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There are many cannabis users that prefer to take their THC with edibles, rather than smoking. Luckily, there are many options to choose from, including some brand-new edibles for the new year! Here is a quick list of the trendiest and tastiest marijuana edibles to hit the market in 2018 and what to look for.

Changes in the Marijuana Edible Market to Look Out For

Unfortunately, cannabis gets a bad wrap, and there are a few cases can be negative, like when an edible gets confused as the normal snack. Marijuana edibles are meant to be enjoyed by those that actually want to feel their effects.

That’s why the packaging and labeling of marijuana edibles will be making a few improvements in 2018, by clearly labeling ganja goodies, to differentiate them from everyday snacks. Guidelines created under Prop 64 indicate that marijuana edibles:

  1. May not be designed to appeal to children, or easily confused with commercially sold candy or foods that do not contain marijuana.
  2. Are to be produced and sold with a standardized dosage of cannabinoids not to exceed ten (10) milligrams tetrahydrocannabinol per serving.
  3. Must be delineated or scored into standardized serving sizes, if the marijuana product contains more than one serving and is an edible marijuana product in solid form.
  4. Must be homogenized, to ensure uniform disbursement of cannabinoids throughout the product.
  5. Must be manufactured and sold under sanitation standards established by the Department of Public Health, in consultation with the bureau, for preparation, storage, handling and sale of food products.
  6. Must be provided to customers with sufficient information to enable the informed consumption of such products, including the potential effects of the marijuana product and directions as to how to consume the marijuana product, as necessary.

With those guidelines in place, you can understand exactly what you’re buying from your local store. As far as what to purchase, there are a few options to make sure you put on your bucket list for 2018.

The Five Best Marijuana Edibles this Year:

1. Reef Jerky from Badfish

If you’re looking for an edible that’s outside of the normal sweet treat, you can try Reef Jerky from Badfish, “California’s Favorite Extracts.” They took a more savory approach to marijuana edibles, giving everyone an edible that they can enjoy, including those with a saltier pallet!

2. Zen Brands Medicated Sour Straw

These edibles gummies add a sour twist to the classic take on cannabis candy, and they are highly effective. In fact, every sour strip is coated in sugar and infused with 375 mg of top-shelf THC extract. It’s the perfect super sweet treat!

3. Brewbudz Cannabis Infused Coffee and Tea

Have you ever brewed a hot chai latte in your Keurig and thought to yourself, “I wish I could add some canna oil to this,” for a little morning pick-me-up? Don’t worry; Brewbudz has got you covered! They’ve created Keurig-friendly, convenient ways to get your daily dose of cannabis, with infused coffee and tea pods. You might want to check with your boss before you bring one to work, though!

4. Topanga Harvest Mini Muffins

These little muffins have more punch than you might anticipate. By looking at the cute packaging and adorable miniature sizing, you might be tempted to eat more than you really need; eight bite-sized muffins containing 35 mg of THC. The only downfall about these tasty treats is that they’re so yummy you’ll want to eat more than the recommended serving size, so be careful with these cannabis treats.

5. Cannacookies from Venice Cookie Company
Do you have a sweet tooth of the chocolate variety? Many edibles try to quench that thirst for sugar and your urge for a healthy dose of THC, but no other company compares to the cannacookies offered at Venice Cookie Company. After opening in 2008, Venice has taken off and become the go-to brand for delicious – and powerful – cannabis sweets. A few of their edibles have even been reported to hold 1000 mg of THC. It’s definitely recommended that you nibble on these treats, rather than scarfing them down in one sitting!

Finding your perfect edible in 2018 can be a fun adventure, as you check out the tasty options the cannabis market has to offer. Just be sure to be safe when doing it! Make sure that your edibles are correctly labeled, to save you and your friends or family from any unfortunate circumstances.

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