Marijuana Laws

Georgia Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Georgia: Hotlanta Ain’t So Hot for Marijuana

If you thought things were hard down in Florida, the Georgia marijuana laws aren’t very merciful, either. The first offense for possession of marijuana gets you a suspension on your driver’s license, even if you aren’t caught with it while in a car. Medical marijuana in Georgia did pass in 2015, but with a very limited use, focusing on non-psychoactive cannabis oils, specifically CBD oil. Is marijuana legal in Georgia? Barely, and definitely not enough.

Current Legal Status in Georgia

  • Medical Marijuana in Georgia: Legal as of 2015
  • Recreational Georgia Marijuana Laws: Lowest offense comes with a license suspension

  • Top brand(s) based in state: None yet
  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of medical marijuana in Georgia: $0, because they don’t even sell it…

At this time, Georgia doesn’t have any dispensaries or any way to legally obtain medical marijuana products for patients’ proven ailments; they have to get it all out of state. Allen Peake is ready to put a stop to that and at the least get a market for medical marijuana, by changing the marijuana laws in Georgia.

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