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Indiana Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Indiana: The Crossroads of America, but Not of Cannabis

Despite there being such lenient cannabis laws beyond the western border, in Illinois, Indiana marijuana laws are a bit strict, to say the least. Possession is an automatic misdemeanor that could mean 180 days in jail for the lowest level possession charge, and lawmakers have seen trouble in getting that reduced, as some want to bump those punishments up. Medical marijuana in Indiana also failed to pass, so the only thing they have at the moment is medical allowances for CBD oil. Is marijuana legal in Indiana? Heck no.

Current Legal Status in Indiana

  • Medical Marijuana in Indiana: Still illegal, CBD only
  • Recreational Indiana Marijuana Laws: Lowest offense is still a misdemeanor

  • Policy group(s) active in state: First Church of Cannabis, Indiana NORML
  • Politician(s) leading legislative reform: Liz Watson
  • Top brand(s) based in state: None
  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of any marijuana: $0, because it’s still Schedule I

The state still seems a bit backward, when it comes to the recreational reform or medical marijuana in Indiana. However, some of their more conservative laws are proving to be trouble for the prohibition movement. The First Church of Cannabis was started, in response to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which caused quite a stir; this now-legitimate church was claiming that the strict marijuana laws in Indiana were infringing on their church’s religious freedom.

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