Marijuana Laws

Hawaii Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Hawaii: Natural Medicine Off the Mainland

Hawaii marijuana laws are not as relaxed as those in the other state off the mainland, Alaska. Only medical marijuana in Hawaii is legal as of yet, but the offenses for possession aren’t as bad as states like Florida. It’s still a misdemeanor, but the minimum jail time equivalent on that offense is only 30 days. Hawaii now has dispensaries all over, which means the medical market is fully up and running. Is marijuana legal in Hawaii? Medically, yes, but there’s room to grow.

Current Legal Status in Hawaii

  • Medical Marijuana in Hawaii: Legal as of 2000; dispensaries as of 2015
  • Recreational Hawaii Marijuana Laws: Lowest offense is a low-level misdemeanor

As of now, there isn’t an end in sight for prohibition with Hawaii marijuana laws. Tulsi Gabbard is a politician who wants to end the prohibition for the sake of the people of Hawaii, so show some support if you want recreational marijuana in the islands.

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