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The 5 Best Cannabis Edibles (to Get You from Monday to Friday)

Now that you’ve probably read a ton of reviews on Medical Edibles, it’s time we give our two cents on the broader range, in regards to the best cannabis edibles. You’ve probably read about some of these before, and there are also a few new ones that are worth noting. If you want to get the best of the best, this list is a solid place to get started, to get you through the workweek.

So many toys to choose from, check out our reviews below!

Wana Sativa Gummies

These gummies are one of the first ones I reviewed. Now, they have become a favorite that I’ll always keep stocked. These bricks are packed with THC and will have you feeling that strong euphoria for hours, without putting you out of commission. The taste is pretty herby (so be prepared), but other than that, the effects of this gummy are worth every penny and then some. As far as marijuana edible companies go, Wana is a pretty popular one, so they’re also relatively easy to find if you’re in an area that allows recreational or perhaps even medical use.   

Kiva Confections Chocolate Bars

Kiva is renowned for their great tasting chocolate, but also for their serious potency. I tried the blackberry dark chocolate flavor, and while it was extremely flavorful, it was also really heavy, but in a fun way. This chocolate is great for just sinking into the couch and watching TV. The taste of the herb in this chocolate is also a perfect fit. I’ve tried some of their other bars as well, and the flavors mix so well that you almost wish you could just buy plain-Jane chocolate in Kiva’s flavors, for days where you don’t need any special effects. For these, however, be careful not to eat too much.

Well worth it – we know

Cheeba Chews

If you’re big into edibles, then you’ve probably heard of this as one of the best cannabis edibles on the market. It is seriously potent, and I would not recommend eating a whole one on your first time around (or possibly even ever). When I got the product, I split mine into ten pieces. Eating one piece had me thoroughly feeling the effects all night, and it’s an intense ride. I got the sativa – as I always do – and I was feeling very energetic, more than I usually do with sativa products. The girl from the dispensary was dead-on, when she said, “You’re going to be up for awhile.”

Mountain High Suckers

These are fun because you get to taste the candy for a while, and if you’re a lollipop fan, Mountain High Suckers are definitely the best you’ll find. The way I received them, they were in a bag, without the sticks on them, in the cherry flavor. I just popped one in, and it stayed in my mouth for about an hour. Once it was done, I could feel myself on the come up, which was great. These are a fun treat to have around, and they’re also not too intense. You experience a generally nice feeling all around and the best casual edible high you can get. I would even suggest these to my mother (if she would give THC the time of day).

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Coda Truffles

Last, but not least, is my absolute favorite on this list, the Coda truffles. I tried these on a hiking trip in Denver, and they provided one of the best edibles experiences I’ve ever had. The woman at the dispensary before the trail recommended them specifically for hiking and gave us a lot of helpful background information. There are definitely some gourmet marijuana edible companies in today’s market, and it showed in these delicacies. I tried the Hazelnut flavor, and I don’t think I’ve ever tasted non-edible chocolate that was quite this good. All my friends and I were astounded, and we all debated eating a second, but as the responsible parent-friend I am, I did not allow that, which was in our best interest.  

Once we started to feel these, the hike was instantly easier, and we all wanted to get to the top as fast as we could. Every breathtaking scene was even more breathtaking; I would be lying if I said I didn’t have to stop myself from crying when we ran into a full family of deer a few feet away from us. It was one of the most joyous highs I’ve ever had and definitely made that trip a highlight of the year. If you can get your hands on these, I encourage you to try them as soon as possible. The taste will have you hooked, but the experience will surpass it.