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Montana Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Montana: Big Skies and Natural Remedies

If you’re looking to cross that Idaho border and find somewhere a little more lenient on marijuana, you might want to try the southern border in Nevada, because Montana isn’t much better. By the Montana marijuana laws, a first-time possession offense is a misdemeanor that could land you up to 6 months incarceration. Thankfully, the state did allow for medical marijuana in Montana starting in 2004, but then placed more restrictions allowing doctors to only have up to three medical marijuana patients. That was changed in 2016 making the state’s program much more lenient so that doctors could exceed that three patient limit.

Is marijuana legal in Montana? Only medically for now.

Current Legal Status in Montana

  • Medical Marijuana in Montana: Legal since 2004
  • Recreational Montana Marijuana Laws: Still a serious offense

  • Tax revenue generated by medical marijuana in first quarter of taxation in 2016: $300,000

Medical marijuana in Montana is going strong now with its restrictions lifted and the new taxation putting more money back into the state’s pocket. Recreational use is still an issue with how the current Montana marijuana laws punish first-time offenders, but Mary Dunwell is putting forth the idea to at least research the effects that recreational legalization could have, in order to then put it on the ballot for the state to consider.

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