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Alabama Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Alabama: Sweet Home (of Anything but Cannabis), Alabama!


Sadly, if you came to this page hoping for good news, you might be out of luck. The Alabama marijuana laws are extremely strict, and there are only a couple other states in the same ballpark, with Tennessee being the most similar. For a first offense, you’ll find yourself with a misdemeanor for possession that could get you up to a year in prison. Cultivation is an instant felony, with the ways the Alabama marijuana laws are set up.

Some great politicians have been trying to push back on the Alabama marijuana laws, to get medical marijuana in Alabama approved. However, the only success has been Carly’s Law for the legalization of non-psychoactive CBD products to treat seizures in children, with no other legality for the product, besides that.

Current Legal Status in Alabama

    • Medicinal Marijuana in Alabama: Illegal
    • Recreational Alabama Marijuana Laws: 1st offense felony, 2nd offense low-level felony

  • Top brand(s) based in state: Nothing legal, that’s for sure
  • Tax Revenue Generated by Legalization of (Medicinal and/or Adult Use) in 2015: $0

Patricia Todd tried to get a bill passed that would ease the first offense on possession from a felony to a misdemeanor, but that was met with some serious opposition, including politicians threatening to filibuster the bill. Bobby Singleton tried to get medical marijuana in Alabama in 2015, but that failed to even reach the senate floor.


Is marijuana legal in Alabama? No, not at all right now, but there’s hope for the future.

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