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Alaska Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Alaska: Looking for (Cannabis in) Alaska

Alaska Marijuana laws have had some interesting ups and downs over the years. It was recreationally decriminalized all the way back in 1975, then re-criminalized in 1990, then that was struck down in 2003, then re-criminalized again in 2006, and finally, in 2015, both recreational and medical marijuana in Alaska were fully legalized. Is marijuana legal in Alaska? Waveringly so over the past almost 50 years, but now, it’s completely legal.

When it comes to Alaska marijuana laws, or medical marijuana in Alaska, this is a red state that is surprisingly progressive. Two adults over the age of 21 can actually cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants in their home, which is even more than is allowed by the marijuana laws in Colorado.

Current Legal Status in Alaska

  • Medical Marijuana in Alaska: Legal as of 1998
  • Recreational Alaska Marijuana Laws: Legal as of 2014

  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of marijuana since 2016: $7.4 million

Harriet Drummond is also trying to make those old misdemeanor offenses go away for people who accrued them before legalization. So whether it’s recreational or medical marijuana in Alaska, this state is as free as it can get for the plant, and there are plenty of places to search online for dispensaries.

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