California: The Golden State (and the Green State)

It’s always been known that California marijuana laws are better than most places. Medical Marijuana in California was first legalized in 1996, but it was actually all the way back in 1972 that they had the nation’s first vote to legalize the plant. In 1975, California dropped the possession charge to a misdemeanor.

Today, those over the age of 21 can enjoy cannabis recreationally and buy from dispensaries, making the state one of the great few who are fully friendly to our favorite plant. Is marijuana legal in California? Thankfully (and finally) yes.

Current Legal Status in California

  • Medical Marijuana in California: Legal as of 1996
  • Recreational California Marijuana Laws: Legal as of 2016

The California marijuana laws could get even freer, as there are talks of passing laws that would allow for use of cannabis products (such as some of these edibles) at certain events. Medical marijuana in California has always been available, but now with the passing of recreational, it’s just as free as neighboring Nevada.

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Is marijuana legal in Arkansas? Up until 2016, not at all. But in 2016, the Arkansas marijuana laws changed, to make way for medical use. The first attempt in 2012 failed, but medical marijuana in Arkansas eventually won out, with 53% of the vote when the victory came through.

As of now, marijuana possession is still a misdemeanor offense under four ounces, and there hasn’t been much of an effort to change that. Is marijuana legal in Arkansas? Only as medicine, but the future for recreational use seems to be bright. For those in the northeastern region of the state, they have it much easier than their neighbors in Tennessee to the east and Missouri to the northeast, neither of which have medical marijuana.

Current Legal Status in Arkansas

  • Medical Marijuana in Arkansas: Legal as of 2016
  • Recreational Arkansas Marijuana Laws: First possession offense is a misdemeanor; never voted on

  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of medical marijuana in 2016: None yet

While the Arkansas marijuana laws do not yet allow for recreational use, the cities of Fayetteville and Eureka Springs voted to make marijuana possession the lowest law enforcement priority. David Couch, who did a lot for making medical marijuana in Arkansas happen, has also prepared an amendment for recreational marijuana, to use as soon as the approval can get it pass.

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Arizona: The Grand Canyon and Cannabis

While sharing a border with Nevada, and the Golden State of California – both places that are pretty easy on cannabis – the Arizona marijuana laws aren’t as progressive as you’d think. medical marijuana in Arizona is the only way to get your hands on it at this point, and there’s even an effort to stop that, from some very conservative politicians, like Bill Montgomery.

Is marijuana legal in Arizona? Only medical marijuana in Arizona is legal for now, and hopefully, that won’t be changing (unless Mr. Montgomery gets his way).

Current Legal Status in Arizona

  • Medical Marijuana in Arizona: Legal as of 2010
  • Recreational Arizona Marijuana Laws: Failed twice in 2010 and 2016; felony on first possession offense

Recreational Arizona marijuana laws don’t seem to have a very bright future right now. As the law currently stands, possession of under two pounds can be a low level felony that will require a lawyer to be brought down to a misdemeanor.

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Alaska: Looking for (Cannabis in) Alaska

Alaska Marijuana laws have had some interesting ups and downs over the years. It was recreationally decriminalized all the way back in 1975, then re-criminalized in 1990, then that was struck down in 2003, then re-criminalized again in 2006, and finally, in 2015, both recreational and medical marijuana in Alaska were fully legalized. Is marijuana legal in Alaska? Waveringly so over the past almost 50 years, but now, it’s completely legal.

When it comes to Alaska marijuana laws, or medical marijuana in Alaska, this is a red state that is surprisingly progressive. Two adults over the age of 21 can actually cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants in their home, which is even more than is allowed by the marijuana laws in Colorado.

Current Legal Status in Alaska

  • Medical Marijuana in Alaska: Legal as of 1998
  • Recreational Alaska Marijuana Laws: Legal as of 2014

  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of marijuana since 2016: $7.4 million

Harriet Drummond is also trying to make those old misdemeanor offenses go away for people who accrued them before legalization. So whether it’s recreational or medical marijuana in Alaska, this state is as free as it can get for the plant, and there are plenty of places to search online for dispensaries.

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The Kitchen - Recipes

If you love marijuana and you love food, edibles are obviously the right choice for you. However, while many edibles come in a variety of baked goods – including the infamous weed brownie – what do you do if you don’t particularly have a sweet tooth for chocolate?


Don’t worry, my fruity friend; there’s a new trend in the Cannabis community that caters to those that love a variety of fruit-infused flavors. In fact, there’s more than one way to get your fruity fix. In this post, we’re going to focus on teaching you how to make cannabis gummy bears in the flavors that you truly love.


Of all the gummy candies available on the market, gummy bears reign supreme. Thanks to this helpful cannabis gummy bears recipe, you can find your way to gummy heaven, with a sack full of custom flavors and colors. Each chewy candy has a personalized dose of cannabinoids, making microdosing easy, for those who may take their medical edibles at a slower pace than what’s offered at their local dispensary. In this way, you can explore what your body can and can’t handle, and even build up your threshold, one tasty candy at a time.

Create Customized Cannabis Gummy Treats

This healthy gummy recipe is a delicious way to get some of those fruit cravings covered, as well as enjoying your THC for the day, in one swift snack. These are easy to make, and you will quickly master the process if you follow the simple steps. To get started, collect the items you’ll need.


Tools You’ll Need:

  • Gummy molds
  • A medium saucepan
  • A whisk
  • A syringe or droplet tool
  • Plastic food wrap

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • Cannabis tincture of your choice (You can use high-THC/CBD, or a mixture of both.)
  • 5-6 cups of 100% fruit juice (orange or pineapple, for example)
  • 4 tablespoons of gelatin powder
  • 3 tablespoons of honey, for a natural sweetener

How to Make Cannabis Gummy Bears in 6 Easy Steps

1. Pour the fruit juice of your choice into the medium saucepan. Place over medium heat and gently warm, continuously stirring the liquid while it warms. You only want it to get warm, not boiling hot. The gelatin doesn’t work if things get too hot.Also, the cannabinoids and terpenes can start to degrade with too much heat.  
2. Add your preferred amount of tincture and mix thoroughly. Note: You will need to do some calculating here. The quantity of tincture depends on how strong it was made in the first place. Usually, three or four teaspoons will do, but this will vary, depending on the effect you wish to have when you eat your gummy bears. Using good-quality bud will certainly result in a different product than a tincture made with lower-quality marijuana.
3. Whisk continuously, as you slowly add the gelatin to the fruit and THC mixture. Gelatin is notorious for creating lumps in the mixture if you add it too quickly, so take your time.
4. Add honey one tablespoon at a time, and taste as you go. You can opt for your preferred sweetness, to create candies with your desired flavor and taste.
5. Use the syringe or your droplet to fill the molds. This is much cleaner than trying to pour or spoon the mix into the tiny gummy bear molds, and you’ll avoid making a mess.
6. Finish by refrigerating the gummy bear molds for 3-4 hours. After they have set, you’ll be able to remove them and enjoy (with caution). Be sure to package your treats with a green cross, to avoid mix-ups with family and friends.

Things to Note, Before Making Gummy Bear Edibles

As mentioned above, you’ll need either a cannabis tincture or CBD oil to achieve your desired results. If you’re not too familiar with marijuana products, you can learn more about how to make your own tincture. You can also learn about the benefits of CBD oil, to find out more about how your cannabis gummy bears recipe can be a boost for good health.

Last but not least, depending on your desired results, the amounts you add to your mixture may vary. We’ve discussed THC in edibles before, so this article about creating the perfect weed brownie is great to reference when it comes to getting your dosage right. If your product comes from a dispensary, you can also check the packaging for a conversion chart.

Get to Cooking

As you can see, crafting your own edible marijuana gummy bears is super simple – probably one of the easiest edible recipes available. Even if you’re a beginner, you can try this recipe and experience successful, tasty results.


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