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In the past, we’ve covered a lot of the benefits of CBD, which have been life changing for ailments that chronic sufferers experience daily. Now, not only can human patients experience these benefits in states where it is legal, but dogs can too!

There are a wide range of common ailments in dogs that can be treated by CBD, and some people believe this treatment works better than the standard medications on the market. Here are just a few reasons why it’s time to start filling up the cart with CBD for your pet.

Pain Relief

One big reason that humans use CBD oil is for chronic pain relief, and dogs see this same benefit from this amazing substance. As our dogs get older, their joints can start to ache, and simple tasks can become harder for them to complete. CBD oil can provide the pain relief necessary to get them active due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

If you start throwing your dog some
hemp extract CBD dog treats, then you’ll be helping to ease the pain that’s affecting your furry friend’s livelihood. You could see this change instantly, or it could take a few days or an increase in their CBD dosage before your dog sees relief.

Active dogs that aren’t experiencing joint pain lead happier, healthier lives!


Another of the common ailments we’ve seen CBD used for is seizures, both in humans and man’s best friend. In fact, that’s been the primary reason for CBD legalization in many states; the dramatic seizure relief that has been witnessed in children who experience serious epilepsy.

Now, you have the chance to provide your fur baby with a
pet-safe CBD hemp oil extract that can lessen the occurrence and severity of their seizures, and even has the potential to eliminate them altogether. Because of this, CBD oil has been used as a life-changing solution for many families, not only for their kids, but their pets as well.

Anxiety Treatment

After the recent firework-heavy holiday that is the Fourth of July, we’ve all seen posts on social media about unusual pet behavior during these explosive events. A lot of animals tend to experience symptoms of anxiety during fireworks, and thunderstorms too.

No one wants their pets to go through that, but anxiety can also cause some rambunctious behavior that isn’t the best for a clean house. The people over at Innovet, a natural pet remedies company, said that they receive a ton of questions during the fireworks season about what can be done to treat a dog’s anxiety. Innovet always points compassionate clients to
their CBD hemp products as a way to relieve anxiety in dogs, so that they’re both happy and less destructive to your house.

Replace pharmaceutical anxiety medication with CBD!

Treatment of Cancer Symptoms

Sadly, dogs can also get cancer just like humans. Fortunate, CBD can ease a lot of the symptoms that dogs may experience during this time.

Innovet first started studying the effects of CBD oil when one of the company dogs, Gordo, had a bad reaction to chemotherapy. Unfortunately, due to how hard it was at the time to get their hands on hemp oil, they weren’t able to get it in time.

One of the worker’s dogs, Maximus, also happened to be going through nasal cancer at the same time they were trying to get hemp oil for Gordo. Maximus had stopped walking and eating because of the severity of his symptoms. Luckily, the Innovet team was able to obtain enough hemp oil in time to help Maximus, and saw him happily walking around, exploring the warehouse, and eating again, only 30 minutes after the first dose!

Beyond symptom relief, there is research being done to suggest that CBD helps with cancer prevention, weakening cancer cells, and with fighting tumors. For this same reason, there is significant research on CBD and other cannabinoids for cancer prevention in humans – many pet owners have seen this as a life changing medicine for their dogs as well.

An Easy Choice

There are many types of symptoms that hemp oil can alleviate in dogs, beyond what we’ve discussed here. It can also help with your dog’s appetite, their digestive system, and even keep their heart healthy. After the experience Innovet had with their dogs and CBD, they dove right in and are now offering these products to pet owners everywhere.

Treating your dogs with CBD oil means that not only will you be alleviating some known ailments, but you will also be preventing other illnesses from occurring, making for a happier pet all around. Give Innovet’s CBD products a try!


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Find out how to shop for marijuana edibles online in a safe and legal way. Learn about product varieties and how to identify legitimate online sellers.

How To Find The Best Places For Buying Edibles Online

For the longest time, most people’s experience of marijuana edibles didn’t go much beyond “special” brownies with some crumbled-up bud inside, made at home. These days, the world of marijuana edibles is an ever-growing cornucopia of inventive recipes, preparation methods, potency levels, and endless varieties of THC-infused snacks both sweet and savory. Your favorite local dispensary is usually the easiest place to find edibles, but you’re limited to choosing from what they carry. For those looking for a broader selection of edibles, or a more convenient way of acquiring them, shopping for edibles online can be a viable option. A little caution and care is always advisable when buying a cannabis-based product over the internet, so here’s what you’ll want to know before you start looking for marijuana edibles for sale online.

Is it legal?

The legality of buying edibles online is probably one of the first things you’d wonder about. Cannabis laws are in a period of rapid change in recent years, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the current laws in your state, but as of this time, California is the only state where it’s legal to order marijuana edibles for delivery. To do so, you’ll need a valid medical marijuana card.

You might find online edibles vendors that aren’t legitimate. These sites may be making illegal sales, or they might just be out to take your money and run. A legitimate online vendor should be a licensed cannabis dispensary, selling known and reputable edibles brands. Watch out for sites that offer below-market prices, offer to ship anywhere in the United States, don’t require a medical marijuana card, or accept payment only in bitcoin. These are all red flags for illegitimate sites.

Is it safe?

While it would be extraordinarily unusual and difficult to actually overdose on THC from an edible, these products are not regulated in most markets and you can’t always be certain how potent any given edible will be. Usually, the greatest danger from eating too much THC is an overly intense and unpleasant high, but that’s still something you want to avoid if at all possible. Either way, you will want to be safe and complete your Cannabis Research A-Z.

Several major brands of edibles have emerged, presenting consumers with a source for consistent, lab-tested, well-labeled edibles. Bhang Chocolate Company, Cheeba Chews, and Dixie Elixirs are three of the top edibles manufacturers, but more companies are rising to prominence as new legal edibles markets open up. It’s not hard to find reviews of edibles companies and their products online. Buying edibles online that are made by a major brand means you’ll get specific information about the THC content, strains used, and ingredients.

Remember that edibles can have a stronger effect than smoking cannabis, but it can also take longer for the effects to kick in. If you don’t have a lot of experience with edibles, start off slowly, with small amounts, and don’t take them if you have alcohol or other psychoactive substances in your system. It’s also very important to responsibly store them in a such way that they won’t be mistaken for regular food items.

How much should it cost?

Prices may vary from market to market, and dispensaries may charge their own delivery fees, but it’s a good idea to get a sense of typical prices to know you’re not being overcharged (or being offered a deal that’s too good to be true). Currently, major brand edibles in the 100-200mg range are sold for about $15 to $20. A trip to a dispensary you know and trust can be a good way to review current prices for when you’re shopping for marijuana edibles online.

What kind of edibles are out there?

While you can still probably find some delicious pot brownies if you want that classic edibles experience, there’s really no limit to the types of foods that can be infused with THC these days. You’ll find elixirs, candies, chocolate bars, coated nuts, beverages, sauces, oils, beef jerky, cheese crackers, potato chips, and lots of other foods that you might never have envisioned as a marijuana edible. Talented chefs and bakers are putting their skills and imagination to use coming up with new edibles, and there’s no telling what might hit the market next.

With a good handle on the legality of marijuana edibles for sale online, the characteristics that help you identify legitimate vendors, and what to look for and expect from a quality edible product, you can start looking for dispensaries that offer online sales and delivery and look forward to delicious edibles arriving at your door.


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Do you know the difference between THC and CBD could save you pain and discomfort from medical conditions? Learn more about CBD Oil here!

For those unfamiliar with epilepsy, it’s a condition that can cause uncontrollable seizures. If you’ve ever seen an epileptic seizure, you know that a patient may drop to the ground, shake uncontrollably, and be faced with real bodily danger, due to uncontrollable movements of the mouth and limbs. Now imagine having a child with these conditions.

Given such complications, it’s no wonder many parents rely on CBD oil to help their children cope with the effects of seizures. Beyond children dealing with seizures, CBD oil positively affects medical patients of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

The Difference Between CBD Oil and THC

Contrary to popular belief, the most active compound in CBD oil is cannabidiol, not THC. This is the same active compound found in natural hemp. Unlike THC, cannabidiol does not have psychoactive (or narcotic) properties, making it the perfect prescription for some medical conditions.

Children with epilepsy, for example, aren’t getting high when they rely on CBD oil to help them cope with their condition; it’s strictly for used medical purposes. While THC directly interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, CBD takes an indirect approach to those receptors, to produce a different, and purely healthy, chemical reaction within the body.

When you choose to use CBD oil, a few of the common sensations connected to the control of the cannabinoid receptors include appetite, mood, pain, sensation, and memory.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for CBD Oil?

As mentioned above, the effects of using CBD oil greatly differs from the experience a recreational marijuana user may be trying to obtain. But if you’re a patient that suffers from a variety of different conditions, CBD oil can aid with the following:

1. Natural pain relief and inflammation reduction

Some people feel that CBD offers a more natural way to lower pain. It’s even been naturally tested on mice and rats, to relieve pain found in the joints.

2. Quitting smoking and drug withdrawals

There is some promising evidence that CBD use may help people to quit smoking, by reducing the need for nicotine. Another similar study posted in Neurotherapeutics found that CBD may also be able to help treat opioid addictions.

3. Epilepsy and other mental health disorders

As mentioned above, CBD can also be used for its possible role in treating epilepsy and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Another study published in Current Pharmaceutical Design found that CBD may have similar effects to a variety of antipsychotic drugs. CBD oil may even be effective in treating patients with schizophrenia or other mental disorders.

4. Fighting cancer

CBD has been studied for its use as an anti-cancer agent. Not only has it been proven to block and ward off cancer cells, but it also provides pain relief.

5. Anxiety disorders

Although many people think that smoking marijuana can only amplify someone’s paranoia, with CBD oil, studies have shown a contrasting effect. CBD may help reduce the anxiety felt by people with certain anxiety disorders. These disorders may include:

  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • general anxiety disorder
  • panic disorder
  • social anxiety disorder
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder

6. Reducing the effects of Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is caused by inflammation when the immune system attacks cells in the pancreas. CBD oil can reduce inflammation in the pancreas, reducing the effects of type 1 diabetes.

7. Treating Acne

Acne treatment is another promising use for CBD. Since the heart of the problem with acne is inflammation, you can reduce it by using CBD oil.

8. Alzheimer’s disease

Studies of CBD have found that this oil could potentially prevent people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s from losing their ability to recognize people they are familiar with, one of the first ways ever found to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

If You Have a Medical Condition, You Might Need CBD Oil!

With the long list of health benefits that CBD oil can provide, why wouldn’t you consider using it to help improve an existing condition? One common question from those considering CBD oil use is, “how long does CBD oil stay in your system?” Most drug tests only test for THC, rather than the ingredients that are largely found in CBD oil. However, if you want to be sure, only get your medical cannabis products from a reputable dispensary that labels everything, including active THC amounts. If you have more questions or concerns about CBD oil, feel free to contact your local dispensary to get more information.


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The idea of mixing cannabis and tasty treats to create edible marijuana snacks can leave may consumers in a daze—literally. But these mouthwatering goods don’t just look enticing to the typical marijuana user, they can be just as delicious to consumers that had no intention of getting high.  

To keep marijuana snacks beneficial for their intended parties and leave their respectability intact, Baked Smart has created an easy to use, effective, and super cool way to label ganja goodies: Cannacals™, the simple and inexpensive way to mark cannabis-infused foods.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Edible Marijuana Snacks

When most people think about consuming weed, you might picture a huge cloud of smoke with a hazy view of assorted bongs, rolling papers, and/or pipes. Although
smoking is a popular method, you don’t have to learn how to roll your own joint to get high. By definition, an edible is any product containing the cannabinoids THC and/or CBD that can be consumed by eating or drinking.

You’d be surprised by how many different types of edibles are available—just look at our compilation of tempting
holiday recipes! Nonetheless, people choose to eat marijuana snacks for a variety of reasons.

Why People Keep Coming Back for More Edibles (Pros)

  • Some medical marijuana patients cannot inhale smoke due to other conditions and others prefer to protect their lungs.
  • If you want to hide the fact that you’re going to get high around certain people, you can easily do that by ingesting some cannabinoids, rather than smoking them.
  • Depending on the strength of the edible, you may experience a much longer high than if you were to smoke your ganja.
  • Many consumers report that there is a different “bodily” high or affect of consuming marijuana snacks compared to smoking due to the cooking process.

Baked Smart is Here to Erase the ONE Reason Edibles Are Frowned Upon (A Single Con)

Although marijuana use is being increasingly accepted, there are still naysayers that claim it’s not safe.

Unfortunately, there have been past instances where edible snacks become confused with the “normal” baked good, kicking off a high for someone it was never intended for. Even though this makes for a hysterical plot twist for a comedy skit, it can be very serious—especially because children are attracted to sweets just like anyone else. Thankfully, Cannacals™ came and saved the day!

What Are Cannacals™?

These God-sends are edible labels that can be baked into (or applied after baking) your actual edibles for safe labeling! Why is this necessary?

Plastic containers and lids become mixed and lost all the time, so it’s not safe to rely on an outside layer to warn people of the substances contained. And let’s be real…young kids don’t take the time to read labels either—especially when there’s a delicious cookie on the other side of that pesky Tupperware lid. With the increasing popularity of edible marijuana, Baked Smart has provided consumers a way to make an awesome product safer for everyone by launching Cannacals™ and founding the Green Cross Initiative.

What Types of Cannacals™ Are Available?

The beauty is that
Cannacals™ can be customized for branding (23 designs to choose from) and to fit regulatory requirements depending on your edible product.

  • Cannacals™ Home Kits—Allow the average joe to mark their edibles at home for personal use.  
  • Cannacals™ Transfers—Make it easy to label small edibles like chocolate, hard candies, caramel, gummies or taffy.
  • Cannacals™ Baking Sheets—Perfect for pan baked goods like cookies or brownies that will label a whole single side of the edible.  
  • Cannacals™ Targets—Allow for a focused application that does not cover the entire surface area on one side of an edible. Ideal for baked goods, pastry items and hard candies.

You Can Become a Part of The Green Cross Initiative, Too!

As a business that sells edibles or even the average cannasnack consumer, you play a part in the success or demise of the future of edible marijuana use. By making each tasty treat easy to identify, you can ward off those who aren’t old enough or not interested and welcome those who are intentionally wanting to get high.

If you’re in Colorado, there’s no reason to not become a part of The Green Cross Initiative. If you’re not in the state and think that this initiative could be helpful in other places, we encourage you to
contact your state legislators here. After all, Baked Smart has made edibles more fun and safe for everyone!

About the Author:

Maxine Samone Parks spends her free time curating awesome articles, branding businesses, and documenting her journey on Instagram. Get daily news on everything hip and urban—including the best business practices for up and coming brands—by visiting www.maxinesamone.com.

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Get FREE Ganja and Education About High-Quality Cannabis and Medicine

Here’s the best news you’ve probably heard this year, hands down: a local NE Sandy dispensary is giving away FREE WEED. Well, it’s great news for you, if you have a local discounted Oregon Medical Marijuana Program card. At Panacea, they believe in the healing powers of medical marijuana and want to share the love!

How are they able to do it? After partnering with an all-natural cannabis provider, Bull Run Craft Cannabis, the dynamic duo has been able to provide a free eighth of their best stuff – again, at no charge – to those with a discounted Oregon Medical Marijuana Program card. This includes veterans, those qualified for SSI, and beyond.

Who Can Get the Free Ganja?

This brings us to our next bit of helpful information: who qualifies? Surely, not everyone can gain green that easily. The partnership’s goal is to raise awareness about how medical marijuana can change lives for the better, highlighting its benefits for patients who:

  • suffer from the painful symptoms of cancer,
  • have a condition known as glaucoma,
  • possess a degenerative or pervasive neurological condition,
  • have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),
  • are HIV/AIDS positive, or
  • have a medical condition that produces one or more of the following symptoms: Cachexia (wasting syndrome)
  • severe pain
  • severe nausea
  • seizures, including but not limited to seizures caused by epilepsy
  • persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those caused by multiple sclerosis.

This guide is based on of the list of qualifying conditions and guidelines, directly from the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. Feel free to refer to it, if you need more information on the best ways to find your natural way to pain relief.

They’re Working to Accomplish a Mission

Right on the homepage of Panacea’s site, they state that their biggest goal is to reduce suffering, through the use of cannabis. They even call themselves a cure-all medical cannabis dispensary (which is pretty awesome). They’re not just on the market to make money; they’re here to change lives in the best way possible. In fact, all of their profits go straight to social justice opportunities. Can it get any better than that?

Actually, yes! As mentioned above, Panacea is keeping their eyes on the prize: a healthier, stronger, and happier world. That’s why they also offer “Budtender” sessions, to further educate patients on the benefits of medical marijuana, hosted by their very own Clinical Herbalist.

Rebecca White, R.N., B.S.N., Clinical Herbalist at Panacea, has over a decade of nursing experience under her belt. Even better than that, she’s personally experienced the positive effects of medical marijuana, using medical cannabis during various stages of her own cancer treatment.  As iconic Oprah Winfrey stated recently, during her Golden Globe speech, “What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” Rebecca White is able to help patients with similar, and maybe even worse conditions, recover and improve their overall quality of life, through these Budtender sessions.

Get Your Green and Get Schooled at the Same Time

Budtender sessions are informal conversations that cover a variety of topics around marijuana, as well as the way it interacts with our bodies. Although these sessions are geared toward industry professionals, anyone and everyone willing to learn more about the magic of cannabis is welcome to join for FREE.

Rebecca is in the shop every first Wednesday of the month, from 1-6 pm, and she is available by appointment all other Wednesdays of the month. If you’d like to make an appointment or get some information on cannabis from Rebecca, you can Email Her Here. In the meantime, here are a few upcoming Budtender sessions that you won’t want to miss out on:

  • February 7, 2018 – Cannabinoids and Terpenes: What They Are and Why We Care
  • March 7, 2018 – Whole Plant Medicine and the Ensemble Effect
  • April 4, 2018 – Explain Pain! How Cannabis Can Affect the Pain Pathway
  • May 2, 2018 – Topicals Work! Cannabinoid Therapies and Our Epidermis

Feel Free to Contact Panacea, Sooner Rather than Later

No longer will you need to search for “dispensaries near me“! With such a great program available, Panacea is planning to expand its reach beyond those who possess a discounted Oregon Medical Marijuana Program card. With more exposure, donations, and recognition coming in, the free weed program may be able to reach more lives. Even sources that support recreational use, just like us, want to see them succeed! Feel free to get in contact with Panacea, to see if you qualify for your free eighth of high-quality, all-natural, Bull Run Craft Cannabis today! The offer is available while supplies last.


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In this strange new era of medicinal marijuana and even recreational in some states, finding out about the varying ways that you can either treat yourself or have some extra fun can be rather daunting.  Smoking marijuana, while traditional, presents health concerns if you intend to use regularly. That is where edibles come into play. 

Edibles can come in all ranges of types and strengths.  You can find any number of options from honey, chocolate bars, gummy bears and of course the ever popular brownies.   The options are endless as are the dosage amounts.  We will go through each step from environment to edibles dosage, so you can make the most of your edibles high!


I have smoked before, so what’s the big deal?


There are many differences between smoking and an edible high beyond simply avoiding the health risks.  Knowing the proper edibles dosage can be a lot harder than it seems. Ingesting too much can make you feel panicked, paranoid and anxious, altogether ruining the moment for you.


When smoking marijuana your body metabolizes it at a much faster rate.  You will start to feel the effects almost instantly and be able to evaluate when you have had enough. When eating your edibles the THC, the active ingredient that gives marijuana its high, absorbs at a much slower rate.  You may start to feel the effects in 30 minutes but it has been known to take as long as 2 hours in some cases!


Now some of you may be thinking, why would I want to wait 2 hours before I feel anything?  Well that would be because there is another perk out there.  Your edibles high can last as long as 4 – 12 hours! That is, on average, far longer than the high you get from smoking!


With these things being said, you have to be careful. Misjudging your edibles dosage and ingesting too much can create an experience that is anything but enjoyable. Many products are packaged with the normal 10 mg dosage in mind.  Chocolate bars, for instance, are cut into squares that are 10 mg each.  Be careful and pay special attention to the labels when deciding how much to ingest.  You can always ingest more if your edible high is lacking, but it’s hard to take some away.


Prepare yourself for the experience.


Enjoying your edibles as the first course of your meal can have some adverse effects.  Simply said, you may get more of a high than you bargained for.  It’s best to eat a full meal and then enjoy your desired dose of your edible of choice. 

Make sure you are in a comfortable and calming place that you will not want to leave.  Experimenting at a party may have you ending up with a very uncomfortable experience with no safe option to escape.


Now of course as we have all heard, the “munchies” can still occur and having cannibis infused brownies on hand can lead to a bad situation.  Make sure you have plenty of fluids and regular snacks on hand to avoid too extreme of an edible high.


I’ve had too much, what can I do?


So, you have done everything right and tried to take every precaution but you start to spin, feel nauseous, dizzy and/or paranoid.  The main thing to remember is that it will fade, you are just high. Overdosing on marijuana is nothing like the other things out there and if there is a lethal dosage, it hasn’t been discovered yet.


There are some simple steps you can take to try to alleviate the symptoms of your edible high.  Start by taking some deep breaths and do your best to relax.  Drinking plenty of water and orange juice can also help by raising your blood sugar.  You can also splash some cold water on your face or take a cold shower.


You can also acquire something called Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, that acts somewhat like an antidote for the THC high.  It is also natural and derived from the same plant.  Just keep in mind that these can take as long as an hour to kick in as well.


Overall, the key to achieving a good experience the first time around and thereafter, is to follow these steps. The advantages and all the positives that can come from cannabis use varies from person to person, but the disadvantages seem few and far between.  So, sit back, eat a brownie, and relax!


Learn the dos and don’ts for everything edibles from getting the correct edibles dosage to having the best environment!  Get the most out of your edibles high!


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With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in certain states, folks are discovering there are options to consume. Back in the day, this would mean brownies and other edibles for those who didn’t want to smoke, or weren’t used to the harshness of smoking marijuana. Thanks to legalization, individuals are finding they can have their candy and eat it to, with a little help from cannabis candy.

A variety of cannabis candy for your edibles pleasure

Deciphering the new brands is tricky at first. You don’t want to spend all your money on one candy, only to find out it’s not what you envisioned. But, you’re still looking for the best items that will satisfy your wants. That’s why we’ve listed the five most popular candies below to help you make the right decision.

Cheeba Chews for Tootsie Roll Lovers

An age-old favorite, now in marijuana edibles format!

Nothing compares with an old favorite like Tootsie Rolls. But what if you found a candy that was everything you wanted, along with the same chewy center you enjoyed when you were younger? Now you can have the same type of edible marijuana candy, along with the taste that delivers. Cheeba Chews are sold in Colorado, California, and Nevada. Dosage varies, with medical patients getting as much as 70mg of THC, and 10mg of THC in Colorado. If there’s a specific type of high you prefer, choose from Indica, Sativa, and even hybrids, to get the most enjoyment out of your candies.

Marijuana & Munchies Medicated Gummy Leaf for an Old-Fashioned Feeling

We all remember gummy candy from many years ago. Still popular today, it’s a favorite treat if you want something sweet, but don’t want to deal with the stickiness of chocolate. Today, that option extends to cannabis candy. Looking similar to miniature cannabis leaves, the gummies come in bright red, green, and orange, and pack a punch with 14.2mg of THC. The outside of the gummy leaves are even heavily crystalized, just as you would expect when looking at a highly desirable plant. If you want to try edible marijuana candy, let this brand get you started on the right path. Cannabis edibles are enjoyed around the world, so consider these candies the next time you want something slightly new, with a familiar feel.

Dixie Mints Offer a Change of Pace

Sometimes you want a candy that is easy to digest, and won’t upset your stomach or make you feel like you’ve eaten too much. If you’re looking for a candy that does this, and offers THC, then Dixie Mints have you covered. The mints come in flavors that range from orange and traditional peppermint to the Synergy brand mixed berry. They are currently only for sale in Colorado, Nevada, and California. The dosage ranges from 5 to 10mg of THC. If you’re looking for something discreet and simple to carry around, think of this as your go-to brand.

Chill Pills for the Vegan

Need to chill out? No worries, these marijuana candies are animal and gluten-free

Since edible marijuana candy has natural properties, it stands to reason that many vegans and vegetarians want to try some. Many people steer away from edibles and candies, because in order for the THC to cling to something, it is usually an animal product. Butter, eggs, or milk are commonly used when creating edibles. Now, vegans can join in, thanks to Chill Pills. Both medical and recreational shops offer them for sale. The candy has 5 mg of THC. These little hard candies are perfect for carrying around, or just enjoying instead of chocolate, gummies, or another type of edible. They also offer the distinction of being gluten-free, meaning more folks can take part in enjoying them, regardless of their dietary restrictions and needs.

4.20 Minis

4.20 Minis are little chocolate bars that offer THC mixed inside the candy. Sold in packs, each pack offers 100mg, with each bar coming out to 10mg. Offered in flavors that range from milk chocolate to dark chocolate and sea salt, and many others, this is perfect for those who crave a sweet candy, but are looking for a decent amount of THC in there as well.

If little bags of chocolate aren’t your thing, purchase them by the bar. You’ll discover how simple it is to enjoy edible marijuana candy that fits your taste buds.

If you are still debating edibles vs smoking, consider cannabis candy. There are several different varieties to meet your taste buds. From gummy type candy to mints that soothe the stomach, and hard candy perfect for vegans, you’re sure to find something you enjoy. You can experiment and find the candy and THC level that is right for you in your journey.

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“Hey-ey-ey-ey… smoke weed every day!”

The iconic line at the end of Dr. Dre’s “Next Episode” (want a little theme music for your listening? Scroll to the bottom to play the song) describes what, for many, is a lifestyle choice: daily cannabis use. People use this wonder drug for a variety of reasons, from anxiety and pain relief to appetite and sleep aid, to just plain old having fun.

These days, the number of products on the market are seemingly as numerous as the reasons for imbibing. With California’s recent legalization, the number of new ways to elevate one’s consciousness will likely only grow. Still, for someone new to the world of weed, the choices can seem overwhelming at times. A newcomer diving in might wonder about the different methods of intake, and rightly so.

The differences and duration of highs can vary dramatically based on how the drug is ingested. If you are new to the scene, have no fear. Today, we are going to explain the main differences between eating and smoking cannabis, and what you should know when choosing your own adventure!

What Is An Edible?

When most people think about consuming weed, the images that usually come to mind are of huge joints (marijuana cigarettes), pipes, or bongs. There are many more ways to inhale your way into a dreamlike state of euphoria and Funion cravings, but I think it’s easy to say most think of smoking the buds themselves as the primary way of getting high.

 Smoking marijuana is fun, but not the only way to consume

Although these tend to be the most classically-associated methods, your lungs are not your only ticket to experiencing the carnival ride that is getting stoned. A short edible definition is any product containing the cannabinoids THC and/or CBD that you can eat or drink. The number of cannabis-infused products out there is vast, ranging from marijuana gummy bears and peanut butter cups to ice cream, blueberries, and even pizza. As with smoking, there is a vibrant culture surrounding the use of edibles, with many resources available to those interested in exploring new frontiers. I can remember with fondness one Friendsgiving where, halfway through the dinner, my friend, in a fit of giggles, confessed he had spiked the mashed potatoes.

THC is fat soluble, so most edibles contain cannabinoids that have been captured by heating cannabis in butter or another fatty oil. Marijuana tinctures are another way of enhancing normal food. A drop or two added to a batch of brownies can have the desired effect, and may prove to be an easier method of regulating dosage.

Whose heart wouldn’t be filled with joy at such a sight?

Edibles vs Smoking

While ingesting cannabis has numerous health benefits, and can be quite enjoyable when taken recreationally, there are a few things to consider when choosing the intake method that’s right for you.

Smoking marijuana is the quickest way to get high, as the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream faster and are metabolized quicker. The high can hit in a few seconds, or take as long as 15 minutes. It can last between 4-6 hours, depending on the strength of the weed and the amount consumed. There are more factors that influence the intensity of the high, such as how long you hold each breath of smoke in your lungs.

Inhaling marijuana smoke is much safer than tobacco, although most doctors will tell you that smoke of any kind is something your lungs were not designed for. Vaporizers (and there are many!) are said to be easier on the lungs.

For those wishing to keep their lungs clear of anything weed-related, edibles are the way to go. Eating cannabis products allows users to circumvent the potential health risks involved in inhaling the drug, as well as offering an overall longer and potentially stronger high. A typical edible high can last anywhere between 4-12 hours, giving you considerably more bang for your buck.

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It is important to note that edibles usually take much longer to take effect, as they enter the bloodstream via the stomach and intestinal tracts. Factors such as whether or not you’ve eaten recently can have a dramatic impact on the time it takes to feel the effects. They can even lessen the intensity of the experience.

An edibles high usually takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes to come on, but can take even longer. It is important to have patience while waiting for your marijuana edibles high. Many are the edibles stories told of enthusiasts who, after waiting 45 minutes and feeling nothing, take another dose and wind up way higher than they expected or wanted to be. That’s why it is a good practice to know your dosage and err on the conservative side when trying any new edible.

How you decide on edibles vs smoking is a personal decision – and, let’s be honest, it could be both. It’s always a good idea to acquire your products from a reputable source, and pay attention to how the drug affects you. Making the right decisions for you will help you get the most out of your cannabis experiences.

Hobie Owen

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