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In the past, we’ve covered a lot of the benefits of CBD, which have been life changing for ailments that chronic sufferers experience daily. Now, not only can human patients experience these benefits in states where it is legal, but dogs can too!

There are a wide range of common ailments in dogs that can be treated by CBD, and some people believe this treatment works better than the standard medications on the market. Here are just a few reasons why it’s time to start filling up the cart with CBD for your pet.

Pain Relief

One big reason that humans use CBD oil is for chronic pain relief, and dogs see this same benefit from this amazing substance. As our dogs get older, their joints can start to ache, and simple tasks can become harder for them to complete. CBD oil can provide the pain relief necessary to get them active due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

If you start throwing your dog some
hemp extract CBD dog treats, then you’ll be helping to ease the pain that’s affecting your furry friend’s livelihood. You could see this change instantly, or it could take a few days or an increase in their CBD dosage before your dog sees relief.

Active dogs that aren’t experiencing joint pain lead happier, healthier lives!


Another of the common ailments we’ve seen CBD used for is seizures, both in humans and man’s best friend. In fact, that’s been the primary reason for CBD legalization in many states; the dramatic seizure relief that has been witnessed in children who experience serious epilepsy.

Now, you have the chance to provide your fur baby with a
pet-safe CBD hemp oil extract that can lessen the occurrence and severity of their seizures, and even has the potential to eliminate them altogether. Because of this, CBD oil has been used as a life-changing solution for many families, not only for their kids, but their pets as well.

Anxiety Treatment

After the recent firework-heavy holiday that is the Fourth of July, we’ve all seen posts on social media about unusual pet behavior during these explosive events. A lot of animals tend to experience symptoms of anxiety during fireworks, and thunderstorms too.

No one wants their pets to go through that, but anxiety can also cause some rambunctious behavior that isn’t the best for a clean house. The people over at Innovet, a natural pet remedies company, said that they receive a ton of questions during the fireworks season about what can be done to treat a dog’s anxiety. Innovet always points compassionate clients to
their CBD hemp products as a way to relieve anxiety in dogs, so that they’re both happy and less destructive to your house.

Replace pharmaceutical anxiety medication with CBD!

Treatment of Cancer Symptoms

Sadly, dogs can also get cancer just like humans. Fortunate, CBD can ease a lot of the symptoms that dogs may experience during this time.

Innovet first started studying the effects of CBD oil when one of the company dogs, Gordo, had a bad reaction to chemotherapy. Unfortunately, due to how hard it was at the time to get their hands on hemp oil, they weren’t able to get it in time.

One of the worker’s dogs, Maximus, also happened to be going through nasal cancer at the same time they were trying to get hemp oil for Gordo. Maximus had stopped walking and eating because of the severity of his symptoms. Luckily, the Innovet team was able to obtain enough hemp oil in time to help Maximus, and saw him happily walking around, exploring the warehouse, and eating again, only 30 minutes after the first dose!

Beyond symptom relief, there is research being done to suggest that CBD helps with cancer prevention, weakening cancer cells, and with fighting tumors. For this same reason, there is significant research on CBD and other cannabinoids for cancer prevention in humans – many pet owners have seen this as a life changing medicine for their dogs as well.

An Easy Choice

There are many types of symptoms that hemp oil can alleviate in dogs, beyond what we’ve discussed here. It can also help with your dog’s appetite, their digestive system, and even keep their heart healthy. After the experience Innovet had with their dogs and CBD, they dove right in and are now offering these products to pet owners everywhere.

Treating your dogs with CBD oil means that not only will you be alleviating some known ailments, but you will also be preventing other illnesses from occurring, making for a happier pet all around. Give Innovet’s CBD products a try!


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