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In the world of eating your THC, the focus seems to be so much on snacks, or fully infused meals, that we forget about all the other possibilities for culinary applications. One of those great possibilities: edible condiments. No need to make your snack or meal into a day-long kitchen process, just to get it infused with some cannabis. If you’ve got these condiments around the house, you can make almost anything you eat into a cannabis snack.

THC Honey

This is a great condiment for every meal of the day. You can use THC honey for many baking uses, drizzled over breakfast, or you just can put it in your tea. For dinner, honey is great for making meals like honey garlic chicken, spreading on fresh bread with canna butter, or just giving some sweetness to any of your meats. Having a bottle of this around the house will make consuming your cannabis in a fresh meal much quicker and easier than making fresh edibles.


Honey provides a sweet option of drizzling some canna into your day.

There are a ton of brands making infused honey, but getting a THC Honey Pot Bear will get you that classic bottle that makes it feel like you’re a kid again (it’s a little different now, because there’s THC in the honey, but that’s the adult side of play, right?). You can also get a Honey Pot Bear with CBD if THC isn’t really your thing. For those of us that use CBD as medicine, this is one of the more enjoyable ways you can feel healthier.

Medicated Barbecue Sauce

If you’re into grilling, then you don’t want to miss out on this one. Medicated Barbecue Sauce is for medical use only, as of now, but if you’ve got your medical card, then this will be one of the coolest ways to start taking your daily medicine while preparing meals. This is a sauce invented by Tyrone Jones, and it’s their only product, as they’ve focused on delivering a solid sauce.

The sauce is made with 200mg of infused oil and is supposed to relieve “body aches, insomnia, nausea, inflammation, anxiety, muscle spasms, and poor appetite,” according to their website. This is great for chicken, ribs, burgers, or anything else you could want to throw some sauce on. This brand will also soon be unveiling their infused olive oil and steak sauce, so stay tuned for those exciting additions.


Fries will never be the same, thanks to THC Ketchup!

THC Ketchup

Ketchup is the classic condiment. Pretty much everyone puts ketchup on their fries, and a lot of people go as far as adding it to their burgers or hot dogs. Having THC Ketchup in the house will go a long way for your dinners, cookouts, or when you bring home fast food and want to kick it up a notch. The people over at Yummi Karma make a ton of different snacks, but their little THC ketchup packets are one of their specialties, and they are soon to become readily available. You can find the best places to get your own THC ketchup online, in the meantime.

Cannabis Sriracha

This sauce has become extremely popular recently. It’s quite spicy, but it has a flavor that can make any meal great (and can be used sparingly). Most people put sriracha into wraps, or as a part of Asian-inspired dishes, which means you can get fancy with your cannabis cooking, once you get your hands on this sauce. There aren’t many brands currently selling cannabis sriracha, but Lorax Labs recently entered a very high-powered cannabis sriracha into a competition, and eager fans are hopeful that it will be on the market soon.

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Marinara Sauce

If you like to make pizza or go nuts for mozzarella sticks, then you’re definitely going to want to indulge in cannabis pizza sauce. You can hop on over and check out the different options at Clean Healing’s website. You can get this sauce is varied strengths so that you have a bit of control over how high you get. This also comes in a strictly CBD form, if THC isn’t your style. If you’re not sure exactly how to cook with this stuff, their website has recipes you can follow as well, making it easy to make a little cannabis pizza that fits your diet and lifestyle.

Medicated Hot Sauce

If you do love spicy food, you probably have hot sauce in your bag right now, and you put it on everything. If you want to turn that into a cannabis hot sauce you can enjoy with each meal, then Freddie Hott Sauce has you covered. Their medicated hot sauce has 420mg of THC in every 8oz of sauce, meaning you’re not going to miss out on feeling this one in your mouth and your mind.

As you can see (and soon taste), when it comes to edibles products, condiments open up a whole new range of delicious ways to enjoy cannabis-infused flavors with your meals. Whether you’re a sweet or savory person, chances are, there’s already something on the market that’s perfect for your particular taste buds.


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For this review, I actually ended up choosing a product that caught my eye at the dispensary a while back. I had seen the displays all over the city, but then I found out just how popular they were in Las Vegas, from my other edible enthused friends. Rather than miss out on the hype, I decided it was time to try the Glacé Dark Chocolate Mini BonBons, so I could share my own take on this visually appealing product.

Glacé Edibles is a part of the Nevada-based company, Libra Wellness. This part of the company focuses on gourmet chocolatiering, which makes for some great THC chocolate Instagram pictures at the same time.

 A closer look at Glacé Dark Chocolate Mini BonBons

The Look

Each of these little bonbons is its own art piece, truly. The way this edible paint is splashed on the chocolate gives a celestial effect that makes it look like these might be more for decorating than eating. I still have some left in the fridge – which of course I have to whip out every time a friend comes over – because they’re just that elegant.

The Taste

While I was cutting these up (which I would recommend), I first noticed how thick they were. Biting into the chocolate actually takes a bit of effort, which is so pleasing for this taste. It’s very rich, and you can taste the oil, but that salty, chocolate flavor does a great job of shifting the flavor into something uniquely pleasant.

It’s a great-quality dark chocolate from the get-go, but the decadence also comes through with their fruit flavors. In the assorted pack that I got, I had the raspberry and passion fruit flavors, in addition to that original dark chocolate. The passionfruit had a tropical flavor that I didn’t expect in chocolate, and the raspberry was that perfect dark heavy flavor.

What’s Inside?

For each of these three flavors, there’s also a unique cannabinoid balance. The least potent for THC in this batch was 30.69mg, which was the raspberry flavor. The passion fruit flavor had 39.6 mg of THC, and then the normal dark chocolate had the most, at 41.2mg. On top of being potent, as far as THC, they also have a bit of a few other cannabinoids.

 Even the packaging says luxe, using holographic text.

One of these chemicals, Cannabichromene (CBC), is sought out for its medical properties and use as an antidepressant. Cannabigerol (CBG) also has similar properties including inflammation reduction. The Chocolate has 2.15mg CBC and 0.61mg CBG, the raspberry has 1.43mg of CBC and 0.49mg CBG; the passion fruit has 1.87mg CBC with 0.72 of CBG.

The Experience

Surprisingly, the most intense experience came from the passion fruit flavor. Despite it having less THC, I took a smaller dose of this one than the chocolate, and it was much more intense. Each time, it took about 30 minutes to kick in, which was much quicker than expected.

With the normal chocolate flavor, my attention span was quite low. I felt kind of stupid but in a relaxed way. It kept growing over about three hours, which made me very glad to not be in public, but it was otherwise comfortable. The euphoria was definitely present, putting a glow over everything. It was much easier to just take a seat.

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The passion fruit was similar, but there was a lot more visual distortion, and the redness in the eyes was a lot more obvious. It definitely hit me like a brick, which I did not expect, after the chocolate had been so easy. Had I been prepared, I would have definitely taken it more easily, but it was fun to ride the way anyway.

The raspberry was a lot calmer, which was nice. I didn’t get much redness in the eyes, and I was able to navigate all the necessary tasks I had to work on, without much hesitation. It didn’t quite hide in the background, but it was much easier to set aside since it wasn’t as in-your-face.

Final Judgement

This is a great edible for people that want something that will last all day or night. The Glacé Dark Chocolate Mini BonBons each lasted for about six hours. The peak was very long, and it was a very gradual climb to get there. It was definitely a fun THC chocolate, able to provide relaxation and calming, after several stressful work days. Do your research, so you can find a dispensary that sells them near you, and make sure you’re prepared for this strong THC chocolate.


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“It’s 420” is a phrase that has surfaced everywhere, becoming global. Entire online marketplaces for 420 deals now exist, giving rise to new product and even investment opportunities. But just what does 420 mean? If you’re curious about the meaning, where the term came from, and how it got started, you’re in the right place.

The mystery behind the origins of 420 has been the topic of many forums and smoke sessions, and this article aims to clear the smokescreen surrounding this blazing’ day, time, and phrase.

Many people have speculated about this number and debated the mystery surrounding the 420 origin. Here are some of the theories that have been hashed over, throughout the cannabis culture, for decades:

  • 420 was a radio call sign for marijuana-related offenses.
  • 420 was the number of cannabinoids in cannabis.
  • April 20th (4/20) was the date that legendary rock and roll artists Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin passed away.

While all of these are great guesses, none of them holds any validity, when it comes to 420 and weed. With this in mind, let’s look at the history of 420 together.

The origins behind 420 are actually based in a treasure hunt of sorts

The Waldos

It is rumored that, once upon a time, there was an immaculate, hidden marijuana crop, a crop of epic proportions, unlike any other found in the world. (There is even a sketchy treasure map hand-drawn, like something out of the Goonies.)

A group of high school kids that called themselves “The Waldos” decided to make it their mission to find this pot crop. They started meeting everyday after school, in front of the Louis Pasteur statue, at 4:20 pm.

The group started this routine after they got the hook-up on a map to the crop’s location, along with the blessing of an acquaintance’s brother. The brother supposedly planted this crop in Point Reyes, just northwest of San Francisco.

The Waldos included the following members – who, according to TIME Magazine, are all still friends and living in Northern California:

  • Steve Capper
  • Dave Reddix
  • Jeffrey Noel
  • Larry Schwartz
  • Mark Gravich

Initially, the term or phrase 420 was actually “420 Louis,” partially named for the statue the group would meet in front of. However, the gang later dropped the “Louis” part and just said 420.

Now we know that the 420 origin was a high school in California, but what does 420 mean? Quite simply, 420 means “let’s get high”. If you’re smoking a joint, bowl, or bong, it’s 420. 420 today means “it’s time to blaze,” thanks to the Waldos of yesteryear.


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Why 420?

Imagine if the Waldos had picked a different time to meet. If they had, we may be using an alternative term today. 4:20 pm just so happened to be when school got out, and when they could all gather in one spot, to go search for the sacred pot crop.

The term 420 stuck around because many people had no idea what it meant. Unless you were part of The Waldos or friends with them, 420 was meaningless to you. This made provided an excellent code for the group to use, without their teachers catching on to the scheme.

420’s Rise to Fame

A neat little piece of trivia is that the term 420 actually became famous, thanks to a legendary band by the name of the Grateful Dead. Dave Reddix of The Waldos landed a job as a roadie for the band’s bassist, Phil Lesh, and it was only a matter of time from there.

The Waldos would hang out during band practices, smoking joints while the Grateful Dead practiced their tunes. During this time, they would often reference 420 when they wanted to blaze, and, in return, the phrase stuck with the band members.

The Grateful Dead started using the term 420, and their popularity solidified the phrase in history. Then, sometime in the beginning of the 1990s, High Times magazine caught wind of the term 420 and published it in one of their magazines. Many people believe this is how the phrase 420 went global.

Today, the public’s attitude toward cannabis has shifted dramatically, making 420 more popular than ever

420 Today: Not Just for Stoners

Nowadays, 420 represents an entire culture, and one that is rapidly changing. The longhaired hippie stoners of the past are turning into executives and corporate entrepreneurs today. It’s not just jeans and tie-dyed shirts; it’s suits, dresses, and blouses.

420 is a special day all of its own. While those who partake in cannabis enjoy 420 day just about every day, the actual day itself only comes once a year. On 420 day (which is April 20th of each year, for obvious reasons), cannabis businesses, supporters, and advocates hold events that support the plant they love.

In the United States, thanks to cannabis legalization taking place, 420 is a day that is becoming more popular than ever before. Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada, and even America’s capitol, Washington, D.C., hold some fantastic 420 Day events that attract people from all around the world.

Today, the term 420 has spread around the world, thanks to the many individual seeds behind cannabis advocacy. It is said that a single seed can tip the scales, and when it comes to this “weed,” it’s obvious that cannabis culture did indeed get started in just this way.


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There are many cannabis users that prefer to take their THC with edibles, rather than smoking. Luckily, there are many options to choose from, including some brand-new edibles for the new year! Here is a quick list of the trendiest and tastiest marijuana edibles to hit the market in 2018 and what to look for.

Changes in the Marijuana Edible Market to Look Out For

Unfortunately, cannabis gets a bad wrap, and there are a few cases can be negative, like when an edible gets confused as the normal snack. Marijuana edibles are meant to be enjoyed by those that actually want to feel their effects.

That’s why the packaging and labeling of marijuana edibles will be making a few improvements in 2018, by clearly labeling ganja goodies, to differentiate them from everyday snacks. Guidelines created under Prop 64 indicate that marijuana edibles:

  1. May not be designed to appeal to children, or easily confused with commercially sold candy or foods that do not contain marijuana.
  2. Are to be produced and sold with a standardized dosage of cannabinoids not to exceed ten (10) milligrams tetrahydrocannabinol per serving.
  3. Must be delineated or scored into standardized serving sizes, if the marijuana product contains more than one serving and is an edible marijuana product in solid form.
  4. Must be homogenized, to ensure uniform disbursement of cannabinoids throughout the product.
  5. Must be manufactured and sold under sanitation standards established by the Department of Public Health, in consultation with the bureau, for preparation, storage, handling and sale of food products.
  6. Must be provided to customers with sufficient information to enable the informed consumption of such products, including the potential effects of the marijuana product and directions as to how to consume the marijuana product, as necessary.

With those guidelines in place, you can understand exactly what you’re buying from your local store. As far as what to purchase, there are a few options to make sure you put on your bucket list for 2018.

The Five Best Marijuana Edibles this Year:

1. Reef Jerky from Badfish

If you’re looking for an edible that’s outside of the normal sweet treat, you can try Reef Jerky from Badfish, “California’s Favorite Extracts.” They took a more savory approach to marijuana edibles, giving everyone an edible that they can enjoy, including those with a saltier pallet!

2. Zen Brands Medicated Sour Straw

These edibles gummies add a sour twist to the classic take on cannabis candy, and they are highly effective. In fact, every sour strip is coated in sugar and infused with 375 mg of top-shelf THC extract. It’s the perfect super sweet treat!

3. Brewbudz Cannabis Infused Coffee and Tea

Have you ever brewed a hot chai latte in your Keurig and thought to yourself, “I wish I could add some canna oil to this,” for a little morning pick-me-up? Don’t worry; Brewbudz has got you covered! They’ve created Keurig-friendly, convenient ways to get your daily dose of cannabis, with infused coffee and tea pods. You might want to check with your boss before you bring one to work, though!

4. Topanga Harvest Mini Muffins

These little muffins have more punch than you might anticipate. By looking at the cute packaging and adorable miniature sizing, you might be tempted to eat more than you really need; eight bite-sized muffins containing 35 mg of THC. The only downfall about these tasty treats is that they’re so yummy you’ll want to eat more than the recommended serving size, so be careful with these cannabis treats.

5. Cannacookies from Venice Cookie Company
Do you have a sweet tooth of the chocolate variety? Many edibles try to quench that thirst for sugar and your urge for a healthy dose of THC, but no other company compares to the cannacookies offered at Venice Cookie Company. After opening in 2008, Venice has taken off and become the go-to brand for delicious – and powerful – cannabis sweets. A few of their edibles have even been reported to hold 1000 mg of THC. It’s definitely recommended that you nibble on these treats, rather than scarfing them down in one sitting!

Finding your perfect edible in 2018 can be a fun adventure, as you check out the tasty options the cannabis market has to offer. Just be sure to be safe when doing it! Make sure that your edibles are correctly labeled, to save you and your friends or family from any unfortunate circumstances.

Author Byline:

Maxine Samone, also known as The Curly Copywriter, spends her free time curating awesome articles, branding businesses, and documenting her journey on Instagram. Get daily news on everything hip and urban—including the best business practices for up and coming brands—by visiting


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Of all the edibles review products I’ve trialled, the Kiva Confections Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar was the hardest to resist going beyond the suggested serving size. Kiva Confections has won many awards for their edibles, and, from the first bite, the taste backs up the many accolades. It’s extremely high quality chocolate, and the cannabis flavor is placed so perfectly that it mixes well with every other taste sensation, leading me to wish I could get this exact flavor from something that wouldn’t affect my daily functioning from binging on it.

Just before liftoff

The Eating Experience

At first glance, it’s obvious that this a high-quality product. The exterior packaging is nicely designed, and you open up the box to a sturdy wrapper around the bar. Depending on where you buy, your packaging could say different things on it, and the bar itself could look different.

On their website, you’ll see a lot of the bars portioned into four squares. The bar I got was split into 20 little bricks. I enjoyed that, because it meant I could very easily choose the serving size I was going for. With each brick clocking in at 5mg, it’s up to the user and their respective, known tolerance to decide how much to take. Worth noting is that a normal serving is 10mg, but, if you’re truly cautious, one 5mg brick might be enough.

After I ate my serving (and resisted eating the whole bar), I plopped myself onto the couch, ready to begin taking notes for my edibles review. Within 45 minutes, I felt the effects kicking in. By 9 p.m., I felt a body high that was very much creeping up on me. I was cemented to the couch, talking to my roommates, when I first started to notice it. My arms and legs felt a little bit more relaxed, as well as cumbersome.

Once my roommates had left, I noticed that the feeling in my body was rapidly growing, evolving into a very cerebral effect. Everything slowed down bodywise, and I was becoming very easily distracted by my surroundings. The feeling was very comfortable though, especially since I wasn’t expecting it to come on with such strength, and at such an accelerated pace.

The Peak

About three hours after eating the chocolate was when that I finally hit the peak of the experience. Everything was hilarious. Whatever was on TV was too much to handle, every meme that came up in my Facebook feed was saved to my phone and redistributed; I was in that very euphoric state, where everything becomes so much more humorous and relevant, and it was fun, while it lasted. I’ve also been dealing with a slight jaw pain, which also subsided mostly, during this peak. I was coming at this very recreationally, but surprisingly, the benefits extended to physical pain relief, too. I was very relaxed, aches were gone, and all worries were out the door for the day.


Once the effects started to wear off, I was very exhausted, but it was also well past my bedtime, so this wasn’t a groggy burn-out feeling; it was just time to sleep. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I slept like a baby, until my alarm broke me out of my slumber. I definitely felt a little groggy upon waking up, but I was quickly able to get out of bed. While the Kiva chocolate had not fully worn off, it was not impeding my day, which can’t be said of most products on the market.

Kiva’s Other Products

Other than the Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar, Kiva Confections offers a variety of flavors in milk chocolate and dark chocolate options. The company also have bars specifically made with the THC count as the primary objective, as well as bars which target the balance of THC and CBD amounts, for those of us seeking the added benefits of CBD oil. They also have mini bars that are the size of a single square, if you’re just looking for that tiny taste.

Not Kiva’s only product, but an excellent one!

Beyond chocolate bars, Kiva Confections also sell tins of their Petra Mints, which have low doses of THC, but are perfect for on-the-go and low-dose usage. Kiva’s other big product, Terra Bites, are chocolate-covered espresso beans, a snack people have fallen in love with in the last decade, but now with cannabis as an added bonus.

Based on this bar, the quality of chocolate Kiva Confections uses is unmatched by other brands. Given how seriously they take product taste, as well as effects, their other products are unlikely to disappoint. If you’re curious, find a dispensary or online store that sells their products, and take a crack at your own edibles review, for friends and family who may be curious.


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With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in certain states, folks are discovering there are options to consume. Back in the day, this would mean brownies and other edibles for those who didn’t want to smoke, or weren’t used to the harshness of smoking marijuana. Thanks to legalization, individuals are finding they can have their candy and eat it to, with a little help from cannabis candy.

A variety of cannabis candy for your edibles pleasure

Deciphering the new brands is tricky at first. You don’t want to spend all your money on one candy, only to find out it’s not what you envisioned. But, you’re still looking for the best items that will satisfy your wants. That’s why we’ve listed the five most popular candies below to help you make the right decision.

Cheeba Chews for Tootsie Roll Lovers

An age-old favorite, now in marijuana edibles format!

Nothing compares with an old favorite like Tootsie Rolls. But what if you found a candy that was everything you wanted, along with the same chewy center you enjoyed when you were younger? Now you can have the same type of edible marijuana candy, along with the taste that delivers. Cheeba Chews are sold in Colorado, California, and Nevada. Dosage varies, with medical patients getting as much as 70mg of THC, and 10mg of THC in Colorado. If there’s a specific type of high you prefer, choose from Indica, Sativa, and even hybrids, to get the most enjoyment out of your candies.

Marijuana & Munchies Medicated Gummy Leaf for an Old-Fashioned Feeling

We all remember gummy candy from many years ago. Still popular today, it’s a favorite treat if you want something sweet, but don’t want to deal with the stickiness of chocolate. Today, that option extends to cannabis candy. Looking similar to miniature cannabis leaves, the gummies come in bright red, green, and orange, and pack a punch with 14.2mg of THC. The outside of the gummy leaves are even heavily crystalized, just as you would expect when looking at a highly desirable plant. If you want to try edible marijuana candy, let this brand get you started on the right path. Cannabis edibles are enjoyed around the world, so consider these candies the next time you want something slightly new, with a familiar feel.

Dixie Mints Offer a Change of Pace

Sometimes you want a candy that is easy to digest, and won’t upset your stomach or make you feel like you’ve eaten too much. If you’re looking for a candy that does this, and offers THC, then Dixie Mints have you covered. The mints come in flavors that range from orange and traditional peppermint to the Synergy brand mixed berry. They are currently only for sale in Colorado, Nevada, and California. The dosage ranges from 5 to 10mg of THC. If you’re looking for something discreet and simple to carry around, think of this as your go-to brand.

Chill Pills for the Vegan

Need to chill out? No worries, these marijuana candies are animal and gluten-free

Since edible marijuana candy has natural properties, it stands to reason that many vegans and vegetarians want to try some. Many people steer away from edibles and candies, because in order for the THC to cling to something, it is usually an animal product. Butter, eggs, or milk are commonly used when creating edibles. Now, vegans can join in, thanks to Chill Pills. Both medical and recreational shops offer them for sale. The candy has 5 mg of THC. These little hard candies are perfect for carrying around, or just enjoying instead of chocolate, gummies, or another type of edible. They also offer the distinction of being gluten-free, meaning more folks can take part in enjoying them, regardless of their dietary restrictions and needs.

4.20 Minis

4.20 Minis are little chocolate bars that offer THC mixed inside the candy. Sold in packs, each pack offers 100mg, with each bar coming out to 10mg. Offered in flavors that range from milk chocolate to dark chocolate and sea salt, and many others, this is perfect for those who crave a sweet candy, but are looking for a decent amount of THC in there as well.

If little bags of chocolate aren’t your thing, purchase them by the bar. You’ll discover how simple it is to enjoy edible marijuana candy that fits your taste buds.

If you are still debating edibles vs smoking, consider cannabis candy. There are several different varieties to meet your taste buds. From gummy type candy to mints that soothe the stomach, and hard candy perfect for vegans, you’re sure to find something you enjoy. You can experiment and find the candy and THC level that is right for you in your journey.

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