Marijuana Laws

Arkansas Marijuana Laws Made Easy for You

Is marijuana legal in Arkansas? Up until 2016, not at all. But in 2016, the Arkansas marijuana laws changed, to make way for medical use. The first attempt in 2012 failed, but medical marijuana in Arkansas eventually won out, with 53% of the vote when the victory came through.

As of now, marijuana possession is still a misdemeanor offense under four ounces, and there hasn’t been much of an effort to change that. Is marijuana legal in Arkansas? Only as medicine, but the future for recreational use seems to be bright. For those in the northeastern region of the state, they have it much easier than their neighbors in Tennessee to the east and Missouri to the northeast, neither of which have medical marijuana.

Current Legal Status in Arkansas

  • Medical Marijuana in Arkansas: Legal as of 2016
  • Recreational Arkansas Marijuana Laws: First possession offense is a misdemeanor; never voted on

  • Tax revenue generated by legalization of medical marijuana in 2016: None yet

While the Arkansas marijuana laws do not yet allow for recreational use, the cities of Fayetteville and Eureka Springs voted to make marijuana possession the lowest law enforcement priority. David Couch, who did a lot for making medical marijuana in Arkansas happen, has also prepared an amendment for recreational marijuana, to use as soon as the approval can get it pass.

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