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Florida Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Florida: The Sunshine State, but Not that Sunny for Cannabis

For one of the main vacation spots in the country, marijuana laws in Florida are not as party-friendly as they are over in Las Vegas. As of now, medical marijuana in Florida is the only way you’ll be getting your hands on the green, and it took up until 2016 to even get that passed. The lowest punishment for possession is a misdemeanor offense, which could land you a year in jail, meaning you might want to spend your 4/20 on the Golden Coast instead of the Gulf Coast. Is marijuana legal in Florida? Nope, but the people definitely want it.

Current Legal Status in Florida

  • Medical Marijuana in Florida: Legal as of 2016
  • Recreational Florida Marijuana Laws: Lowest offense is still a misdemeanor

  • Projected sales over first three years of medical marijuana in Florida: Over $1 Billion.

The Regulate Florida project, which is headed by Michael Minardi, is looking to change the Florida Marijuana Laws to allow for recreational use, but it doesn’t seem like that will be a possibility for the state until 2020. Knowing that medical marijuana in Florida passed with over 70% of the vote, however, shows that the support really is there in the Sunshine State.

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