Edible Reviews

Medical cannabis edibles are abundant on the market today, thanks to the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes in almost half of the United States. With this surge of new products and edibles, however, comes the question: what edible marijuana price is worth paying, and for what products? Here are five medical cannabis edibles that are worth the cash you stash.

So many options, but which ones to invest in?

Highly Edible Pucks

Average Price: $20-$30

Cannabis-infused pucks from Highly Edible are sensational and well worth the price they retail for. These cannabis edibles come in a plethora of different flavors, including watermelon, peach, strawberry, and cherry, as well as sour varieties. Highly Edible pucks are similar to the peach or watermelon rings you can find on any candy aisle. However, these have an added medicinal kick. Depending on the market, Highly Edible medicated pucks are available in 50mg, 100mg, and 250mg of THC per container. Each container includes ten precisely proportioned pucks. Highly Edible Pucks are also available in CBD form. Learn more about Highly Edible Pucks here.

Kaneh Co S’mores Brownie

Average Price: $10-$45 (depending on potency)

The S’mores Brownie from Kaneh Co. is a graham cracker crust, layered with brownie and dark chocolate, then topped with golden brown to slightly-charred marshmallows. Kaneh Co. has quite the reputation when it comes to their edibles and lab testing. All of the products from Kaneh Co., including the S’mores Brownie, are made with the highest-quality ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. Their entire product line is also significantly tested before taken to market. These brownies come in many different dosage options, ranging from 100mg all the way to 1,000 mg per brownie. Learn more about the gourmet line of cannabis edibles from Kaneh Co. here.

Punch Bar, from Punch Edibles

Average Price: $15-$30 (depending on potency)

Punch Edibles offers an amazing line of cannabis-infused chocolate bars, known as Punch Bars. These bars – which are perfectly portioned into nine small squares – are available in many different varieties and flavors. THC-infused Punch Bars are available in 225mg or 150mg versions. Each version is available in 10 different flavors. Punch Edibles also offers a CBD version of the Punch Bar that includes 90mg of CBD and is available in 5 flavor options. They also offer white chocolate, sugar-free, and peanut butter combo Punch Bars, available in different flavors and potencies as well. Learn more about Punch Edibles and Punch Bars here.

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Warm and Crispy Medicated Coconut Oil

Average Price: Varies Drastically, Per Market

Warm and Crispy Coconut Oil is an amazing medical cannabis edible product that was developed by a medical cannabis patient, utilizing organic cannabis. Each batch of coconut oil is lab tested, and all flowers used in its production are thoroughly cleaned, before being used to infuse the coconut oil. This product is a favorite of many medical cannabis patients, as it can be easily added to just about any recipe. It can also be taken in a capsule, used topically, or eaten, as needed. According to consumers, it has a very light taste, thanks to its purity and cleanliness. Learn more about the organic, gluten-free, and sugar-free Warm and Crispy Medicated Coconut Oil here.

Sweet Grass Kitchen’s PB&J Cup

Average Price: $5-$15 (depending on potency)

These incredible Peanut Butter and Jelly Cups are infused with either 10mg or 75mg of activated THC, depending on the specific product. Each award-winning Sweet Kitchen PB&J Cup is made utilizing full-flower cannabutter and is Sativa dominant. The cup consists of a shortbread cookie crust, topped off with a bead of strawberry jelly. The product is available in Colorado in 60mg stacks, which include six 10mg cups on the retail side, or 75mg single cups on the medical side. Learn more about Sweet Grass Kitchen PB&J Cups, as well as other products offered by this Denver-based edibles company, here.

Edible Marijuana Prices Worth Paying


We hope that you will enjoy these medical cannabis edibles and that this list can help make the decision easier when it comes to deciding which edible marijuana prices are worth paying for which products. Be sure to check out where you can find these products online, or call your local dispensary, to see what they have in stock.


Edible Reviews

For those in Nevada, Evergreen Organix is a company you’re probably all too familiar with, as one of the bigger producers of cannabis products for the state’s dispensaries. They’re famous for everything from baked goods to infused oils, and now, consumers outside of the state will be able to get a taste of their sweet products.

Evergreen Organix recently announced that they are expanding to provide products to recreational dispensaries in California and Colorado, but also to the medicinal dispensaries in Arizona. Jerry Velarde, the president of the company, was nice enough to allow me to tour their facility in Las Vegas, where I met Melissa, who showed me all the ropes.

As soon as I pulled up, the parking lot greeted me with a hint of that quality cannabis scent, but as soon as I walked through the doors, I was met with a powerful fragrance that could not be missed. I was fitted with a hair net, as well as a beard (for extra safety), and then Melissa took me straight back to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, there were racks of product and flower, ready to be ground up for use. It resembled a huge restaurant kitchen, but there was only one cook present, Jamie. Melissa showed me where they make all of their cannabutter, even showcasing a fridge full of huge chunks of the green goodness.

Jamie working in the Evergreen Organix kitchen

Evergreen Organix has over 20 products that they make in this facility, including all kinds of cookies, fruit snacks, chocolates, and their very popular cereal bars. Melissa explained that the kitchen focuses on one to three products each day, which they then make in huge quantities. Some of these get some experimental treatments, like cookies that total 50mg of THC. However, due to new Nevada laws, every whole product will have to equal single doses, rather than products that must be split to equal a single, 10mg dose.

After checking out the kitchen, I got a glimpse of the lab, where Evergreen Organix makes their infused oils. This is the first stop, before anything in the kitchen can happen because the lab makes the oil for the cartridges, as well as the oil that eventually becomes cooking butter.

At the end of the tour, I got to try a few samples of some non-infused products. These are the same recipes for their primary products, minus any THC, and they were absolutely worth trying, even without any psychoactive effects. Everything Evergreen Organix offers is packed with flavor, guaranteeing that even bite-sized dosing limits will still taste delicious. The brownie was so thick I would practically have to overeat if I wanted to push the dosing on it.

A rack of non-infused Evergreen Organix samples

After all, was said and done, I left the Evergreen Organix facility wholeheartedly excited for everyone in California, Colorado, and Arizona, stoked that they’ll be getting products from a company like this. Curious, I still needed to try a bit for myself. I decided to try their Peanut Butter Cereal Bar, and I was not expecting it to have such a heavy effect.

Packaging for the Peanut Butter Cereal Bar

Taking the cereal bar out of the package, I noticed that there was a slightly greenish hue, due to the glue that held this cereal bar together. That’s where the most of the THC lies in this bar (derived from those big rocks of cannabutter). I broke one of the two bars in the package in half – which was easy with this gooey little treat – and popped that in my mouth.

I figured the high might come a bit sooner because I did consume more than 10mg, this time around. This specific package had a little over 80mg of THC in the whole package, so taking a half of one bar was probably about 20mg. I was right about it setting in sooner, but didn’t know exactly where it would go.

The Evergreen Organix Peanut Butter Cereal Bar

I first felt effects around an hour after eating my portion. I could still taste the peanut butter at that point, because that sticky treat was so sweet, and I still had the flavor on my teeth. It’s more like a Rice Krispie treat in texture, but that peanut butter flavor adds so much, and the canna flavor isn’t overpowering. Once the effects set in, I was focusing more and more on what I could remember from that flavor, which was funny, because I completely forgot that I was watching tv.

I was able to snap back in and focus on the tv show for a bit, but my mind kept wandering. Usually, when my mind wanders due to THC, it goes to pretty worried places, but this time around, everything was just mundane and hilarious. The more I tried to figure out what was going on in the show, the more I tried to place my finger on themes and implications of the show, which then lead me to think much bigger thoughts, which ended up with me laughing.

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

Overall, it was a fun time, but I definitely felt the laziness, which I also laughed at. However, I ended up finally folding my laundry and making dinner, which I initially thought I was just going to put off. The high from this cereal bar didn’t make me totally lethargic in my body – just in my mind – but it was easy to overcome, and I was pretty happy with myself, as I got all my tasks completed.

That wasn’t without hindrance though. Everything I did prompted me to start going on another thought train that I had to snap myself out of, but every time, it was equally entertaining. These effects lasted pretty much until I went to bed, and then I was out like a light.

The Peanut Butter Cereal Bar was a fun treat, and I would recommend it to anyone. There was nothing anxiety-provoking in it for me, and I was totally relaxed, while still being able to function as I needed to. You also get the fun of indulging in a delicious cereal bar, so you get to enjoy starting the night off in a great way.

If you’re curious now, check out the Evergreen Organix website, to get a feel for their great selection of products. They might be coming to your local dispensaries soon, so get ahead of the curve, by figuring out which product you want to try first.



Edible Reviews

For this review, I returned to Dixie Elixirs, the brand behind the THC Elixir I recently reviewed. The brand also has a THC tincture for sale, called Synergy Dew Drops. I had never tried a tincture before, and I was definitely excited to explore the possibilities with this one. It has an even ratio of both THC and CBD in the product (also a first for me). It has just over 40 mg of each chemical, depending on the batch, with my tincture weighing in at around 47 mg of each.

I decided that this would be a fun little edible to try out on a hike. I usually experience some joint pain that holds me back while exploring the great outdoors, but thanks to the benefits of CBD oil contained in the tincture, I was actually able to get up the mountain much more easily than I normally can.

The Taste

I have to make a point to talk about the taste of this product. It’s the first sensation you get, and even though it’s a very short experience with this tincture, it’s definitely worth noting. You have to take it by using the dropper, which has the milliliters marked on it, to know how big of a drop you’re getting. Since the whole bottle has a relatively low amount of THC in it, I think it’s safe to just go for the biggest drop you can.


The dropper allows you to use as little – or as much – as you would like.

Once the tincture hit my tongue, I noticed just how strong that herby flavor could be, in such a small drop of CBD THC Tincture. I got a hint of the vanilla flavor – which added some very nice sweetness – but the main flavor was the bitter cannabis herb flavor. Some people don’t like this, but as a tincture, it’s what is to be expected, as all tinctures taste concentrated. They never taste like food, which you may know if you’ve taken any other kind of herbal tincture. This was actually pleasant, compared to other tinctures I had used in the past.

The Experience

As I started to feel it kick in, the high of it was very light. It was very much in the head at first, but being in the sun and moving around helped that high along, as it relaxed me. It stayed mostly in the background, creating a deeply appreciative feeling in me. I stared at the sights and things around me far too intently, but it was nice to do. I definitely saw this trail in a different light, due to the specific kind of cerebral high I was getting.

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

As I ascended the trail, I could feel my legs start to get a bit achy, but as the high started to set in more, I think the CBD effects did, too. Almost as soon as I noticed the ache, it slowly started to go away. My legs were not necessarily numb; the pain just started to fade on its own. This unexpected motivation got me to the end very easily. I usually never make it to the end without some real exhaustion, followed by the decision to push my legs to the limit, but this worked out nicely, as I felt no discomfort.

The timing for all of this was the most interesting part. It says right on the bottle that it will take only 20 minutes to kick in, which I thought was amazing. This was actually accurate, but it took longer than 20 minutes to get to the peak, where the full CBD effects kicked in, and so I was a little spaced-out during my hike. Once I was at the first-hour mark, I felt the CBD THC Tincture pretty much the rest of the day. Although I arrived at the familiar mountain around noon, the effects didn’t completely wear off until the sun went down. It was really nice to feel the tincture working in the background for that long, however, especially with the CBD there to help my joints, as well as prevent me from getting any sort of anxiety from the THC part.

Synergy Dew Drops combine THC and CBD in an elegant tincture.

Is It Worth It?

Of all the edibles I have tried, I really liked this one and would recommend it to anyone. Not many edibles are good for every person out there, but the CBD levels in this one make it so that this won’t be an overwhelming experience at all. You can look up Dixie Elixirs to find out where they have this CBD THC tincture for sale, or just scope out the best places to buy edibles online.


Edible Reviews

For this review, I actually ended up choosing a product that caught my eye at the dispensary a while back. I had seen the displays all over the city, but then I found out just how popular they were in Las Vegas, from my other edible enthused friends. Rather than miss out on the hype, I decided it was time to try the Glacé Dark Chocolate Mini BonBons, so I could share my own take on this visually appealing product.

Glacé Edibles is a part of the Nevada-based company, Libra Wellness. This part of the company focuses on gourmet chocolatiering, which makes for some great THC chocolate Instagram pictures at the same time.

 A closer look at Glacé Dark Chocolate Mini BonBons

The Look

Each of these little bonbons is its own art piece, truly. The way this edible paint is splashed on the chocolate gives a celestial effect that makes it look like these might be more for decorating than eating. I still have some left in the fridge – which of course I have to whip out every time a friend comes over – because they’re just that elegant.

The Taste

While I was cutting these up (which I would recommend), I first noticed how thick they were. Biting into the chocolate actually takes a bit of effort, which is so pleasing for this taste. It’s very rich, and you can taste the oil, but that salty, chocolate flavor does a great job of shifting the flavor into something uniquely pleasant.

It’s a great-quality dark chocolate from the get-go, but the decadence also comes through with their fruit flavors. In the assorted pack that I got, I had the raspberry and passion fruit flavors, in addition to that original dark chocolate. The passionfruit had a tropical flavor that I didn’t expect in chocolate, and the raspberry was that perfect dark heavy flavor.

What’s Inside?

For each of these three flavors, there’s also a unique cannabinoid balance. The least potent for THC in this batch was 30.69mg, which was the raspberry flavor. The passion fruit flavor had 39.6 mg of THC, and then the normal dark chocolate had the most, at 41.2mg. On top of being potent, as far as THC, they also have a bit of a few other cannabinoids.

 Even the packaging says luxe, using holographic text.

One of these chemicals, Cannabichromene (CBC), is sought out for its medical properties and use as an antidepressant. Cannabigerol (CBG) also has similar properties including inflammation reduction. The Chocolate has 2.15mg CBC and 0.61mg CBG, the raspberry has 1.43mg of CBC and 0.49mg CBG; the passion fruit has 1.87mg CBC with 0.72 of CBG.

The Experience

Surprisingly, the most intense experience came from the passion fruit flavor. Despite it having less THC, I took a smaller dose of this one than the chocolate, and it was much more intense. Each time, it took about 30 minutes to kick in, which was much quicker than expected.

With the normal chocolate flavor, my attention span was quite low. I felt kind of stupid but in a relaxed way. It kept growing over about three hours, which made me very glad to not be in public, but it was otherwise comfortable. The euphoria was definitely present, putting a glow over everything. It was much easier to just take a seat.

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

The passion fruit was similar, but there was a lot more visual distortion, and the redness in the eyes was a lot more obvious. It definitely hit me like a brick, which I did not expect, after the chocolate had been so easy. Had I been prepared, I would have definitely taken it more easily, but it was fun to ride the way anyway.

The raspberry was a lot calmer, which was nice. I didn’t get much redness in the eyes, and I was able to navigate all the necessary tasks I had to work on, without much hesitation. It didn’t quite hide in the background, but it was much easier to set aside since it wasn’t as in-your-face.

Final Judgement

This is a great edible for people that want something that will last all day or night. The Glacé Dark Chocolate Mini BonBons each lasted for about six hours. The peak was very long, and it was a very gradual climb to get there. It was definitely a fun THC chocolate, able to provide relaxation and calming, after several stressful work days. Do your research, so you can find a dispensary that sells them near you, and make sure you’re prepared for this strong THC chocolate.


Edible Reviews

“It’s 420” is a phrase that has surfaced everywhere, becoming global. Entire online marketplaces for 420 deals now exist, giving rise to new product and even investment opportunities. But just what does 420 mean? If you’re curious about the meaning, where the term came from, and how it got started, you’re in the right place.

The mystery behind the origins of 420 has been the topic of many forums and smoke sessions, and this article aims to clear the smokescreen surrounding this blazing’ day, time, and phrase.

Many people have speculated about this number and debated the mystery surrounding the 420 origin. Here are some of the theories that have been hashed over, throughout the cannabis culture, for decades:

  • 420 was a radio call sign for marijuana-related offenses.
  • 420 was the number of cannabinoids in cannabis.
  • April 20th (4/20) was the date that legendary rock and roll artists Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin passed away.

While all of these are great guesses, none of them holds any validity, when it comes to 420 and weed. With this in mind, let’s look at the history of 420 together.

The origins behind 420 are actually based in a treasure hunt of sorts

The Waldos

It is rumored that, once upon a time, there was an immaculate, hidden marijuana crop, a crop of epic proportions, unlike any other found in the world. (There is even a sketchy treasure map hand-drawn, like something out of the Goonies.)

A group of high school kids that called themselves “The Waldos” decided to make it their mission to find this pot crop. They started meeting everyday after school, in front of the Louis Pasteur statue, at 4:20 pm.

The group started this routine after they got the hook-up on a map to the crop’s location, along with the blessing of an acquaintance’s brother. The brother supposedly planted this crop in Point Reyes, just northwest of San Francisco.

The Waldos included the following members – who, according to TIME Magazine, are all still friends and living in Northern California:

  • Steve Capper
  • Dave Reddix
  • Jeffrey Noel
  • Larry Schwartz
  • Mark Gravich

Initially, the term or phrase 420 was actually “420 Louis,” partially named for the statue the group would meet in front of. However, the gang later dropped the “Louis” part and just said 420.

Now we know that the 420 origin was a high school in California, but what does 420 mean? Quite simply, 420 means “let’s get high”. If you’re smoking a joint, bowl, or bong, it’s 420. 420 today means “it’s time to blaze,” thanks to the Waldos of yesteryear.


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Why 420?

Imagine if the Waldos had picked a different time to meet. If they had, we may be using an alternative term today. 4:20 pm just so happened to be when school got out, and when they could all gather in one spot, to go search for the sacred pot crop.

The term 420 stuck around because many people had no idea what it meant. Unless you were part of The Waldos or friends with them, 420 was meaningless to you. This made provided an excellent code for the group to use, without their teachers catching on to the scheme.

420’s Rise to Fame

A neat little piece of trivia is that the term 420 actually became famous, thanks to a legendary band by the name of the Grateful Dead. Dave Reddix of The Waldos landed a job as a roadie for the band’s bassist, Phil Lesh, and it was only a matter of time from there.

The Waldos would hang out during band practices, smoking joints while the Grateful Dead practiced their tunes. During this time, they would often reference 420 when they wanted to blaze, and, in return, the phrase stuck with the band members.

The Grateful Dead started using the term 420, and their popularity solidified the phrase in history. Then, sometime in the beginning of the 1990s, High Times magazine caught wind of the term 420 and published it in one of their magazines. Many people believe this is how the phrase 420 went global.

Today, the public’s attitude toward cannabis has shifted dramatically, making 420 more popular than ever

420 Today: Not Just for Stoners

Nowadays, 420 represents an entire culture, and one that is rapidly changing. The longhaired hippie stoners of the past are turning into executives and corporate entrepreneurs today. It’s not just jeans and tie-dyed shirts; it’s suits, dresses, and blouses.

420 is a special day all of its own. While those who partake in cannabis enjoy 420 day just about every day, the actual day itself only comes once a year. On 420 day (which is April 20th of each year, for obvious reasons), cannabis businesses, supporters, and advocates hold events that support the plant they love.

In the United States, thanks to cannabis legalization taking place, 420 is a day that is becoming more popular than ever before. Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada, and even America’s capitol, Washington, D.C., hold some fantastic 420 Day events that attract people from all around the world.

Today, the term 420 has spread around the world, thanks to the many individual seeds behind cannabis advocacy. It is said that a single seed can tip the scales, and when it comes to this “weed,” it’s obvious that cannabis culture did indeed get started in just this way.


Edible Reviews

Cherry Limeade Elixir was a first for me: a cannabis drink. I’ve been trying all sorts of foods containing THC, but a liquid is different. Dosage, as always, is important, but it’s much easier to drink too much, straight out of a bottle, than it is to eat too much. I was a bit worried, starting off with this cool product, but it turns out that Dixie Edibles has everything covered, thanks to their clever bottle design. But first, let’s talk taste.

A “Humid” Taste

I couldn’t help but include this take after I heard it. I let my partner try some of the Elixir, and he described it as having a somewhat “humid” flavor. It made perfect sense to me: this refreshing drink tastes and smells almost as if you’re walking into an artificial cave at a zoo or aquarium, but without any of the gross smells or flavors – as a bonus, Dixie doesn’t include any artificial flavors or coloring, either.

Just refreshing, cannabis-infused cherry limeade in here!

It’s a very “cool” flavor as if all of your senses are being hydrated. I couldn’t say I’ve ever tasted anything quite like it. You could definitely taste the cannabis flavor, and the cherry limeade paired well with it. The sparkling aspect of it was very light, but it added to the refreshment. It was almost as if I was drinking a melted Icee that actually tasted great.

Overall, the taste was an A+, especially because that unique sensation caught me off guard. It’s definitely important not to chug this one for the flavor, however.

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

A Beautiful, Safety-Minded Bottle

To keep you from chugging, Dixie Edibles has a great design that makes dosing easy. The packaging itself is beautiful, taking on a unique shape, but the design is also intentional. Once you remove the cap, the Elixir has a half-full mark that is used to get the perfect dose. With this product, you will get you a 6mg THC dosage in 15ml of the drink. That is, of course, if you’re using the 100mg bottle; there’s also a 200mg bottle available, so be aware of what you’re buying.

The best part about the cap is that it’s extremely childproof. They designed this exclusive bottle to keep children from consuming THC as best as possible. I didn’t get too confused taking it off, as an adult, but I could see a child being unsure of the right way to tackle this bottle, due to its thoughtful design. You need to pull through the resistance to get it open, which is counterintuitive, but it makes it possible to keep this at home safely if you have a family. The bottle also provides a great seal, so your drink is fresh and sparkling every time.

Pretty to look at – yet inaccessible to children’s hands

The Experience

The bottle offers a mighty claim: it says you should start to feel the effects in 30 minutes. For all of the readers that have eaten edibles before, you might agree with me that this claim sounds a bit ambitious, right?

After I took my preferred dosage, I started making dinner, but I decided to take a bit longer with the process because I knew I was waiting for something to kick in before eating. It did kick in, after 45 minutes, but it wasn’t too intense. Over the next hour and a half, I felt a slow rise in the euphoria and disorienting effects.

At its height, I was feeling very lazy and very hungry, but totally comfortable on my couch. Weirdly enough, it felt as though I had been smoking flower instead of getting an ingested high. Luckily, I had snacks to help with the hunger and shows to binge on, so this was a perfect experience for me.

Despite how lethargic I was, I still felt awake. When it was bedtime, I just got in bed and lay there awake, thinking about plans and how to make them work. I didn’t get to bed for over an hour, but every way I laid was relaxing. It came as no surprise that this THC elixir was sativa-based, given how overactive my brain was, but I wasn’t upset about it. It was good “me” time, unlike the uncomfortable headspace bad edibles effects can leave users in.

This is definitely a great option for anyone looking for serious cerebral highs. It is an edible, so you wouldn’t expect it, but this really got my brain going more than anything else.

Dixie Edibles makes a number of different flavors, including Root Beer and Half & Half (think Arnold Palmer). If you’re curious, check out the stock of edibles at your local dispensary, or buy edibles online to see what your best buying options are.


Edible Reviews

Now that you’ve probably read a ton of reviews on Medical Edibles, it’s time we give our two cents on the broader range, in regards to the best cannabis edibles. You’ve probably read about some of these before, and there are also a few new ones that are worth noting. If you want to get the best of the best, this list is a solid place to get started, to get you through the workweek.

So many toys to choose from, check out our reviews below!

Wana Sativa Gummies

These gummies are one of the first ones I reviewed. Now, they have become a favorite that I’ll always keep stocked. These bricks are packed with THC and will have you feeling that strong euphoria for hours, without putting you out of commission. The taste is pretty herby (so be prepared), but other than that, the effects of this gummy are worth every penny and then some. As far as marijuana edible companies go, Wana is a pretty popular one, so they’re also relatively easy to find if you’re in an area that allows recreational or perhaps even medical use.   

Kiva Confections Chocolate Bars

Kiva is renowned for their great tasting chocolate, but also for their serious potency. I tried the blackberry dark chocolate flavor, and while it was extremely flavorful, it was also really heavy, but in a fun way. This chocolate is great for just sinking into the couch and watching TV. The taste of the herb in this chocolate is also a perfect fit. I’ve tried some of their other bars as well, and the flavors mix so well that you almost wish you could just buy plain-Jane chocolate in Kiva’s flavors, for days where you don’t need any special effects. For these, however, be careful not to eat too much.

Well worth it – we know

Cheeba Chews

If you’re big into edibles, then you’ve probably heard of this as one of the best cannabis edibles on the market. It is seriously potent, and I would not recommend eating a whole one on your first time around (or possibly even ever). When I got the product, I split mine into ten pieces. Eating one piece had me thoroughly feeling the effects all night, and it’s an intense ride. I got the sativa – as I always do – and I was feeling very energetic, more than I usually do with sativa products. The girl from the dispensary was dead-on, when she said, “You’re going to be up for awhile.”

Mountain High Suckers

These are fun because you get to taste the candy for a while, and if you’re a lollipop fan, Mountain High Suckers are definitely the best you’ll find. The way I received them, they were in a bag, without the sticks on them, in the cherry flavor. I just popped one in, and it stayed in my mouth for about an hour. Once it was done, I could feel myself on the come up, which was great. These are a fun treat to have around, and they’re also not too intense. You experience a generally nice feeling all around and the best casual edible high you can get. I would even suggest these to my mother (if she would give THC the time of day).

Visit Seedsman!

Coda Truffles

Last, but not least, is my absolute favorite on this list, the Coda truffles. I tried these on a hiking trip in Denver, and they provided one of the best edibles experiences I’ve ever had. The woman at the dispensary before the trail recommended them specifically for hiking and gave us a lot of helpful background information. There are definitely some gourmet marijuana edible companies in today’s market, and it showed in these delicacies. I tried the Hazelnut flavor, and I don’t think I’ve ever tasted non-edible chocolate that was quite this good. All my friends and I were astounded, and we all debated eating a second, but as the responsible parent-friend I am, I did not allow that, which was in our best interest.  

Once we started to feel these, the hike was instantly easier, and we all wanted to get to the top as fast as we could. Every breathtaking scene was even more breathtaking; I would be lying if I said I didn’t have to stop myself from crying when we ran into a full family of deer a few feet away from us. It was one of the most joyous highs I’ve ever had and definitely made that trip a highlight of the year. If you can get your hands on these, I encourage you to try them as soon as possible. The taste will have you hooked, but the experience will surpass it.


Edible Reviews

For a guy that wrote his first song at seven years old and joined his first band when he was just ten, there was no doubt he would go on to do great things in the music world. At almost eighty-five, Willie Nelson has become a celebrated American musician, as well as a popular singer, songwriter, author, poet, actor, and activist. And he’s not stopping there.

Not all Willie’s Reserve offers

Now you can add edibles connoisseur to the list, as his online store, Willie’s Reserve, is changing the edibles game. With the legalization of marijuana in so many states, these days, it is getting more difficult to find edibles backed by a reputable organization. Willie’s exclusive products solve that problem, by including a growing line of unique hard candies and satisfying chocolates that incorporate impressive ingredients. These ingredients combine good health choices with mind-relaxing compounds that just may take you to tasty new heights.

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

Hard is Easy

Instead of non-organic, sugary, dye-laden gummies, Willie’s Reserve offers natural, organic hard candy pleasure that not only offers you a sweet treat but which also elevates you from reality to a palatable, alternative universe. Each hard candy is GMO-free and contains pure CO2 cannabis distillate, with 10mg of THC, to get you on the road again.

Transporting flavors include:

  • Honeysuckle Hot – Sweet honey and spicy cayenne that explodes upon impact
  • Fresh Maple Blossom – Maple and herbal notes convey an innocent candy taste
  • Strawberry Limonene – A berry-citrus tang of childhood dreams

Sometimes, a brand is better than an unknown wannabe, and Willie’s Reserve steps up to drive this point home. With years of personal testing, Willie Nelson’s online store creates a safe space where consumers can enjoy perusing and ordering supreme product offerings, worthy of their celebrity namesake and status.

The Secret Behind the Chocolate

The old saying goes, “behind every great man, there’s a great woman” but today, it should go: “alongside every great woman, there is a great man.” Willie Nelson and his wife, Annie, fit the bill perfectly.

Married for over 25 years, these two have worked hand-in-hand raising two sons, handling a successful music career, and now, creating some serious chocolate edibles that go beyond conventional ingredients. Originally created as Annie’s “special treat,” to keep Willie company on the road, once friends and crew members tasted these delectable treats, they went from delectable items to coveted delicacies.

The not so secret ingredient? Cannabis. The secret ingredient? Love.

So, in addition to Willie Nelson weed and hard edibles, there are Annie’s handcrafted, chocolate-infused gourmet edibles, which combine big-time favorites with some interesting additions. These are the flavors you’ll be thinking about when you crave a cannabis delight:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Almond Chocolate
  • Roasted Cacao Nibs
  • Maui Espresso Bean

Diving into Annie’s handcrafted creations also means investing in some body-enhancing ingredients, thanks to good ole’ Mother Nature. That means a bunch of healthy additions – as well as the good stuff (5mg THC per piece) – like:

  • Gluten-free, vegan dark chocolate
  • Highly nutritious coconut palm sugar
  • Organic vanilla
  • Himalayan pink sea salt

As a mom, wife, and confection chef, Annie Nelson sits front and center in Willie Nelson news today, bringing some serious treats to both her husband and his fans.

Giving Back

Willie’s Reserve is an online store of edibles, yet it also represents the progressive thinking and environmental awareness Willie has touted his whole life. This includes support for family farms, animal rights, Bio-Diesel tech, LGBT communities, democratic politics, and, his favorite, the legalization of marijuana.

Through his manufacturing of Willie Nelson weed, edibles, vaping products, and other gear, each product follows a circular model. Incorporating fair trade advocacy, green production, and earth-friendly ingredients, each Willie’s Reserve purchase supports a full spectrum of humane, environmentally sound causes. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the scores of farmers that spent many years underground; now, these farmers are finding the spotlight, thanks to a man who walked amongst them his entire life.

Some farmers that deserve mentioning include Bloom County, Oregon Grown Organics, South Park Pharma, Category One Botanicals, and Strong Roots. These top-of-the-line production facilities have garnered Willie’s support, due to superior craftsmanship, earth-friendly practices, and humane treatment of workers. It’s a good day when farmers are called upon, for the offerings and traditions they are most proud of, rather than simply working the land for corporate gain.

Buying high-grade flower herb, pure vape oil, delectable organic edibles, and sturdy gear from Willie’s Reserve delivers safe, supreme, environmentally sound products. More importantly, your purchase continues Willie’s lifelong philosophy of all-inclusion, which is, “my stash is your stash.”


Edible Reviews

Cannabella is a company that makes a wide variety of specialty cannabis products, from their CBD breath spray and dog treats to their famous lozenges. For the most part, they sit comfortably in the sweets territory. They make their own canna gummies version of the classic peach rings, as well as the beloved watermelon sours made famous by Sour Patch Kids. They also make dried fruits, lemon bars, brownies, and even honey, for the side of your sweet tooth that wants some THC as well. I recently tried their Sweet & Sour Gummies, which are a unique product, rather than finding a basis in previous candy offerings.

Make no mistake, this is a marijuana product!

Tastes Like Candy

You barely taste the cannabis; it feels like you just popped open a bag of sweets

The fun thing about these gummies is that they’re enjoyable right off the bat. It’s an edible THC Candy, but the emphasis is on the candy when you pop one of these in your mouth. It’s a perfectly sugary-sweet flavor, and the sour comes from the lemon and lime flavors that go into these vegan candies. I would say the flavor is somewhat similar to that of the lemon and lime Sour Patch Kids, but without the rough coating and not as tough to chew. When I was done with my serving, I had to stop myself from reaching back in for another.

What’s Inside

While the candy may not taste much like herb, it’s definitely in there, with around 8mg of THC in each square. That’s the only chemical though. You won’t find any CBD or CBN in there, so if you’re someone that needs a good amount of CBD for your anxiety, prepare to pair CBD oil with this product. As for the other ingredients, this is made with all-natural organic and vegan products.

Visit Seedsman!


The Experience

When I took the suggested dosage, I found myself waiting a long time for the effects to kick in. Usually, edibles kick in rather quickly for me, but this one took over two hours to finally start producing any effect. As with any edible, if you’re doing it the right way, you don’t want to just assume the high will never kick in, so I was patient. As soon as that euphoria started to kick in, I quickly forgot what it was like before I felt anything. The climb was quicker than most edibles I’ve ever tried. It’s usually an easy set-in, and you get used to it as it comes up. This was an acceleration straight into the THC.

It was intense, but it was not overwhelming. I will admit that every time I stood up, I was a bit wavy, but it didn’t make mobility hard at all. I felt more wobbly in my head than my body actually acted. I thought that everything coming out of my mouth would be a mess, but I was actually fairly articulate. This was a total cerebral high, and it was great.

Most edible THC gummies sit more in the body, as far as their effects go for me. However, this one had me in such a euphoric mental place that I was reminded that THC is technically a hallucinogen. My thoughts were all over the place, and my perception warped pretty much everything I sensed, but it was never scary or worrying; it was pure fun.

I thought I would get really hungry or just enjoy eating, but surprisingly, food didn’t come to mind at all during the experience. I had a light dinner before I took the gummy, expecting to pig out, but nope; I totally forgot to eat the snack I had planned out.  

How Was the Sleep After?

These canna gummies did keep me up a bit when it was time for bed. I was physically exhausted, but my mind still had places to wander. That was fine by me, though, as I was in the mood to rest with my thoughts. I live in a room with a bit of a draft, so every time I saw a cloth move, I definitely went straight to thinking that there was an animal around, but this made me curious, rather than worried.

When I finally did fall asleep, I didn’t wake up until my partner’s alarm went off, and I was definitely still feeling those canna gummies. It took me a bit to finally get up and to get ready for the day, but it wasn’t a major issue.

The bottom line? I would recommend this edible THC candy to anyone that’s trying to have a semi-trippy experience and can resist binging on a whole bag of them (unless you can handle it).


Edible Reviews

When I asked for Cheeba Chews at the dispensary, the girl at the counter gave me a little smile, before asking me which kind I wanted. They had the sativa, the CBD, the indica, and the hybrid. I went with the sativa, and she gave me a little chuckle and said, “just so you know, these are going to keep you up for a while.” I nodded and said, “I had a feeling.” It was about 8 p.m., but I was ready for the night to take me wherever it needed to go. That sounds pretty epic –  considering I spent most of the night on the couch – but the moniker of “strongest edible on the market,” is no joke, as Cheeba Chews pack a punch.

The Chew

When the woman handed the bag to me, I was very surprised that I was paying almost 20 dollars for one dose. I thought, wow; Cheeba Chews must really be that good. If you’re debating where to purchase your trial run, be sure to also research the best online vendors, to get the most bang for your buck.

Not to be ingested all at once!

When I got back to my house, upon further inspection of the bag, I realized that I almost made the worst mistake of my life. Literally. As someone who does experience anxiety from high amounts of THC, eating the whole thing would have wrecked me. The little chew is supposed to be cut up into 10 pieces. So please, if you’re like me, cut the individual Cheeba Chews up, before using.

Eating the Chew

On the package, there are instructions to put the chew in the freezer for 5 minutes, and then cut it up into 10 pieces. It may seem hard to perfectly portion something into 10 even pieces, but trust me, that direction was perfect. It’s almost intuitive, given how small the chew is. I found it extremely hard to screw up portioning the chew out, so don’t worry, if you think you don’t have the steadiest hands in the world.

Detailed instructions, in case you’ve partaken in other products prior to opening

After keeping it in the freezer for those 5 minutes, I cut it up, and popped my piece in, at around 9 p.m. The taste is like a tootsie roll, but much softer (and a much better taste, if you ask me). The cannabis flavor goes great with the combination of soft and sweet chocolate, and I totally would have eaten the whole thing, if I didn’t know any better.

Takes one back to kindergarten… until the high kicks in

The Come-Up

The package said to allow for 2 hours, as far as results. There was a serious warning to wait it out for those two hours, rather than eating another piece. What was nice was that I didn’t have to wait two hours. I could feel myself literally rising by 10 p.m. The package said there was just under 9mg of THC in the serving, which was much less than any other edible I had tried up until then, but that made no difference here. I was watching Criminal Minds on marathon, and I swear that the show blew my mind more than usual. As a Las Vegas resident, I was watching all of the episodes that take place in my city, but I experienced no paranoia, despite how terrifying the show can be. What was mind-blowing was how able I was to keep up with the plotlintes and events, and how energetically ready I felt to solve the cases.


Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

My thoughts were racing, but they were all positive; none of them were anxious or paranoid. I was simply sucked in to the show and really testing my puzzle-solving skills, to figure out how these stories would configure in a narrative format. The euphoria continued to rise higher and higher, surprisingly. Many times, I thought I had perhaps peaked. But by midnight, my eyes were quite red, and everything coming out of my mouth was jokes on jokes. I wasn’t released from this high until 2 a.m., but, even then, I still felt euphoric, if slightly less so. I only felt tired due to the amount of brain power I was using.

The Next Day

Once I finally crashed, after the exhilarating experience, I slept like a brick. When I woke up, I could still feel some trace effects, but it was such a relaxation at this point. Since it was a Sunday when I woke up, I was able to just lay there and review the night. Looking back, the cheeba chew was definitely the strongest edible I’ve ever taken. There was no trace of a bad high mixed in, either.

I kept the rest of the edible in my fridge, and remembering the importance of safely labeling edibles, I left a note on them, regarding the proper dosage, just in case my roommate decided to try some of the strongest edible on the market. If you’re up for a wild ride, Cheeba Chews are sure to give you a run for your money.



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