At this point, it’s pretty much common knowledge, when it comes to how beneficial CBD can be. However, we’ve been largely focusing on the oil. There are a ton of high CBD strains of flower out there that can be just as beneficial as using CBD oil to treat a wide variety of symptoms. This article will break down our selections for the five best CBD strains out there.

1. CBD Critical Cure 


This strain offers a low amount of both CBD and THC, but with an overwhelming dominance of CBD. When we say low, we mean around 5% THC and 11% CBD, which is pretty low, compared to some of the stuff you’ll read about just later in this article. It is slightly psychoactive, but it’s not going to rock your world in that sense, by any means.


As the name suggests, CBD Critical Cure is a strain that was created specifically for medicinal purposes. It was purposefully grown to be a high CBD strain that would provide pain relief and relax your body at the same time.

A medical dispensary, where you can find many of these strains

2. ACDC 

This strain is also specifically very good for migraines because all of the CBD is a very effective reliever of pain and inflammation. In fact, many people would consider it to be one of the best CBD strains for migraines, and studies have shown medical marijuana to have very promising results in treating severe headaches.

Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush is a one-to-one strain that’s specifically meant to relax you since it’s also an indica. The CBD completely eliminates the anxiety that could manifest from the THC, meaning this is a complete chill-out strain and good for those that can have severe anxiety disorders.


Since it is equal in its THC and CBD components, there will be some psychoactive effects, but the indica style is meant to ease any of the uppity anxious feelings you might get from THC (and that CBD will obviously help). This is one for people who do want to get a little stoney but are also looking for a big relief. Of course, THC can have its health benefits, too, so not everyone takes this strain simply for a good time.

4. Remedy 

This is one of the very high CBD strains that is used specifically for pain relief situations and for anti-inflammation. It’s definitely one of the best CBD strains for migraines because it was made just for those types of ailments. It comes with almost no psychoactive effects, which means you can use this on the day-to-day.

5. Harlequin 

This is considered to be one of the best CBD strains, specifically because it has such a nice ratio of CBD to THC. Pretty much every grow yields flower that has a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, meaning that you’ve got an overwhelming amount of CBD soothing your ailments, whether they be anxiety or pain. There is still enough THC in this option for that recreational psychoactive effect, but it’s possible to use little enough that you can feel none of that, while still getting relief.


Harlequin is ideal for someone who may need it strictly for relief as they go about their day, but who can use a little bit more in their free time to experience that THC if they want.

The Harlequin Strain


Depending on your state’s legal status, it may harder or easier to find some of these. For example, if your state is more medicinally focused, you might find more Remedy or CBD Critical Cure, but if you’re in a recreational state, Harlequin will definitely be available.


Just like with any medicine, it’s definitely good to shop around and see which one works best for the ailments that you have. Giving all or most of these a try may show you the different benefits that each one can have.


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