Marijuana Laws

Arizona Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Arizona: The Grand Canyon and Cannabis

While sharing a border with Nevada, and the Golden State of California – both places that are pretty easy on cannabis – the Arizona marijuana laws aren’t as progressive as you’d think. medical marijuana in Arizona is the only way to get your hands on it at this point, and there’s even an effort to stop that, from some very conservative politicians, like Bill Montgomery.

Is marijuana legal in Arizona? Only medical marijuana in Arizona is legal for now, and hopefully, that won’t be changing (unless Mr. Montgomery gets his way).

Current Legal Status in Arizona

  • Medical Marijuana in Arizona: Legal as of 2010
  • Recreational Arizona Marijuana Laws: Failed twice in 2010 and 2016; felony on first possession offense

Recreational Arizona marijuana laws don’t seem to have a very bright future right now. As the law currently stands, possession of under two pounds can be a low level felony that will require a lawyer to be brought down to a misdemeanor.

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