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Rhode Island Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Rhode Island: Smallest State in the Union Could be Greener

Despite being basically engulfed by Massachusetts, the Rhode Island marijuana laws aren’t as lenient. In 2012, Rhode Island voted to decriminalize marijuana, but efforts for legalization – which have been proposed annually – keep failing to make the big leap. As of now, possession of less than one ounce is a civil infraction that comes with a $150 fine, so not really a big deal. Polls done by Brown University show that well over half the population supports a full legalization effort.

Medical marijuana in Rhode Island was implemented in 2006, and the state got their dispensary market up and running in 2009. Is marijuana legal in Rhode Island? Yes, as far as medical use, but recreational marijuana laws in Rhode Island have yet to evolve.

Current Legal Status in Rhode Island

  • Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island: Legal since 2006
  • Recreational Rhode Island Marijuana Laws: Decriminalized since 2012

  • Projected tax revenue generated by legalization of recreational marijuana: $15 million (which may seem low, but come on guys – it’s a really small state)

If you want to see a recreational market for the state of Rhode Island, make sure to show your support of Scott Slater and Joshua Miller, in their attempts to make Rhode Island lawmakers see the green light. Medical marijuana in Rhode Island is running well so far, but there’s are many opportunities to see that recreational green.

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