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New Hampshire Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

New Hampshire: Live Free (Besides Weed) or Die

For those of us from Massachusetts, it was sort of known that crossing the border into New Hampshire meant you were going to be under the strictest weed laws in New England. Thankfully, New Hampshire marijuana laws have taken a lighter heart, after decriminalization back in 2017. However, it’s still not enough to support their “Live Free or Die” state motto (on every “Welcome to New Hampshire” sign), and their other policies follow suit.

In 2014, the House bill to make a recreational market – similar to Colorado’s – failed. Not exactly surprising, considering that medical marijuana in New Hampshire only became legal a year earlier. The same medical marijuana program exists only as a last resort; it must only be prescribed after every other measure has been tried, and patients who do get it cannot grow it themselves. There are no New Hampshire laws restricting CBD oil, which means patients who want to take that route can skip all the trails necessary to get that medical marijuana prescription. Is marijuana legal in New Hampshire? No, not quite yet.

Current Legal Status in New Hampshire

  • Medical Marijuana in New Hampshire: Legal since 2013
  • Recreational New Hampshire Marijuana Laws: Decriminalized in 2017

  • Policy group(s) active in state: NORML
  • Total sales of medical marijuana in New Hampshire in 2016: $5.1 million

New Hampshire actually voted to legalize a small amount of recreational possession this year, but that doesn’t include making a market for it. As of now though, the bill needs to be studied and reviewed, so voicing your thoughts to representatives will help get that bill back into the works to change the New Hampshire Marijuana Laws.

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