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If you’ve been reading about the different chemicals in cannabis, then by this point, you definitely know what cannabinoids are. Cannabinoids are the center of research when it comes to cannabis and its medicinal effects, but there are other chemicals that can also affect your cannabis products: organic compounds called terpenes.

There are many different terpenes out there, and they’re important to take note of because they can greatly impact the flavor and smell of your cannabis as well as add to the effects of your strains and cannabis oil uses. Each common terpenoid is a natural way to enhance the effects of cannabis in your mind and body. This is important those who are disgusted by certain flavors, and it is important to take note of, when making edibles, in order to pair your flavors thoughtfully.

In this two-part series, we’ll take a look at some of the most important terpenes out there, so you can keep track of what you’re getting, as most labels will provide the top three terpenes.


One of these important compounds is called Myrcene, which you will usually see on labels as β-myrcene. This is one of the most common terpenes you can find in cannabis. This can actually affect you in the way of weighing you down a bit, making you sink into the couch. It’s usually highly present in indica strains, for this reason. Myrcene also assists all of the chemicals in your cannabis affect you more quickly and easily, by decreasing resistance and enhancing the terpenoid natural effects that could come from other terpenes in your strain.

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This compound also has some anti-inflammatory properties and can be used in conjunction with other preventative measures to help with ulcers. This essential oil is found in the leaves of many citrus fruits, so it gives off a citrusy scent, along with earthy and musky tones.


Limonene’s name kind of says it all, as far as smell and flavor go. It’s very citrusy, so if you’re getting that sour, fruity smell from cannabis, it’s probably high in Limonene, which is good. You can find this terpene in normal citrus fruit rinds as well, and it’s easily absorbed by just smelling it. You can also use Limonene as an antifungal, which is why it’s often concentrated into oils and creams. It’s also known to help with weight-loss and is generally associated with an uplift in mood.

Limonene is also found in the skin of citrus fruits


For those of us who get a little anxious from THC, you might want to be on the lookout for Linalool. It promotes calming feelings and can even assist with sleep. In addition to that relaxing feeling, Linalool can also promote health in the immune system, and it has been shown to inhibit the damage of cigarette smoking to your lungs. It has more of a floral scent and flavor, sometimes described to be similar to lavender.

Linalool will help with your insomnia, to keep you from falling asleep at your desk


This is one of the spicier terpenes that you may notice when you get cannabis products with a little kick. You will see Caryophyllene referred to as beta-caryophyllene or β-caryophyllene, similar to myrcene. This has a great terpenoid natural effect, as it can help with chronic pain, especially when combined with cannabis oil uses, like CBD, a miracle cannabinoid that you’ve seen us talk about quite often here at Medical Edibles. It also seems this could be a good preventative measure for any damage caused to the kidneys by anti-cancer drugs.


This terpene is most known for its scent, and it has actually been used in Chinese Medicine for millennia. Borneol has a woody aroma that is very pleasant. It has been proven to be great for anti-insomnia and as a bronchodilator. There is a lot of research going into Borneol at this time as cancer-killer, as with many of the terpenes. It has also been recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Making Use of Terpene Knowledge

Now that you know a bit about terpenes, you can start looking out for them on the labels, when you go to your dispensary. It’s always helpful to ask questions about the terpenes that may not be listed as well. Anyone at your local dispensary should know about these chemicals and be able to point you in the right direction. Getting to know the aromas associated with each terpene will also help you so that you can smell a product and get a feel for how that strain might affect you.

Of course, doing some online research into which strains have which terpenes can also help you, to ensure you head to the right dispensary for your needs from the beginning. Enjoy getting to know more about how terpenes affect your body, as you hone in on the right products for your lifestyle.



The Couch

Sifting through the weeds (literally) for reputable, up-to-date information on all things marijuana can be daunting. These days, everybody is jumping on the “best cannabis websites” bandwagon, for a chance to get your clicks or cash. Yet, like any free enterprise gold rush, many of these sites fall short of giving you reliable information, like current cannabis news, strain reviews, and legal explanations. Instead, you get incessant advertising pop-ups, poor reporting, and yesterday’s trends.

We’ve narrowed down the contenders, to deliver a concise list of the four best cannabis websites, each of which provides green-friendly, knowledgeable info to help you make sense of the market, like product and manufacturer reviews. Each site offers knowledge to speak to your lifestyle, and these battle-tested pros will keep you ahead of the curve. Don’t fall for the fakes and flakes; get where you’re going on the right, responsible road instead.

Stay Merry on Merry Jane

Merry Jane

With a clever play on “Mary Jane,” the old-school term for marijuana, Merry Jane is jam-packed full of green-friendly news. From sobering articles that describe the current political climate to music and videos, this site has it all. Best of all, dispensary locations are provided, allowing you to navigate and analyze, for some savvy comparison shopping.

Merry Jane also has a community platform app called SESH, described as a “share your smoking experience” session, hence SESH. You can upload pretty much anything and connect with other users, which is great if you like the group vibe.

The Weed Blog

For a no-nonsense, straightforward site that might be right out of your dad’s newsfeed (if he’s also a canna fan), The Weed Blog delivers. Here, the current cannabis news is presented via a platform you can toke to on Sunday mornings, in your slippers, with a pipe in hand. There is a menu chock-full of top stories and culture grabs, and the add-ons make this one of the best cannabis websites around.

The Weed Blog includes such sections and articles as:

Cooking – Cannabis infused nut butter

Science – “Former Chairman of Epilepsy Foundation Wants CBD for Kids”

Policy – “Jeff Sessions Admits Feds Lack Resources for Small Marijuana Crimes”

Advocacy – “Veterans Get Green Light to Discuss Medical Marijuana With VA Doctors”

Growing – From specific strains for depression to tech advice

Events – Bud Camp: The Cannabis Profit Summit

The Weed Blog offers options that are laid out nicely, to keep you in the know, without feeling like you’re fifteen years old and discovering pot for the first time.

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This site is one of the best cannabis websites for strain reviews (and more) on the net today. Leafly offers a rock-solid platform that brings the graphics of science to the world of strain descriptions.

Based on your high school chemistry periodic table of elements, Leafly sets up strains the same way. By clicking lettered tile symbols, you get an indica, sativa, or hybrid description. Each includes an “effects” scale, consisting of creative, euphoric, happy, relaxed, and uplifted levels, with a 1-5-star rating of favorites. Popular products and review information may include:

  • OG Kush – “cherished for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria”
  • Sour Diesel – “invigorating sativa-dominant strain named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma”
  • Green Crack – “induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day”

You can find where any strain is dispensed, as well as reviews and photos of products. Additionally, LeaflyTV serves up some serious topics, related to all things edible friendly, staying-vapor rich and flowery fun, while relaying current cannabis news.

Activate Your Activism

High Times

Founded in 1974 as the go-to, Mother-Nature-friendly magazine, High Times is now one of the top community digital platforms centered around weed.

Visit High Times for up-to-date news, including topics like:

  • “The 10 Best Edibles of 2017”
  • “How to Get Paid to Smoke Weed”
  • “Could Cannabis Replace Traditional Labor Medications?”

Plus, High Times offers swanky merchandise, books, magazines, and even weed testing kits.

One of the best things about High Times is that the company sponsors “cannabis cup contests”, which celebrate the best strains in current cannabis news from across the globe. There is even information on how to compete in a cannabis cup yourself, perhaps using that sweet, frosty, red-haired flower you accidentally created (using organic raspberries and Miracle-Gro, of course).


The Couch

Marijuana Edibles That Have More to Offer Than the Typical Brownie

If you’re a fan of edibles, you know that the most popular form of THC chocolate is the infamous pot brownie. Almost since the dawn of the marijuana movement, “weed brownies” have become synonymous with those who like their desserts a little on the “green” side. However, with an increased acceptance of THC throughout society, there have been more experiments with medical edibles, chocolate in particular.

Do you enjoy the euphoric feeling that edibles give, but don’t want to subject yourself to baked goods like brownies all the time? Perhaps some variety would liven up your post-meal or snack options, while still quelling your chocolate cravings? This week, we explore the revolution of chocolate and marijuana edibles, which is exploding this year.


Cocoa beans and cannabis offer many winning combinations

Why is Chocolate Ideal for Marijuana Edibles?

The cocoa bean (the key ingredient in chocolate) has always been highly revered for its multitude of health benefits, its ability to boost sex drives (as an aphrodisiac), and of course, its yummy taste. Taking it a step further, the endorphins released in the brain when eating cocoa are relatively similar to those that signal a love connection in the brain. No wonder chocolate has been one of the go-to ingredients, as people have begun experimenting with cannabis goods.

Cannabis chefs and scientists alike find chocolate and marijuana to be the perfect pair, not only because chocolate easily covers the leafy taste that marijuana can dominate some foods with, but also because the two share chemicals that affect the appetite, mood, and level of pain perception: THC and anandamide.

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

As you may know, THC boosts cannabinoid receptors in the human body, causing psychoactive and medical effects that make you feel warm, cozy, comfortable, and even euphoric. Anandamide, a lipid found in chocolate (and also produced in the human brain), is nearly chemically identical to THC and causes a light, natural high, which is why many people who don’t even use marijuana can find the food addicting to a certain degree.

When these two chemicals are combined, they can boost the effects of your chocolaty edibles, meaning you’ll probably feel higher and stay at that level for longer than with other edibles.

There’s More to THC Chocolate than Brownies

As mentioned above, we’re going to reveal a revolutionized world of marijuana edibles that include more than the traditional pot brownie. Not only are there hundreds of cocoa-infused recipes that you can try from the comfort of your own kitchen, but there are also many emerging products that are readily available, at your convenience.


THC Chocolate bars are changing up the dessert game

Here are some products that you may be interested in trying if you want to expand your horizons beyond brownies:

1. Kiva Marijuana Chocolate Bars

Do you prefer a traditional chocolate bar, in place of a heavy baked good? This brand of marijuana chocolate bars is highly revered and has great reviews. Not only do they satisfy your sweet tooth, but they also come in a variety of flavors ranging from tangerine chocolate to ginger chocolate, and even chai-latte chocolate bars!

2. “High” End Mindy’s Artisanal Chocolates

If you have a taste for high-end candies – like fancy peanut brittle, or toffee scattered on a bed of cannabis chocolate – Mindy’s Artisanal Chocolates may be right up your alley. This brand is known for their rich, creamy flavors that have an excellent blend of tastes and textures for you to enjoy. Mindy is a nationally acclaimed, James Beard Award-Winning Pastry Chef who enjoys giving back to customers who suffer from chronic conditions—or those who just love a great tasting edible.

3. THC Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Sometimes,  you don’t need something to snack on. Rather, it’s just as enjoyable to sip on something warm, while you enjoy your high on a cuddly night. This THC-infused hot cocoa is a must-try. You’ll feel cozy and blissful, by the time you reach the bottom of your cup.

What Are Your Favorite Chocolate Edibles?

If you’re a chocolate connoisseur, you owe it to yourself to try more than weed brownies. Although they are rich and may hit the right spot sometimes, there’s so much more chocolatey goodness emerging, as marijuana becomes legal across the states.

If you have an original chocolate cannabis edible you’ve fallen in love with, feel free to leave us a comment below. We would love to hear about your favorite edibles or chocolatey recipes that made your taste buds and endorphins jump for joy.


Author Byline: Maxine Samone, also known as The Curly Copywriter, spends her free time curating awesome articles, branding businesses, and documenting her journey on Instagram. Get daily news on everything hip and urban—including the best business practices for up and coming brands—by visiting


The Couch

As medical cannabis has been on the rise, we’ve started to hear more and more about its different uses, as well as the different chemicals contained in this groundbreaking medicine. These chemicals are called cannabinoids, and they’re not found just in cannabis. They can be found in many different plants, and our bodies have a whole system to react to them. This chemical isn’t psychoactive and provides many healing benefits to the body, in addition to keeping the psychoactive properties of THC from going too far. You can find all sorts of cannabis strains and products that focus on the CBD, but many people are discovering that CBD oil effects, specifically, are quite positive.

The Oil

The chemical, CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is one of the major compounds found in cannabis. The oil itself has been growingly in popularly, and there are many studies supporting its benefits. Extending beyond alternative medicine, CBD oil has also made ripples amongst pharmaceuticals. People love the CBD oil effects, and in states without recreational legality, medicinal use is ramping up, as a force for big pharma to contend with.

A lot more fun than a pill bottle!

When you get your oil, you’ll receive a little bottle and dropper. Don’t go rubbing that oil on any ache and pain; it’s actually for ingesting. You’ll want to shake the bottle up, to re-combine the contents, and then you can take it orally, by releasing the drops onto your tongue.  

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil works with our brain, through the cannabinoid system mentioned earlier. We have receptors that respond to the chemicals, cannabinoids, and, in turn, our body is stimulated to ease certain ailments.

CBD oil has established popularity within alternative healing circles for its ability to naturally aid in reducing pain and inflammation throughout the body. For those tired of popping prescription pills (and worried about the subsequent long-term effects of this on the liver), CBD oil offers an attractive alternative. It’s even been suggested that CBD oil may offer an entirely new class of treatment agents, when it comes to chronic pain, for those living with long-term conditions.

Many people have successfully used CBD oil to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, for example. While some people say that they struggle with using cannabis, as they feel anxiety after partaking, that anxiety actually comes from using THC, without ingesting enough CBD to counteract it. CBD itself has been shown to improve symptoms of anxiety in many patients, as well as symptoms of depression.

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Cancer patients have also taken up using CBD oil, due to the belief that it can stop the spread of cancer cells. While there is no confirmed proof of this yet, there is a growing community that is dedicated to expanding the research on this, as so many patients swear by it.

For kids, CBD oil has actually become a popular treatment for those that suffer from seizure-inducing illnesses. CBD oil is the highlight of many miracle stories, featuring children who had previously experienced a serious impact on quality of life, due to their constant seizures, and found immense relief, through using CBD oil. More research must be done here as well, but if you or someone you know suffers from these types of debilitating illnesses, it may be an option to consider.


Not just for fun; CBD extracts are medicinal and life-giving

How to Get CBD Oil

You can easily find CBD oil online, but beware; you can easily be duped into buying low-quality extracts which do not provide the desired effects. It’s always good to know who you’re buying from, so do your research, and make sure you invest with a reputable seller. You’ll also want to make sure your oil doesn’t have THC in it, because the unanticipated psychoactive effects may hinder your productive life, if you’re only trying to get the medicinal CBD oil effects.

You can also purchase CBD oil, or edibles that are high in CBD, at your local dispensary. You can easily run a Google search, to determine which spots sell the product you’re looking for. Given the popularity of CBD oil is, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In states that have not approved marijuana for recreational or medicinal uses, CBD is still considered close enough to cannabis, a Schedule 1 substance, even though it lacks the psychoactive effects. Marijuana is hard to come by in these places, which can be challenging for those who might benefit from its many medical uses. But for those of us in states that have approved medicinal and recreational use, we have the luxury of access to this increasingly popular – and potentially healing – substance.


The Couch

Many have been there before; whether it was from smoking flower, or eating edibles, you know when you’ve had too much. Most often, we see more severe reactions amongst those who have ingested too much activated THC. It may be obvious, but it’s because, when you’re smoking, you know when to stop. With edibles, you’re in for whatever you eat, and there’s no backing until it’s already too late.

Don’t get sucked into the twilight zone of an edibles overdose

Ways to Overdo It

The obvious advice for this situation is to not eat too many edibles. Yet, most people who do end up “greening out”, or overdoing it, have heard that warning. It’s hard to know what’s too much, but it can also be totally circumstantial.

The recommended dosage is 10mg of THC in whatever you’re ingesting, but this can even be too much for some people, depending on their body, metabolism, and how often they use THC. Sometimes, this dosage can be too much for people, even when all of those factors imply that it wouldn’t be. One must also take into account the strain the THC comes from. Some people do worse with Sativas, and some do worse with Indicas. It’s all about knowing your body and being as cautious as you can be. Go off of past experience from smoking flower, take into account how your body usually reacts to substances, and, above all, start out small. Ambition won’t help you here. Ease your way into edibles consumption, and make sure you’re getting the good stuff.

Another thing to keep in mind, when considering going too far, is what you already have – or don’t have – in your body. You never want to eat edibles on an open stomach. Some people may think that doing so will make the effects stronger, or that things will work faster, but all it will do is make the THC hit you harder, while less CBD is absorbed, which can cause anxiety and paranoia. Mixing alcohol into the mix can also cause you to absorb more, which for many people can send them straight into the spins.

Cannabis Training University - Master Certification


Greening Out: What it Feels Like

You may already know the symptoms of greening out. Fast heartbeat. Racing thoughts. General mental, and maybe even mobile, imparity. And then of course, the paranoia and anxiety that might make you think you’re going to die. All the good stuff. Don’t worry though; you won’t die. There have been no reports of that yet. But, now that edibles are easy to come by, more and more people are taking too many at one time and finding themselves in situations where they feel these things. You want to avoid greening out, if you can, because these symptoms are going to ruin your experience. To make sure your experience remains a good one, suppliers label their edibles, so no one gets mixed up and eats one by accident.

When Colorado first legalized cannabis, we started to see reports of greening out. People were reporting this as overdosing, which you could technically call it, but it is not as life-threatening as overdosing on other substances. Don’t let that downplay the situation though. There have been reports of fainting and near-seizure-like symptoms, so it can be very serious.

What You Can Do to Counteract It

Like I said before, unfortunately, once you’ve eaten the edibles, there’s no going back. Especially if you already deal with an anxiety disorder, you know that it’s not that easy to get rid of these kind of attacks. However, there are ways you can try to dampen those greening out symptoms, once you feel them coming on.

If you feel your heart beating too fast, try taking some deep breaths, take a warm shower, and/ or try to simply rationalize any speeding thoughts. Remember to always drink water, during a greening out situation. Hydration will help your body process the THC, but it will also work to calm you down, as you quench a sort of need in you. Stick to room temperature water, as a sudden blast of cold water can sometimes do more harm than good, as far as soothing your mind and body.

It Happens

One thing to keep in mind during all of this is that greening out can happen to anyone. Don’t let one bad experience make you feel like you have a problem, or like you can’t handle your THC. If cannabis use is seriously affecting your general mental health, life, relationships, and productivity, then it’s an issue, but, if not, you just made a simple mistake. Simply acknowledge serving sizes and remember to stay more cautious in the future, so that your experiences can remain good ones.  


The Couch

Introducing the Future of Cannabis Deals, Steals, and Discounts

If you need something specific but don’t know where to find it, where do you usually turn? Online markets have always had a way of clustering the most wanted, needed, yet hard-to-find items all in one place. Take Groupon, for example, where you can find everything from bizarre products to exotic trips to local restaurant deals.

What if you were able to find an online market with all of your marijuana needs in one place? And what if that market could offer you not just any cannabis products, but the best of the best? It would be revolutionary! Thanks to the ever-evolving market and growing acceptance of weed legalization, an innovative, online forum has been created to help all users get the best cannabis deals. We welcome you to try using, the modern “Groupon” for all your herbal needs and desires.

Finding Legal Cannabis Deals and Products Just Got Easier

As you’ve seen before in our past posts, we’ve explored the many steps that marijuana users should run through, before buying just any cannabis products from themselves. It’s critical for your safety—and for legal reasons—that your products are safely packaged, labeled, shipped properly, and that they follow all regulations.

Rather than having to skim through the fine print of websites to determine a given product’s legality, Herbpon eliminates the need for extra research. Every brand and company that registers as a vendor through the entity must prove their legality and further enforce safe marijuana practices, in order to have their wares listed for purchase.

You won’t have to worry about companies taking your money and disappearing off the face of the planet, or edible brands who don’t correctly label their products. Starting with their launch tomorrow, Herbpon makes buying cannabis products a breeze

What Does Herbpon Really Have to Offer?


When you visit Herbpon’s website, you’ll see a variety of different categories, ranging from events to cannabis stocks. Let’s review the special services Herbpon has to offer so that you can visit for the first time with intention. While at Herbpon, you can:

Plan a Marijuana Vacation Getaway

Besides once-in-a-lifetime deals on CBD for sale, you’ll find an array of interesting things to dive into, on Herbpon’s very first page. If you’re interested in attending a cannabis-centered event or dinner, you can find deals for two, for you and a partner, saving over 50% on your overall costs. Herbpon even partners with hotel facilities that neighbor growing facilities, allowing you to book a room and take a tour of a ganja gallery, all during one weekend. You can plan an entire romantic marijuana getaway with your smoking buddy for under $250 when you book with Herbpon!

Invest in Cannabis Stocks

Furthermore, if you want to make money on Herbpon, you can do that, too. There’s a page that allows you to explore the expanding market of cannabis stocks. Although nothing is guaranteed, you have the chance to earn money with something you’re passionate about, by taking the time to learn about companies that are growing in the market. You can then decide which brands align with your vision and combine actionable insights to make the best investments.

Become a Vendor

If you have your own legalized product or brand that could use some extra exposure, you should consider partnering with Herbpon as a vendor. There’s literally nothing better than centralizing your advertisements and then giving out actionable deals to your ideal market, in one place, where they can actually find you. The Internet can be a vast, empty place if your ideal customer doesn’t know how to navigate it or how to find you through the typical Google search. Herbpon makes it easier for you to gain traction in your business, build brand awareness, and ultimately, make more sales.

These are just a few of the many special services available through this centralized, online market. You can also watch your favorite edibles be made on a revolutionary recipe channel, keep up to date with the latest 420 news, and nab the best CBD for sale. Whatever your ganja needs are, Herbpon has got you covered.

The site will be launching tomorrow, so get ready to share in this awesome unveiling. In the meantime, was there anything about Herbpon that particularly excited you? Are you interested in the possibility of building your savings with the increasing cannabis stock market, or are you more excited about watching your favorite recipes on the cooking channel? Leave us a comment below.

Author Byline:
Maxine Samone, also known as The Curly Copywriter, spends her free time curating awesome articles, branding businesses, and documenting her journey on Instagram. Get daily news on everything hip and urban—including the best business practices for up and coming brands—by visiting


The Couch

Lots of people think they know what they’re doing, when they decide to venture into eating edibles. That first brownie tastes great initially, until they’re in way over their head on an edible ride. You can experience a ton of negative effects if you’re not doing this the right way. In fact, proper usage is so serious that brands are labelling edibles cannabis products, in order to avoid accidental consumption or over-consumption by the public. Do it right, and instead of freaking out, or falling asleep in a social setting, you’ll have a pleasant experience.

Here’s a brief guide, on how to best go about your first edibles adventure:

Use the Correct Amount

For inexperienced users, taking the correct dosage for your body can’t be stressed enough. Most edibles come with, at most,10mg of THC in them, but that can be too much for some people. Know your own habits, and figure out how much you can handle, rather than being overly ambitious. Ingesting too much activated THC could can anxiety or paranoia, really putting a damper on your entire experience. If you need to take half of a serving size, don’t be afraid to split it up, and save the other half for later. Feeling too little is always a better experience than feeling too much.

Hard to go wrong with a honey stick!

Wait for It to Kick In

You’ve probably heard the story before: a guy new to eating edibles doesn’t feel the brownie, so he eats three more. Then he becomes immobile, until it wears off. This obviously relates to the previous section, in regards to not taking too much. But aside from taking too much, it’s also important to know how long you’re going to be waiting until you feel something.

With smoking, you feel something right away. With edibles, it’s going to take a bit. It could be anywhere from a half hour, to two hours, or more; really depends on the edible and on your metabolism (as far as how quickly you process food).

Always ask the person at the dispensary, or the person giving you the edibles, as many questions as you can, beforehand. If you’re using edibles for a certain event, or if you want to time it to kick in, once you’re done with some important task, get the estimate, so that you’re not experiencing the full effects at the worst possible time.


Cannabis Training University - Master Certification


Remember: It Won’t Be Over in Ten Minutes

When you’re eating edibles, it’s not an uncommon thing to ask, “how long do edibles last?” Just like with the time it takes to kick in, this depends on a lot of different factors, some predictable, some not so predictable. The edible has to pass through the entire digestive system. What you’ve eaten in the day and how hydrated you are totally affects the intensity of the effects, as the cannabis moves through your digestive system, as well as how long it takes to complete the process. There’s no real way to get an exact time, if you’re new to the process. Overestimate the amount of time you may feel the effects, and don’t use edibles, if you have something important to do at some point in your day.

It’s also not going to hit you all at once. With ediles, the experience slowly builds, unlike smoking flower, where the effects are felt almost instantly. With edibles, there’s a come-up, and you don’t know when you’ll stop rising, until you’re on the way back down.

Prepare for the Worst, but Expect the Best

If you do happen to take too much, or if your high takes a bad turn, there are ways to counteract edibles. If you find yourself getting way too anxious or panicking, try to curb those feelings, by distracting yourself or doing whatever you can to calm yourself down. Staying conscious of your heart rate is important, as some deep breaths can slow it down. Staying hydrated can be a big help, in making sure that THC doesn’t make you freak out, and don’t forget to keep a full stomach! A full stomach means that you’ll absorb more CBD, which can curb the paranoid effects of CBD. Using edibles on an empty stomach is one of the worst things you can do, especially if that CBD is the reason you’re using them in the first place.

Be wary of consuming alcohol at the same time.

While you may want to keep your stomach full and consume plenty of liquids, alcohol may not be one of them. Some people enjoy having a few beers while they’re using edibles, but this will increase cannabinoid uptake, in a way that could trigger some of the adverse effects. Mix that with the general nausea that can come from drinking, and you might get yourself into a case of “the spins” that you has you gripping the toilet for the duration of your edible high.


The Couch

For those of us that are used to smoking flower, it’s obvious that, depending on the strain or the amount you use, you could experience different outcomes. Some people love the surprise, while seasoned fans know exactly what they’re looking for. But, what are edibles able to offer? Edibles can offer various reactions, too. That might be obvious, since it’s still the same active chemicals that are getting you to where you’re going, but with edibles, the processes used to make them and the ways they’re ingested can really take you for different turns. The effects of edibles also last much longer than smoking flower, so you’re in for a longer ride with these experiences and might feel more sensations within that time frame. Here are four effects of edibles to be aware of, before you give them a try:

The Body High

You may have often heard that, with edibles, you get more of a body high. That’s not just a rumor; it’s actually true. A lot of people prefer this experience, and there’s plenty of difference between the cerebral high and the body high, but taking edibles means that the cannabinoids go through your liver. When smoking flower, they’re going through your lungs and straight to the brain, through your bloodstream. You can, of course, experience either through both methods, but with edibles, you may want to keep the possibility of a more vivid experience in mind, to know what you’re getting into beforehand.


Cannabis Training University - Master Certification

This feeling is more of that glued-to-the-couch feeling. You may feel a little foggy and slow internally, but your body will also feel most of the effects, physically making you slow down. For some people, this is the main reason they even turn for marijuana products. For others, this is exactly what they’re trying to avoid, when they indulge. If you’re seeking this reaction from your edibles, go for indica-based edibles. If you want to avoid this lull, then sativa is the way to go.


Red Eyes


I wouldn’t necessarily recommend getting your cat high, but it’s fun to watch them mow down on some grass (actual grass, you weirdo)


You may have thought that having red eyes is just a side effect of actual smoke, but think again. The physical smoked has nothing to do with your eyes getting red (unless, of course, you’re sending the smoke straight into your eyes, which should obviously be avoided).


Instead, it’s actually the THC at work behind red eyes, as it lowers blood pressure in a way that causes this visual side effect. When you’re at the peak of an edibles high, you’ll often look in the mirror and notice that your eyes are even more glassy and red than when you smoke. This is normal, and, at least in my experience, usually a tell-tale sign that you’re at the height of the ride.



Although anxiety is not the best of the edibles effects in the world, it’s one which should be mentioned. While it does happen for some people, this is a common one for many marijuana users, regardless of the product. With edibles, however, you’re getting your dosage all at once, rather than spread out, whether you like it or not. You can’t just tap out, like you can when you’re smoking; you put it all in your system, and there’s no backing out.

Playing stoned Scrabble would give just about anyone an anxiety attack


The simple rule for avoiding this is to never eat edibles on an empty stomach. Of course, some of us are more prone to anxious reactions, and too high of a dose on a full stomach could still create anxiety, but eating actual food before you partake can mitigate the effects. It’s not like the same effect of drinking alcohol on empty stomach, where it absorbs too fast, but rather, this feeling comes from the fact that you’re not getting enough of all of the cannabinoids. You need that CBD to balance out the THC, and a full stomach promotes absorption of the former, which means the latter isn’t going to make you freak out as much. This is also something to keep in mind for those of us who use edibles for CBD specifically. Eating before using edibles, as bizarre as that sounds, will improve the desired CBD effects.


Panic Reactions

It’s terrible to think about edibles making you panic, but there have been reports of some pretty serious reactions. The word “overdose” can definitely make this seem very frightening, but that’s not what’s actually happening, when it comes to edibles effects. In the last section, I mentioned anxiety; for some people, anxiety can reach levels that may require a hospital. Faster heart rates or passing out are a few things that you’ll see, when people ingest more edibles than they should. As is the case with most recreational chemicals, careful dosage is important for safe use. In an effort to make dosages clear, edibles brands are doing their best to curve accidental usage or over-usage, with special labels that indicate THC content.


That’s why it’s very important to know what the correct serving size is, for your treat of choice, and to make sure you have control over your environment. Start with the recommended dosage of 10mg of THC, if you’re just starting out with edibles, and make sure you’re not going at it on a full stomach.


The Couch

Now that legalization has taken affect in several states, many people are confused on where it is and is not legal to purchase products that contain THC. Of course, just because something is legal in one state doesn’t mean it’s okay everywhere in the USA. Even if you find someone willing to buy the product and ship it for you, you could face serious legal problems if the products were discovered en route to your house. For that reason, it’s best to never take chances and to understand the laws pertaining to places that say you can buy edibles online and ship anywhere. Read on and learn everything about the changes that have occurred in the legality of cannabis products, and how this affects you.

Know What Ships and What Doesn’t

It’s important to understand what items ship and where to. So far, the following states have made medical marijuana legal:

    • Alaska
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Maine
    • Massachusetts
    • Nevada
    • Oregon
    • Vermont
    • Washington

Plenty of reasons to be optimistic when shopping for cannabis online

Keep in mind some additional states support the use of marijuana by folks who have a medical need, but the states above are the only ones that have legalized both medical and recreational uses. It’s important to know that if you are buying marijuana edibles online, anything that is over 0.3 THC won’t ship. It’s also illegal to ask a friend to ship you marijuana products. You don’t want to put yourself or anyone else at risk, as you can run into problems with federal law enforcement, by having these types of items shipped across state lines. That’s why, if someone says you can buy edibles online and ship anywhere, it’s never a good and should be avoided at all costs. There are suitable alternatives, however, starting with hemp CBD edibles. These offer a safe and legal alternative that won’t require you or anyone else to break the law, while still allowing you to take advantage of what the hemp plant has to offer.

Look for Alternative Methods, Starting with Hemp

If you’re not sure where to begin, contact the companies that offer marijuana edibles. They usually carry hemp CDB edibles, too. If you cannot find hemp products, contact a local dispensary, and ask for advice. Many are happy to point you in the right direction and can offer a source of alternative possibilities, based on your needs. If you cannot find a dispensary that has this type of information, seek out hippie stores, or even head shops, that are local to your area. Because CDB edibles derived from hemp aren’t illegal like marijuana is, you won’t need to concern yourself with breaking laws, even if marijuana is not legalized in your state yet.

Like marijuana edibles, hemp products come in many different forms. You’ll find items that range from candy and various drinks, to more traditional fare, such as brownies, lemon bars, and other types of “baked” goods.  You’ll find your needs can be easily satisfied with this slight deviation in plant product, which offers as many benefits as marijuana.

You might be surprised how you receive your next online order

Consider Moving to a State Where Items Can be Legally Shipped

Some folks enjoy the use of CDB oil and other hemp products but feel these are not enough on their own, despite the helpful medical properties they contain. If you want more variety or find that hemp products aren’t helping you as much as marijuana edibles would, consider moving to a state where these items are legal. You won’t have to make do with items that don’t meet all of your needs, and you’ll never run into the temptation to do something illegal, including illegal shipping requests. Before you move anywhere, consider which states have legalized edibles for recreational purposes. Even if you want to buy edibles online and ship to another “legal” state, not all marijuana-friendly states ship to one another. That means something in Colorado might not ship to California, despite both states having approved the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Also understand that you can’t visit a state, purchase marijuana edibles products there, and then transport them across state lines, back to your home state.

No matter what your needs are, it’s important to stay vigilant about the rules surrounding edibles, especially as they are related to traveling across state lines. Right now, there are strict limitations even for those with medical needs, but as time goes on, these laws may evolve. For now, play it safe and make sure you abide by the laws of the state you’re currently in.


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Find out how to shop for marijuana edibles online in a safe and legal way. Learn about product varieties and how to identify legitimate online sellers.

How To Find The Best Places For Buying Edibles Online

For the longest time, most people’s experience of marijuana edibles didn’t go much beyond “special” brownies with some crumbled-up bud inside, made at home. These days, the world of marijuana edibles is an ever-growing cornucopia of inventive recipes, preparation methods, potency levels, and endless varieties of THC-infused snacks both sweet and savory. Your favorite local dispensary is usually the easiest place to find edibles, but you’re limited to choosing from what they carry. For those looking for a broader selection of edibles, or a more convenient way of acquiring them, shopping for edibles online can be a viable option. A little caution and care is always advisable when buying a cannabis-based product over the internet, so here’s what you’ll want to know before you start looking for marijuana edibles for sale online.

Is it legal?

The legality of buying edibles online is probably one of the first things you’d wonder about. Cannabis laws are in a period of rapid change in recent years, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the current laws in your state, but as of this time, California is the only state where it’s legal to order marijuana edibles for delivery. To do so, you’ll need a valid medical marijuana card.

You might find online edibles vendors that aren’t legitimate. These sites may be making illegal sales, or they might just be out to take your money and run. A legitimate online vendor should be a licensed cannabis dispensary, selling known and reputable edibles brands. Watch out for sites that offer below-market prices, offer to ship anywhere in the United States, don’t require a medical marijuana card, or accept payment only in bitcoin. These are all red flags for illegitimate sites.

Is it safe?

While it would be extraordinarily unusual and difficult to actually overdose on THC from an edible, these products are not regulated in most markets and you can’t always be certain how potent any given edible will be. Usually, the greatest danger from eating too much THC is an overly intense and unpleasant high, but that’s still something you want to avoid if at all possible. Either way, you will want to be safe and complete your Cannabis Research A-Z.

Several major brands of edibles have emerged, presenting consumers with a source for consistent, lab-tested, well-labeled edibles. Bhang Chocolate Company, Cheeba Chews, and Dixie Elixirs are three of the top edibles manufacturers, but more companies are rising to prominence as new legal edibles markets open up. It’s not hard to find reviews of edibles companies and their products online. Buying edibles online that are made by a major brand means you’ll get specific information about the THC content, strains used, and ingredients.

Remember that edibles can have a stronger effect than smoking cannabis, but it can also take longer for the effects to kick in. If you don’t have a lot of experience with edibles, start off slowly, with small amounts, and don’t take them if you have alcohol or other psychoactive substances in your system. It’s also very important to responsibly store them in a such way that they won’t be mistaken for regular food items.

How much should it cost?

Prices may vary from market to market, and dispensaries may charge their own delivery fees, but it’s a good idea to get a sense of typical prices to know you’re not being overcharged (or being offered a deal that’s too good to be true). Currently, major brand edibles in the 100-200mg range are sold for about $15 to $20. A trip to a dispensary you know and trust can be a good way to review current prices for when you’re shopping for marijuana edibles online.

What kind of edibles are out there?

While you can still probably find some delicious pot brownies if you want that classic edibles experience, there’s really no limit to the types of foods that can be infused with THC these days. You’ll find elixirs, candies, chocolate bars, coated nuts, beverages, sauces, oils, beef jerky, cheese crackers, potato chips, and lots of other foods that you might never have envisioned as a marijuana edible. Talented chefs and bakers are putting their skills and imagination to use coming up with new edibles, and there’s no telling what might hit the market next.

With a good handle on the legality of marijuana edibles for sale online, the characteristics that help you identify legitimate vendors, and what to look for and expect from a quality edible product, you can start looking for dispensaries that offer online sales and delivery and look forward to delicious edibles arriving at your door.



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