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5 Medical Cannabis Edibles that are Worth the Money

Medical cannabis edibles are abundant on the market today, thanks to the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes in almost half of the United States. With this surge of new products and edibles, however, comes the question: what edible marijuana price is worth paying, and for what products? Here are five medical cannabis edibles that are worth the cash you stash.

So many options, but which ones to invest in?

Highly Edible Pucks

Average Price: $20-$30

Cannabis-infused pucks from Highly Edible are sensational and well worth the price they retail for. These cannabis edibles come in a plethora of different flavors, including watermelon, peach, strawberry, and cherry, as well as sour varieties. Highly Edible pucks are similar to the peach or watermelon rings you can find on any candy aisle. However, these have an added medicinal kick. Depending on the market, Highly Edible medicated pucks are available in 50mg, 100mg, and 250mg of THC per container. Each container includes ten precisely proportioned pucks. Highly Edible Pucks are also available in CBD form. Learn more about Highly Edible Pucks here.

Kaneh Co S’mores Brownie

Average Price: $10-$45 (depending on potency)

The S’mores Brownie from Kaneh Co. is a graham cracker crust, layered with brownie and dark chocolate, then topped with golden brown to slightly-charred marshmallows. Kaneh Co. has quite the reputation when it comes to their edibles and lab testing. All of the products from Kaneh Co., including the S’mores Brownie, are made with the highest-quality ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. Their entire product line is also significantly tested before taken to market. These brownies come in many different dosage options, ranging from 100mg all the way to 1,000 mg per brownie. Learn more about the gourmet line of cannabis edibles from Kaneh Co. here.

Punch Bar, from Punch Edibles

Average Price: $15-$30 (depending on potency)

Punch Edibles offers an amazing line of cannabis-infused chocolate bars, known as Punch Bars. These bars – which are perfectly portioned into nine small squares – are available in many different varieties and flavors. THC-infused Punch Bars are available in 225mg or 150mg versions. Each version is available in 10 different flavors. Punch Edibles also offers a CBD version of the Punch Bar that includes 90mg of CBD and is available in 5 flavor options. They also offer white chocolate, sugar-free, and peanut butter combo Punch Bars, available in different flavors and potencies as well. Learn more about Punch Edibles and Punch Bars here.

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Warm and Crispy Medicated Coconut Oil

Average Price: Varies Drastically, Per Market

Warm and Crispy Coconut Oil is an amazing medical cannabis edible product that was developed by a medical cannabis patient, utilizing organic cannabis. Each batch of coconut oil is lab tested, and all flowers used in its production are thoroughly cleaned, before being used to infuse the coconut oil. This product is a favorite of many medical cannabis patients, as it can be easily added to just about any recipe. It can also be taken in a capsule, used topically, or eaten, as needed. According to consumers, it has a very light taste, thanks to its purity and cleanliness. Learn more about the organic, gluten-free, and sugar-free Warm and Crispy Medicated Coconut Oil here.

Sweet Grass Kitchen’s PB&J Cup

Average Price: $5-$15 (depending on potency)

These incredible Peanut Butter and Jelly Cups are infused with either 10mg or 75mg of activated THC, depending on the specific product. Each award-winning Sweet Kitchen PB&J Cup is made utilizing full-flower cannabutter and is Sativa dominant. The cup consists of a shortbread cookie crust, topped off with a bead of strawberry jelly. The product is available in Colorado in 60mg stacks, which include six 10mg cups on the retail side, or 75mg single cups on the medical side. Learn more about Sweet Grass Kitchen PB&J Cups, as well as other products offered by this Denver-based edibles company, here.

Edible Marijuana Prices Worth Paying


We hope that you will enjoy these medical cannabis edibles and that this list can help make the decision easier when it comes to deciding which edible marijuana prices are worth paying for which products. Be sure to check out where you can find these products online, or call your local dispensary, to see what they have in stock.