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Product Review – The Strongest Edible on the Market – Cheeba Chews

When I asked for Cheeba Chews at the dispensary, the girl at the counter gave me a little smile, before asking me which kind I wanted. They had the sativa, the CBD, the indica, and the hybrid. I went with the sativa, and she gave me a little chuckle and said, “just so you know, these are going to keep you up for a while.” I nodded and said, “I had a feeling.” It was about 8 p.m., but I was ready for the night to take me wherever it needed to go. That sounds pretty epic –  considering I spent most of the night on the couch – but the moniker of “strongest edible on the market,” is no joke, as Cheeba Chews pack a punch.

The Chew

When the woman handed the bag to me, I was very surprised that I was paying almost 20 dollars for one dose. I thought, wow; Cheeba Chews must really be that good. If you’re debating where to purchase your trial run, be sure to also research the best online vendors, to get the most bang for your buck.

Not to be ingested all at once!

When I got back to my house, upon further inspection of the bag, I realized that I almost made the worst mistake of my life. Literally. As someone who does experience anxiety from high amounts of THC, eating the whole thing would have wrecked me. The little chew is supposed to be cut up into 10 pieces. So please, if you’re like me, cut the individual Cheeba Chews up, before using.

Eating the Chew

On the package, there are instructions to put the chew in the freezer for 5 minutes, and then cut it up into 10 pieces. It may seem hard to perfectly portion something into 10 even pieces, but trust me, that direction was perfect. It’s almost intuitive, given how small the chew is. I found it extremely hard to screw up portioning the chew out, so don’t worry, if you think you don’t have the steadiest hands in the world.

Detailed instructions, in case you’ve partaken in other products prior to opening

After keeping it in the freezer for those 5 minutes, I cut it up, and popped my piece in, at around 9 p.m. The taste is like a tootsie roll, but much softer (and a much better taste, if you ask me). The cannabis flavor goes great with the combination of soft and sweet chocolate, and I totally would have eaten the whole thing, if I didn’t know any better.

Takes one back to kindergarten… until the high kicks in

The Come-Up

The package said to allow for 2 hours, as far as results. There was a serious warning to wait it out for those two hours, rather than eating another piece. What was nice was that I didn’t have to wait two hours. I could feel myself literally rising by 10 p.m. The package said there was just under 9mg of THC in the serving, which was much less than any other edible I had tried up until then, but that made no difference here. I was watching Criminal Minds on marathon, and I swear that the show blew my mind more than usual. As a Las Vegas resident, I was watching all of the episodes that take place in my city, but I experienced no paranoia, despite how terrifying the show can be. What was mind-blowing was how able I was to keep up with the plotlintes and events, and how energetically ready I felt to solve the cases.


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My thoughts were racing, but they were all positive; none of them were anxious or paranoid. I was simply sucked in to the show and really testing my puzzle-solving skills, to figure out how these stories would configure in a narrative format. The euphoria continued to rise higher and higher, surprisingly. Many times, I thought I had perhaps peaked. But by midnight, my eyes were quite red, and everything coming out of my mouth was jokes on jokes. I wasn’t released from this high until 2 a.m., but, even then, I still felt euphoric, if slightly less so. I only felt tired due to the amount of brain power I was using.

The Next Day

Once I finally crashed, after the exhilarating experience, I slept like a brick. When I woke up, I could still feel some trace effects, but it was such a relaxation at this point. Since it was a Sunday when I woke up, I was able to just lay there and review the night. Looking back, the cheeba chew was definitely the strongest edible I’ve ever taken. There was no trace of a bad high mixed in, either.

I kept the rest of the edible in my fridge, and remembering the importance of safely labeling edibles, I left a note on them, regarding the proper dosage, just in case my roommate decided to try some of the strongest edible on the market. If you’re up for a wild ride, Cheeba Chews are sure to give you a run for your money.