are other chemicals that can also affect your cannabis products: organic compounds called terpenes.

There are many different terpenes out there, and they’re important to take note of because they can greatly impact the flavor and smell of your cannabis as well as add to the effects of your strains and cannabis oil uses. Each common terpenoid is a natural way to enhance the effects of cannabis in your mind and body. This is important those who are disgusted by certain flavors, and it is important to take note of, when making edibles, in order to pair your flavors thoughtfully.

In this two-part series, we’ll take a look at some of the most important terpenes out there, so you can keep track of what you’re getting, as most labels will provide the top three terpenes.


One of these important compounds is called Myrcene, which you will usually see on labels as β-myrcene. This is one of the most common terpenes you can find in cannabis. This can actually affect you in the way of weighing you down a bit, making you sink into the couch. It’s usually highly present in indica strains, for this reason. Myrcene also assists all of the chemicals in your cannabis affect you more quickly and easily, by decreasing resistance and enhancing the terpenoid natural effects that could come from other terpenes in your strain.

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This compound also has some anti-inflammatory properties and can be used in conjunction with other preventative measures to help with ulcers. This essential oil is found in the leaves of many citrus fruits, so it gives off a citrusy scent, along with earthy and musky tones.


Limonene’s name kind of says it all, as far as smell and flavor go. It’s very citrusy, so if you’re getting that sour, fruity smell from cannabis, it’s probably high in Limonene, which is good. You can find this terpene in normal citrus fruit rinds as well, and it’s easily absorbed by just smelling it. You can also use Limonene as an antifungal, which is why it’s often concentrated into oils and creams. It’s also known to help with weight-loss and is generally associated with an uplift in mood.

Limonene is also found in the skin of citrus fruits


For those of us who get a little anxious from THC, you might want to be on the lookout for Linalool. It promotes calming feelings and can even assist with sleep. In addition to that relaxing feeling, Linalool can also promote health in the immune system, and it has been shown to inhibit the damage of cigarette smoking to your lungs. It has more of a floral scent and flavor, sometimes described to be similar to lavender.

Linalool will help with your insomnia, to keep you from falling asleep at your desk


This is one of the spicier terpenes that you may notice when you get cannabis products with a little kick. You will see Caryophyllene referred to as beta-caryophyllene or β-caryophyllene, similar to myrcene. This has a great terpenoid natural effect, as it can help with chronic pain, especially when combined with cannabis oil uses, like CBD, a miracle cannabinoid that you’ve seen us talk about quite often here at Medical Edibles. It also seems this could be a good preventative measure for any damage caused to the kidneys by anti-cancer drugs.


This terpene is most known for its scent, and it has actually been used in Chinese Medicine for millennia. Borneol has a woody aroma that is very pleasant. It has been proven to be great for anti-insomnia and as a bronchodilator. There is a lot of research going into Borneol at this time as cancer-killer, as with many of the terpenes. It has also been recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Making Use of Terpene Knowledge

Now that you know a bit about terpenes, you can start looking out for them on the labels, when you go to your dispensary. It’s always helpful to ask questions about the terpenes that may not be listed as well. Anyone at your local dispensary should know about these chemicals and be able to point you in the right direction. Getting to know the aromas associated with each terpene will also help you so that you can smell a product and get a feel for how that strain might affect you.

Of course, doing some online research into which strains have which terpenes can also help you, to ensure you head to the right dispensary for your needs from the beginning. Enjoy getting to know more about how terpenes affect your body, as you hone in on the right products for your lifestyle.



The Couch

Sifting through the weeds (literally) for reputable, up-to-date information on all things marijuana can be daunting. These days, everybody is jumping on the “best cannabis websites” bandwagon, for a chance to get your clicks or cash. Yet, like any free enterprise gold rush, many of these sites fall short of giving you reliable information, like current cannabis news, strain reviews, and legal explanations. Instead, you get incessant advertising pop-ups, poor reporting, and yesterday’s trends.

We’ve narrowed down the contenders, to deliver a concise list of the four best cannabis websites, each of which provides green-friendly, knowledgeable info to help you make sense of the market, like product and manufacturer reviews. Each site offers knowledge to speak to your lifestyle, and these battle-tested pros will keep you ahead of the curve. Don’t fall for the fakes and flakes; get where you’re going on the right, responsible road instead.

Stay Merry on Merry Jane

Merry Jane

With a clever play on “Mary Jane,” the old-school term for marijuana, Merry Jane is jam-packed full of green-friendly news. From sobering articles that describe the current political climate to music and videos, this site has it all. Best of all, dispensary locations are provided, allowing you to navigate and analyze, for some savvy comparison shopping.

Merry Jane also has a community platform app called SESH, described as a “share your smoking experience” session, hence SESH. You can upload pretty much anything and connect with other users, which is great if you like the group vibe.

The Weed Blog

For a no-nonsense, straightforward site that might be right out of your dad’s newsfeed (if he’s also a canna fan), The Weed Blog delivers. Here, the current cannabis news is presented via a platform you can toke to on Sunday mornings, in your slippers, with a pipe in hand. There is a menu chock-full of top stories and culture grabs, and the add-ons make this one of the best cannabis websites around.

The Weed Blog includes such sections and articles as:

Cooking – Cannabis infused nut butter

Science – “Former Chairman of Epilepsy Foundation Wants CBD for Kids”

Policy – “Jeff Sessions Admits Feds Lack Resources for Small Marijuana Crimes”

Advocacy – “Veterans Get Green Light to Discuss Medical Marijuana With VA Doctors”

Growing – From specific strains for depression to tech advice

Events – Bud Camp: The Cannabis Profit Summit

The Weed Blog offers options that are laid out nicely, to keep you in the know, without feeling like you’re fifteen years old and discovering pot for the first time.

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This site is one of the best cannabis websites for strain reviews (and more) on the net today. Leafly offers a rock-solid platform that brings the graphics of science to the world of strain descriptions.

Based on your high school chemistry periodic table of elements, Leafly sets up strains the same way. By clicking lettered tile symbols, you get an indica, sativa, or hybrid description. Each includes an “effects” scale, consisting of creative, euphoric, happy, relaxed, and uplifted levels, with a 1-5-star rating of favorites. Popular products and review information may include:

  • OG Kush – “cherished for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria”
  • Sour Diesel – “invigorating sativa-dominant strain named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma”
  • Green Crack – “induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day”

You can find where any strain is dispensed, as well as reviews and photos of products. Additionally, LeaflyTV serves up some serious topics, related to all things edible friendly, staying-vapor rich and flowery fun, while relaying current cannabis news.

Activate Your Activism

High Times

Founded in 1974 as the go-to, Mother-Nature-friendly magazine, High Times is now one of the top community digital platforms centered around weed.

Visit High Times for up-to-date news, including topics like:

  • “The 10 Best Edibles of 2017”
  • “How to Get Paid to Smoke Weed”
  • “Could Cannabis Replace Traditional Labor Medications?”

Plus, High Times offers swanky merchandise, books, magazines, and even weed testing kits.

One of the best things about High Times is that the company sponsors “cannabis cup contests”, which celebrate the best strains in current cannabis news from across the globe. There is even information on how to compete in a cannabis cup yourself, perhaps using that sweet, frosty, red-haired flower you accidentally created (using organic raspberries and Miracle-Gro, of course).



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