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Minnesota Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Minnesota: THC in the Twin Cities

While it may not be totally decriminalized, possession of marijuana in Minnesota will only get you a petty misdemeanor, with no chance of jail time attached to it on a first offense. In fact, the way the Minnesota marijuana laws are set up, a first-time offense of sale is also a no-jail-time misdemeanor. Both of these offenses – so long as it’s under 42.5 grams – will get you a $200 fine, and this all came from an action to lessen the punishments dating back to 1976. Medical marijuana in Minnesota graced the state in 2014, with dispensaries open and ready for patients, meaning there is a market with the potential to get some cool edibles. Is marijuana legal in Minnesota? No, but it’s so close.

Current Legal Status in Minnesota

  • Medical Marijuana in Minnesota: Legal since 2014
  • Recreational Minnesota Marijuana Laws: Petty misdemeanor since 1976

  • Projected Total Tax revenue generated by legalization of medical marijuana by 2020: $2.3 billion

At this point, many of the politicians in the state support changing the Minnesota marijuana laws, so that adults can use it recreationally, but there are a few staunch opponents, similar to the situation in states like Arizona. Medical marijuana in Minnesota is going strong for now, but the politicians who want to legalize it need support from the people to make it happen.

Minnesota is on the cusp of change, but you may need to check out other canna options in the meantime. Check out all US marijuana laws here!