Marijuana Laws

California Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

California: The Golden State (and the Green State)

It’s always been known that California marijuana laws are better than most places. Medical Marijuana in California was first legalized in 1996, but it was actually all the way back in 1972 that they had the nation’s first vote to legalize the plant. In 1975, California dropped the possession charge to a misdemeanor.

Today, those over the age of 21 can enjoy cannabis recreationally and buy from dispensaries, making the state one of the great few who are fully friendly to our favorite plant. Is marijuana legal in California? Thankfully (and finally) yes.

Current Legal Status in California

  • Medical Marijuana in California: Legal as of 1996
  • Recreational California Marijuana Laws: Legal as of 2016

The California marijuana laws could get even freer, as there are talks of passing laws that would allow for use of cannabis products (such as some of these edibles) at certain events. Medical marijuana in California has always been available, but now with the passing of recreational, it’s just as free as neighboring Nevada.

Why would you want to ever leave, with how lax the Golden State is? If you’re curious about how far behind other states might be, check out all US marijuana laws here!